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How To Start Moringa Business In Nigeria/Africa

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Moringa plant originated from India but does well in tropical and sub tropical areas like Nigeria and USA. It is used in developing countries to fight poverty, deforestation, water purification and malnutrition. Moringa tree is also known as drumsticks or tree of life. It has hundreds of health benefits; every part of the tree such as roots, leaves, bark, seeds, fruits are very useful.

The nutritional qualities of moringa products such as high protein, Vitamins and minerals contents have boosted the interest of nutrition companies who have embraced the products as one of their ingredients. That is why they refer to it as super food, Moringa business has maintained steady growth due to the rising demand in Moringa products both in developing and developed countries.

How To Start Small Scale Moringa Oil Production In Nigeria

What is giving this growth a driving force is because people are now more aware of the health benefits of moringa products. Also the use of Moringa products is turning to be a trend, people just want to belong to the group. Moringa contains beta carotene such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Foilic acid, potassium and calcium. It is used in; cooking, food preparation, cosmetics, Pharmacautical and in Health supplements. Moringa can be eaten raw but is mainly sold in powder form such as Moringa capsule and Moringa tea.

The leaves of moringa are sold at a cheaper price than the seeds. Also the seeds provide more money than the leaves and other parts. That is why so many Moringa farmers cultivate Moringa only for the seeds.


  • List of moringa products for marketing
  • Countries that buys Moringa products
  • How to start moringa business
  • Ways of marketing Moringa
  • How to start moringa marketing locally
  • My experience in Moringa business
  • Moringa export specifications


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Moringa business
Moringa seeds


The leading producers and exporters of moringa products is India and they export about 80% of their products. African countries including Nigeria are gradually growing in Moringa market. The leading buyers are Europe; Germany, Canada, France etc. Other counties that buy moringa products are; Korea, Vietnam, Chinese etc.

Many countries are yet to know about the characteristics of moringa. This is the reason more awareness should be made in other to expand global Moringa business.
It is better to start moringa business from your local market because it is very easy to penetrate before moving to European markets. To grow faster in the business you have to join Moringa groups.

Since Indians are known for large commercial Moringa farming many countries go there to buy example Germany. Because of this the demand becomes higher than they can supply, they now go to different countries to source for Moringa products in other to meet the demand.

How To Become A Millionaire Through Moringa Farming In Nigeria Detailed Guide


You don’t necessarily need to own a Moringa farm before you can start Moringa business. However, having a Moringa plantation pays higher because it is a lifetime investment. At the course of my research I got to know that there is a Moringa seed seller in Zamfara State who makes 6 million Naira from it every year. This is just one out of many who are into this same line of business.

I didn’t have any farm when I started Moringa business. You can start moringa marketing without a dime. Chinese, Vietnam, South Koreans and Indians are stationed in Lagos looking for moringa seeds to buy.



To be a Moringa dealer you need to have some good money running into millions. A full truck of moringa will contain 30 tons and a ton is about 1. 3 million Naira. You can go to interior villages in States like Zamfara, Kano, Bauchi, Gombe etc. Buy them in small or large quantities from farmers heap them in one place and bag them for sale.

One bag of moringa seeds is sold between #150,000-#200,000 depending on the season. A truck will cost about #200,000 to transport them to Lagos; sell your seeds to exporters. or to other dealers. You can be supplying weekly forth nightly or as you desire. In fact you can export Moringa by yourself, get a list of foreign buyers, strike a deal with them and start exporting.

As a dealer you should be able to buy moringa seeds down during the on season and sale them off during off season when the price has gone up. At that time buyers usually search every where for it. And because of the scarcity, they will buy at your price.

Moringa business
Moringa oil


This one may necessarily not require money except when you have to move around within your locality. And also when you need to buy airtime or data for effective communication. What you need to do is to locate farmers especially those in the rural area who may not be exposed to online and advertise their Moringa products.

You can connect buyers and the sellers together for a fee. It could be #100,000 for a ton or as agreed for the seeds and less for the powder. Sometimes some middlemen put money on top of the original price given by the farmer. And will strike a deal with the farmers to give them the money put on top after the deal is done. The buyers will come, access the products before paying.

Most Moringa merchants who are now big men in the industry started this way.


Being a moringa farmer is one of the best thing any entrepreneur should think off. The best Moringa variety to plant now is the improved variety. You start harvesting the leaves within 3 months and seeds within 7 months and keep harvesting for life. To add value you can process the seeds or leaves to other product such as oil, tea, capsule etc.

Locate the Indians and Chinese offices in Lagos let them know about your Moringa farm. They will even pay you in advance for harvest. Because of the high demand which is never met exporters of moringa products are moving round the country looking for farmers to partner with.


Moringa leave powder is gotten from grinding the leaves of moringa. Every part of moringa has been found to be medicinal but the part that is mostly consumed either raw or cooked is the leaves. The Hausas use moringa leaves for salad. The salad is very nourishing and healthy to consume. Moringa business was the reason I resigned from my job. The money I was seeing for one transaction was more than the salary I got from my job for a whole year. Then I was supplying to a nurse who sales them in the hospital, a traditional medicine practitioners, local Government workers in my State. And a shop in inside hospital.

Chart for Moringa powder production

Process Moringa leaves immediately after harvest in other to prevent deterioration. The drying should not be done under the sun otherwise the nutrients would be lost. The best way to dry Moringa leaves is in an open shaded space and not directly under sun. It can be done indoors. During dry season drying of moringa leaves is very fast but it is a problem during raining reason. International buyers approve the use of solar power to dry the leaves.


I have already written elaborately on Moringa oil production business you can read it to know more. You have to get NAFDAC approval in other to gain access into Moringa business for the listed products. Go to Pharmacautical companies to purchase the empty capsule container and tea bags.

Supply the products to pharmacies, chemists, hospitals, clinic, shopping mall and market places.

  • Nutrient content
  • ResiduesR
  • Contaminants
  • Moisture content
  • Purity
  • Age of seed
  • Shelf live
  • Packaging spec
  • Region of origin
  • Available quantity


There are some specifications you have to adhere to, for your products to be accepted in the global market.


  • Nutrient content
  • Residues
  • Contaminants
  • Moisture content
  • Purity
  • Age of seed
  • Shelf live
  • Packaging spec
  • Region of origin
  • Available quantity


The appearance of the powder must be fine with forest green colour. It should look fresh and the flavour must have the Moringa smell. Moisture content should not be more than 10% and it can be as low as 8%. Temperature has to be low to prevent mouldy and brown colour.

Particle size differs between buyers but it can be between 59-100um. Most buyers request for organic certified Moringa. Organic moringa powder in global market is £7/Kg while non certified conventional is £4\Kg.


  • Name of products
  • Place of origin
  • Name and address of exporter
  • Batch code
  • Date of manufacture
  • Best before date
  • Net weight
  • Recommended storage conditions


When I started moringa business the awareness was not as it is now. However people were buying it with little explanation especially when it was said to cure every disease. A friend introduced moringa powder for me to use and because my sisters where in Adamawa State then I asked them to buy for me in large quantities. I went into the market and bought containers and packaged them neatly. It was looking very appealing and eye catching. Before I knew what was going on I exhausted the quantity that was sent to me within a short time.

My moringa business started fully in my next ordering, I moved from buying half bag to full bag and added moringa seeds business to it. I got to meet someone who was also into moringa business. And he started supplying the product to me at a very cheap price from Kano. And if I spend like #30,000 for expenses I will end up getting three times that amount as gain.


Because Moringa can grow anywhere so many people are now growing them in their environment. As a result of this the list of persons buying them for consumption has dropped. But you can still packaged your moringa products and supply to traders and shops so that those who don’t have the plant around them can see to buy.

Pharmacautical, Nutriton and Cosmetics industries still buy moringa seeds and leaves in bulk. Try and find out the companies using moringa products for their goodwho s and sell to them. For instance the producers of Eva soap in Nigeria now produce Moringa Eva soap. Advertise your moringa products online so that buyers can locate you easily.


Moringa business is a good venture to start now because it is very lucrative. We have Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda, Mozambique are seriously into Moringa farming business.

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  1. Good day Eno,
    I really enjoyed the article, thank you very much.
    Please, where can I get improved Moringa seeds for plant ?

    • Hello@Adesoye, thanks for the compliment, I appreciate. Eden moringa farm has the best hybrid seedlings you can contact them with this number; 07052727794

  2. Thank you for this useful information, am glad it coming from some one that bears the same name with me. Meaning I will definitely learn more from you.

  3. Hello Respected sir, Mar.
    Actually I’m Habibu Ibrahim by name and am leaving here in Zamfara state really happy to here this information from you.
    I have the farm of moringa tree or miracle tree and am looking for one that going to buy,

  4. Hello I’m Stanley,I’m based in katsina state in Nigeria, I have up to 500 kg of moringa seeds for sale

  5. Thank you so much, for this educative and life changing post. Please and please, how can one get moringa seed for planting, to start with. Thanks.


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