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business from abroad

Home is home at all times, that’s why you often hear; home sweet home. There are home businesses you can do from abroad without having to come down to Nigeria that means your physical presence will not be necessary. But there are some you have to come down first especially during the starting. After establishing it you can go back and be supervising it from abroad. You still have to be come once in a while to see how the business is run and managed.

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Nigeria is blessed with so many natural resources for any entrepreneur to invest in. Our large population of over 180 million is already an investors prospect. The figure is an indication that the businesses will thrive anytime any day. No wonder investors are coming into the country to do business example is Akwa Ibom. The State can boast of more than five Industries such as toothpick , pencil, flour mil, metering, paint, plastic etc. But certain challenges still lingers although there’s nothing in life that is without challenges. So running a business in Nigeria from abroad is not all rosy but pays well at the ens. Because the challenges are not insurmountable.

Here are some of the challenges you will encounter;

  • Not having knowledge of the business or the environment
  • Having just but a little knowledge about Nigeria’s market
  • High cost of running businesses in Nigeria maybe due to erratic or unstable power supply,
  • Government flexibility
  • Maintenance cost.
  • Poor managerial skill
  • Lack of technical know how or experience
  • Unreliable partners

To overcome the challenges make sure you

  • venture into a business you have good knowledge of.
  • Make findings and conduct researches before picking the business that catches your fancy.
  • Put right partners and workers in place
  • Avoid businesses that will require your presence all the times
  • Conduct checks and balances to be sure everybody involved in your employ maintains the business goals
  • Choose businesses with low risk but have good returns.
  • Decide on whether to go for a long-term or short-term businesses.



All you have to do is to secure a certificate of operation from NBC, rent a place put machines and other necessary tools together. Employ experience hands to work in your radio station. Assign duties to each person and appoint heads of departments. List out the amount you will collect from adverts and other programmes.

Then go back to your country of residence and be listening to your radio station via online radio from there. Pay your staff well so they won’t be leaving your station any how to other juicy ones. Getting a replacement maybe delayed because of distance.

Because of internet radio employees will do their work well taking cognizance of the fact that you maybe listening. Get all their numbers so you can be calling them to commend them in their different programmes point out an observation, give suggestions etc. This way your workers will know you are involved. After some years add a television station to it.


This is a kind of business done online it could be on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but the best platform to use which will make it trustworthy and mature is website. Pay a professional web designer to do a quality website for you. List all the services and products you are offering on the site for customers to order what they want.


  • Choose your desired community (niche) for the product or services you desire to deal on.
  • Conduct a feasibility studies on the market for what you will be offering.
  • Have an understanding of the business look out for your competitors to be. Conduct a good research on them in other for you to design your path.
  • Make you site very beautiful so that it can attract plenty big buyers.

To run website for wholesale and closeout sales you have to make sure your goods are always available. Don’t let anything be out of stock because it will kill your business. Also the goods should be in Nigeria. Employ a manager and a store keeper but outsource your despatch services. Outsourcing of delivery will reduce stress from you so that you can focus on business development and procurement only.Another way is to sell on other market stores such as Jumia or Konga. Thisprovides opportunity to sell from anywhere in the world on these platforms.

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You can buy down beans, corn, melon, cashew, shea nuts, pepper, palm oil etc. When prices are relatively low and sell them during off-peak by then the price would have gone up. I have written a post on melon business you can read it to know how to go about the business. Look for reliable persons to source them for you locally. Locate buyers for the ones mostly priced in abroad to supply to. When the time come to sell the stored products you can come down or arrange with a trusted person to help you do the transaction for a fee. But the money should be paid into your account before the products can be released. You can even be the one to arrange for buyers by making use of social media.

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It involves buying and selling of landed properties and buildings. Real estate is a business that appreciates over time, other businesses may go down but not this one Your presence may not be needed;  just make sure you buy them from real estate agents. Leave the land for some years and sell at a higher price more than you bought it;  keep repeating the process over and over.

The property you bought can be developed to standard. You can either build a house or buy and renovate. Rent it out to cooperate organisations or individuals. Get a lawyer to manage the property for you in Nigeria while you live in abroad ; acquire the right document and keep it to yourself. Then open a direct account that you can be getting alert from.

Conduct a background research of prospective tenants  (for individual tenants), to be sure of whom to give the rentage to in case of job lost tomorrow. This is one of the primary duties of real estate management, that is why you have to involve them.


There are many Nigerians who buy things abroad and are searching for shipping companies to send their goods from. While others are looking for who can help them to buy things in countries like china, India, America, European countries etc. For fear of their money not entering wrong hands people prefer to use companies whose offices are registered or known.

We have companies like Chrisvic Company etc. I have used them to buy goods from China and to ship them down as well. Open a site and advertise your services through social media such as Twitter, Forums, Facebook, Instagram etc.
Be fair in your charges so that you will have many people to patronize your product. Some people when the compare the price of going and coming, they will have reasons to patronize you. Also help them in shipping the goods the people order online by themselves to them.


These two businesses are minting business, you can do either of the two or both. Exportation business can be done in a large-scale or small-scale so also is importation business.

You have to export things which are greatly needed into Nigeria and in turn import what the country of your residence requires down to that country. There are many things to deal on in line with this area. It has to be products that are highly demanded. Sell them off online but you have to receive the payment first before sending the goods. Example export cars to Nigeria and import moringa to the country you are staying. Other things to import are; bitter kola, cashew nuts, ginger etc. While other things to export are; phones, computer, clothes, jewelries etc.

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Blogging is now considered as a career because many people are doing it for a living. It is something that can be started easily as it does not require much but a laptop, desk top or a phone with data. There are many Nigerians who are blogging about Nigeria from abroad. You have to blog about things people are interested in, example sport, music, entertainment etc. It may take a while to break even but with time and much patience you will be glad you did. You can be a website developer. Building website for people online. Others are; selling of expired domain, SEO experts etc.


There are many businesses that will give high returns on investment when established in Nigeria. You can invest in products that are not produced in Nigeria but highly demanded in the country example; toothpick, pencil, textile, paper etc. You have to employ reliable manpower or enter into partnership agreement with trustworthy persons.

Investing in farming business is also a good one. Commercial plantain plantation is a long term business with good reward. We have other cash crops you can farm for money example; apple farming, cashew farming etc


There are many businesses you can do in Nigeria from abroad. You have to make researches to know which business will favour you before venturing into it.


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