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How To Start Recharge Card Printing Business In Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Recharge card printing business is a reliable business because the market is evergreen. The profit is sustainable when you have retailers to distribute to. To start, you have to get the console software, address and details of the pin dealer in your locality. You can sell to operators,, resellers or directly to consumers.

Before now recharge card business in Nigeria was mainly reserved for big distributors but today the story has changed, it is now for whoever is interested. The way recharge card is consumed daily in Nigeria is enough for enterprising men and women to consider investing into recharge card printing business.

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We have more than 150 million active GSM subscribers in Nigeria. This means many people will load their phones in a day. Some people go as far as loading up to #10,000 card daily. The tricks in recharge card printing business is locating a large commercial business centre to operate. You can start recharge card printing for #15,000. There is a lady in Abuja who position her recharge card business in front of a busy eatery in the heart of town. She is now cruising in the latest ride and has people in her employ.

This is a business you can control the market by putting vouchers of your own and also distribute them to outlets etc. The business is so lucrative that banks are jostling for a market share.
Although you can start small, it is rather more advantageous for big time investment as it provides more profits.

There are people who started from nothing in recharge card printing business but are somewhere today . They started with zero capital but are now multi-millionaires.


  • How to start recharge card printing business
  • Tools needed
  • How to grow the market/strategy to use
  • Challenges facing recharge card printing business
  • How much is needed to start
  • Profits to make


There are three different options in the operation of recharge card printing business in Nigeria. It involves the amount to use in starting the recharge business.


1. Dealership

This is a mega investment which involves arrangement between the investors and the service providers. Of the three it is the most profitable and requires about 5 million Naira for a start.

2. Distributorship (Sub-Dealership)

This has to do with an arrangement between the distributors and the dealers (investors). The distributors depend on the investors before transacting. This is mainly for those who don’t have enough capital to be a direct agent to the network provider. You will need about one million Naira to start as a sub-dealership operator.


3. Retailer (Small Scale Recharge Card Printing)

You have to register with a company first and sign up a deal with them. There are two ways of printing recharge card vouchers in a small-scale.

You can start printing from the internet but will depend on the company you are using.

You can start printing with a voucher machine granted to you by the company you signed up with.

You need about a hundred thousand Naira to start as a retailer to get a reasonable profit. However, you can still start with as little as #5,000


  1. Computer, laptop or phone
  2. Active email address
  3. Paper for printing
  4. Recharge card printing machine
  5. Capital
  6. Software for pin code


  • Get your computer running
  • Register with a genuine network company
  • Download their software and install it on your computer
  • Order for recharge PINS through their website then pay their charges into their bank account.
  • Send them your payment details such as; Name, email address, desired network, teller number and the amount paid.
  • The company will in turn send you encrypted PINS which can only be read and interpreted by the company’s software.
  • Finally use the computer to print out the Pins


To succeed in this business you need to have good marketing strategy. Recharge card business is such that the owners of the business main stream are counting in billions those who are into it indirectly are also making it big time.

The network providers like MTN can give #94 for a hundred Naira card. Globacom #90, Airtel #91, Etisalat #92. This will depend on the quantity you are buying, the prices often fluctuates anyway. You can then print and sell them at #98.

The gain in this business will depend on the volume sold. The more sales you make the bigger the gain. Assuming you make #20 each from each card and you sold like 1000 card. 20 multiply by 1000 will give you a fat profit for just #100 denomination card printing.

Even if you made half of that which is #5,000 for only 100 Naira card in a day. How about when you add others to it. You will be sure of making #250,000 and above every month. This is achievable with just few customers. If you have like 100 clients you are made.


Don’t give your money to anybody online in the name of dealer you can only do that after establishing business relationship with them. Otherwise go to dealers of recharge card printing office in your locality and meet them one on one. Some of them will not even sell pins to you unless the meet you in person. This is done to checkmate so many so-called recharge card printers who prints cards twice.

Again some will not sell more than #100 worth of pin to you. Still some will not sell to individuals while others will tell you to start with at least #300,000. This is to say you can only start according to the amount a dealer wants you to start with.


  1. This is an age where VTU is now in practice. Most people now prefer electronic recharges.
  2. Banks are now giving platforms by which people can recharge through their phones with a USSD code.
  3. Another challenge is getting recharge card pins at an affordable rate. If you can get the pin for #90 for a hundred naira card that will be fair enough.


  • It is profitable
  • The business can be started with as low as #100,000. I don’t think this amount is too much for a business you might be making #5,000 and above in a day. This is more than what civil servants are earning if you add it up for a month.
  • You can do the business in the comfort of your home
  • It is not stressful. The only time you will experience stress is when you are trying to establish your customer base after which everything becomes jolly jolly.
  • You can do recharge card business as an additional stream of income.
  • The demand for it is very high as such there is always a market for it.
  • Anybody can do this business whether you are a student, employed, unemployed, retiree etc.


  1. Almost every phone boot operator buys voucher from accredited printers so go and meet with them especially those who sell in shops, institutions etc. Tell them you print vouchers and will like to be supplying them any amount they are in need of.
  2. All of them may not accept you but as many that accept you, take a notepad and write their names and phone numbers and start supplying them.
  3. It shouldn’t end there keep a relationship with them by always calling to find out how they fare and how the business is doing.
  4. Give them a discount when they buy plenty. Ask them how much worth of card there will be needed daily, weekly and on a monthly basis.
  5. Tell them to always inform you ahead when their stock is going down or whenever they need it.


  • You can also use the machine to do money withdrawal with the use of ATM.
  • It is used in bill payments such as GOTV, DSTV, STARTIMES etc,
  • The machine can also be used for WAEC, NECO. JAMB registration etc.
  • You can also use your phone for recharge card business.


In case you are interested in recharge card printing business, the step by step guide in this post will help you to start. Recharge card usage is high and sustainable. This is the reason you will keep making money everyday.

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