How To Start Profitable Okrika Business In Nigeria

okrika business

Okrika business is a booming business in Nigeria. Fairly used clothing business as it is sometimes referred to continues to grow even with Government prohibiting their sales and the use of them in Nigeria. It is termed contraband.

The business will continue to grow in Africa because the whites will always ship them down whenever they want to restock or when selling them for income. These used clothes are mostly from charity homes from the western countries and we the Africans patronize them more because we have many low-income earners.

The business is very lucrative that is why our brothers and sisters still find a way to smuggle them into the country even with the embargo.


Okrika business means a lot to so many people especially the youth, the low-income earners and fashion freaks. On market days in my area you need to see the population of university girls that troop to the market to buy fairly used clothes, shoes, bags, undies etc.

A lot of people believe that some of the clothes sold in the boutique are equally sold in the market as fairly used clothes at a very reduced and affordable prices, indeed the price of okrika is very low when compared to the prices of new ones in the market. Sometimes you can buy a material for just #50.

As population increases so also the demand for ok products increases. Fairly used clothes, bend down select, akube , ok products or whatever you chose to call them are very durable. Meaning they are not easily worn out or torn. You are also exposed to a varied number of choices to make from in their displayed manner. In this post you will learn how to do okrika business successfully.


If you are diligent in okrika business you can sell more than 5 bales in a month. It is also possible to make more than #300,000 a month. Most of those people shouting select and pay are richer than some bankers, doctors, lecturers etc. A friend of mine who is working in the University told me she saw one of the lecturers on a market day selling second-hand clothes. She sales okrika too but employed somebody to do it for her.

You can open a bale select the clothes inside into groups according to grade. Wash and iron them neatly, fold them inside ghana must go bag or any other big bag spray perfume and leave it over night. In the morning put them in a long bag and carry them to offices, hostels, homes etc.


  1. It has a high turnover rate especially during festive periods such as Christmas, Easter, Sallah etc. There is market for okay clothes, this is a proven fact. Visit some markets on their market days; you will be alarmed at the crowd you will see surrounding fairly used clothes especially if new bales have just arrived.
  2. You can start okrika business with small capital. With #20,000 you can buy from wholesalers and retail them. But to be a wholesaler you need #100,000 and above.
  3. Okrika business is simple to start, with little or no experience you can succeed but to be on a safer side especially if you are starting as a wholesaler. You should locate someone who has been in the business for a longer time to put you through the intrigues of the business.
  4. It is already a money spinning business for many and has great future prospect.
  5. Okrika business requires little or no experience before operating the business successfully.
  6. It can as well serve as an alternative source of income to some people while holding fast to their jobs, career or other businesses.

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Some people selects for their personal use, others for a resell either in their shops, schools or any place of interest. Many display their wares in online market using online stores such as Jumia, Olx,Jiji etc.

Akube business can be carried about meaning it is a mobile or movable market that is why so many people who deals on the business carry them about from one village market to another or from one market day to another. They also carry them to offices, schools, churches etc.

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No amount is too small for this business, #10,000 can start the business. You buy from people who open bales, select the ones you can market and pay for them, the sellers will give you discount if they know that you are going to retail them.

But if you want to be buying in bales then you need not less than #100,000 to start. A bale of 55kg containing shirts and tops can be bought for #70,000 and above depending on the seller excluding transportation and other expenses.

Again if you are renting a shop then you need #200,000 and above to start the business.


It is very profitable; a bale contains 350-400 pieces of clothes depending on the texture. Assuming you sell each of them for #400 all things being equal, multiply that amount with the number of pieces and subtract your expenses, the result should tell you how lucrative okrika business is.

You can never lose in this business except you bought inferior (less) grade or you did not put in your best. There are so many things to sell in bend down select business it can be children/kids gown, adult gowns, chiffon, cotton shirts for boys/girls and kids, children mix, jeans, men cotton shirts, gowns for ladies, men’s polo, under wears, bags, used shoes, belt, scarf, teddy bears, caps, etc.

Some people believe that children clothes, ladies tops and under wears move market most. There are ways to make more money and that’s what some people who have shops are doing. You buy a bend down select of high quality or first grade okrika, display them in your shop for a higher sale instead of #400 that we assumed it could go for #1000.

That is why the business is yielding 100% return on investment.

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You can buy in Lagos at Tejuosho market (Yaba/Sulurele), Katangua market, Alaba market or you can go to Cotonou to buy. You will see massive warehouses where they are stock for sale at a reasonable amount.

okrika businessIt is not difficult to go for a purchase nor is it costly because the place is not far from Lagos. Locate someone who has been buying from there and follow.

When buying be sure to buy from a trusted dealer because many people have bought rags in the name of first grade you wouldn’t want to learn the bitter way. That is why you have to get closer to people who have been in the business for years or are well experienced in the business.


There are different types of fairly used clothes that comes in bales, they are;

  • Wilcox,
  • scot,
  • crown,
  • Gold,
  • Favor,
  • La mark etc.

The clothes fall into grades, we have the 3rd grade, 2nd grade and the 1st grade.

The first grades are almost new and other grades follow in that order.They all come in grades of AA and AB. If you buy a bale and get inferior clothes from it that means you bought the AB bale.

These are a list of some of the best grades provided they are not refurbished; genuine Wilcox, la mark Wilcox, Cotton CCR Crown and Wilcox CMR AB.


Talk to friends, neighbours, church and family members especially if you are a beginner in the business. These are your first customers after which you can stretch your hands to printing flyers etc.

Give discounts to people as a new person in okrika business that is looking for customers. When you satisfy a customer you are sure of having repeated sells in addition to a great number of buyers that will be referred to you.

Used clothes usually come in bales and sometimes in a Ghana must-go-bag. They can come from UK, USA, China etc. The quality of the clothes depends on the country they come from but UK clothes, shoes etc are said to be the best especially Italian shoes/bags and Turkish shirts.


The good thing about this business is that anybody can do it. Are you a student, employed, unemployed, educated, uneducated, retiree, housewife, male, female etc you are eligible for this business. As a student you can stuff them into your box and show them to your roommates, hall mates, classmates etc.


Now that you know what it takes to start okrika business why don’t you give it a trial today, you would be glad you did.

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    • @ Madam Favour I deal on okirika business either in bales or you prefere to select am genuine you can access my Facebook group. 1ST GRADE OK BALE or call me on 08154809968 we base in Abuja we deliver to any were in Nigeria. @ Mrs Eno Johnson Tnks for this wonderful write-up God bless you ma.

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  2. Thanks forthe educative post. I want to start the Okrika business. Can you connect me to somebody who can guide me? I want to buy from Katangua market or any other in Lagos.


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