How To Start Perfume Production Business In Nigeria

Perfume production

Perfume usage didn’t start today, it started from our ancient parents, but has been taken to a different dimension; when entrepreneurs started perfume production in a classic way. I have seen people cut flowers and attach to their clothes just for the scent.

Some persons collect flowers and leaves that has strong fragrance put them on a decorated verse and place them in their sitting rooms or other corners of the room.

Others go ahead to plant flowers not only for the aesthetic value but also for the scent it proffers to the environment. Such flowers includes; rose flower, queen of the night this particular plant show strong scent mostly at night. The list goes on and on…

Find in this post:

  • Ingredients for making perfume
  • Chemical position of a perfume
  • Perfume ingredients by brand
  • Perfume making recipes
  • Perfume aging process
  • How is perfume made
  • Perfume oil to alcohol ratio
  • Ingredients of a perfume

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The ingredients for producing perfume can be gotten from natural products such as; roots, stem, leaves, flowers, seeds, buds, fruit in short from different parts in a tree. It can also be gotten from animal secretion, alcohol and petrochemicals such as coal tars etc. Still you can produce perfume by using chemicals.

Perfume production is the combination of essential oils, alcohol and water to create a scent. You can quickly produce and packaged perfume for sale and make good money or produce for your own use.

By producing for yourself you will be able to produce something that is unique and very different from the regular ones or mass-produced ones in the market. It will also help you to serve some money. During parties either your own or friends you can give out as souvenirs.

In this post you will learn how to produce perfume for commercial and home use.

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  • Glass or new/reused bottles
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Funnel is optional as you can use the funnel side of the glass jar except it doesn’t have.


  • Fragrance 500mls
  • Methanol 500mls
  • Menthol 3 pieces
  • Propylene to taste or as desired
  • Water optional
  • If you cannot afford 500ml of fragrance you can use 300ml. Fragrance oil are scenthetic and less expensive than essential oils.


  1. Turn the fragrances into a glass jar
  2. Add menthol and shake very well
  3. Add the propylene (PG) and shake thoroughly
  4. Add methanol into the content and shake very well.
  5. Package your perfume for use or sale.


  1. Alcohol and water are used for diluting but if you add water to the perfume production it will reduce the scent. So if you must use it 5% is enough. But in body spray it is a must to add water, 10-15% is ideal.
  2. Also using or mixing of different fragrances is very important. Keep on combining different fragrance until you arrive at something very special and unique.
  3. The higher the percentage of alcohol the stronger and better the perfume scent. Glycerine preserves the fragrance. You can get it from pharmacy atores Menthol sent out the fragrance while the propylene sent retains the fragrance.
  4. That is why you have to be very careful not to add too much menthol into the mixture because you may not be able to wear the perfume. A pint or a drop is okay if already dissolved.
  5. In perfume production there are different stages of fragrance inclusion, the appear in notes.
  6. Top note: this is the first scent that appears and this could be lemon, orange, grape or any of the citrus.
  7. Middle note: this scent comes up after the top note has fade it includes; lavender, coriander, basil, rose or any of such flowers.
  8. Base note: it comes up after middle note has disappeared. This include; cedar wood, frankincense or any of such woods.


  • The demand for it is high. And with the increasing rate of population so also is the rate of consumption.
  • The profit is high, with #1,000 you can produce 1 litre of perfume which you can sell for about #3,000 upward. The packaging material could be 150ml, 200ml etc.
  • Perfume is very simple to produce.
  • It can be produced at the comfort of your home.
  • The capital for the production is not much you can start perfume business in a small-scale with #30,000. For a large scale you will need machine for the mixture which is; collection, extraction, blending and aging.
  • The materials can be gotten locally just like in liquid soap production. You can get them in a chemical shop.


You can use a new bottle or reused bottle, wash them very well and keep to drain or dry. Fill the perfume inside the containers after production. The filling should be fast and well corked or covered so that it doesn’t escape. It can dry very quickly if exposed to sun.

Put a label on the bottle if it is for commercial. You can create a unique name for your product. Maintain the quality and fragrance so as to retain and increase buyers.


Produce and sell to people around you before taking it further. If your perfume is quality the will bring more patronizers to you. Employ people to take it round for you, they can market them at traffic, market places, gatherings etc.

Advertise your perfume business in the social media and off course by offline by the word of mouth.


People wear perfume for different reasons. It could be for prestige, identification or to control body odour. Every one has a degree of body odour, it comes out mostly when she sweats to alter such odour or maintain a unique odour it is necessary to use perfume. The smell of perfume is different from person to person whether you are using the same brand or not due to individuals body odour.

Scent will last in your body if you have oily skin. It fades faster on dry skin, to increase the time use jelly cream or oil on your skin before applying perfume or body spray.

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