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How To Start Shawarma Business In Nigeria: A Must Read!

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Nigeria shawarma is a snack that is made with beef or chicken filling. It is now becoming a popular snack and oftentimes more preferred in eateries and bars. Like many other snacks shawarma is easy to prepare. Before you start shawarma business you have to put certain things into considerations such as; location, potential buyers, competitors, price etc.

If you are thinking of how to start shawarma business in Lagos, Abuja, Adamawa etc. The requurement is the same anywhere. That is why it is advisable to write shawarma business plan before starting.

People hardly prepare shawarma at home because of lack of equipment to do so or time. Many like sophistication and will like to take their love ones to where they can feel among. These and many other reasons will make shawarma business lucrative anytime any day.

Shawarma business

The profit in shawarma business depends on the number of pieces you are able to sale. Just know that even if you sale 5 or 10 pieces a day you will still make profit but aim more. How you operate and manage your shawarma stand will determine the sustenance of the business. The good thing is that you can add; pop corn, Samosa Production, chips business etc.



It will be a wise thing to get training on how to prepare a delicious shawarma, it will only take a few days. But where there is no place around you to do that then you can use the step by step guide on this post. Prepare for your family members and people around you before you setup your shawarma stand.


It is very important to site your shawarma business in a busy place, that’s one. It can be in a commercial area, busy area, supermarket premises, big churches, higher institutions, estates or developing cities. The place should be visible and accessible. Look for bars and event areas that are not into shawarma business, negotiate and setup one there. You can have more than one shawarma stand and employ people to manage them for you. It doesn’t need much space a small one is okay.


You have to consider the kind of people who live around your business environment. For instance, it will not be wise to put up shawarma business in a low income area or in the village because it will be difficult to sale in good numbers. Determine who your buyers are and their buying strength. The business is lucrative when you have plenty buyers. And plenty buyers means more profits.

Shawarma business is interesting when you are able to sale everything you produce the same day. If you don’t finish them the same day it will increase your production cost.


So many people are now operating shawarma business. You have to find out what they are doing or not doing well and improve on them. It will involve buying and tasting the ones around you. Introduce new things to make your own unique. It maybe adding chips to every order or anything. Reduce your price for a start to attract customers above all make your shawarma very tasty and spicy. If you know you can’t compete enough with the ones already established in that locality; please look for elsewhere.

Those who are making it big time in Nigeria shawarma business are the ones operating in bars, event areas, fast food joint such as drum sticks etc.

 fast food 


I have given a breakdown on the cost of equipment, knowing their prices will help you determine the amount you will use to start the business. You can go for locally produced machines or foreign depending on your budget. For the foreign machine classier are said to be more reliable.


  • Shawarma toaster
  • Deep Fryer
  • Deep freezer
  • Show glass
  • Insect killer
  • Apron
  • Pot/utensils
Shawarma show glass, shawarma stand, shawarma business


  • Shawarma toasters. #100,000
  • Deep fryer. #12,000
  • Electric cooker. #6,000
  • Deep freezer. #120,000
  • Fridge. #70,000
  • Insecticide 2. #10,000
  • Show glass. #15,000
  • Utensils (frying pan and pot. #20,000
  • Bowls/cutlery. #20,000
  • Cleaning tools. #10,000


  • Fire extinguisher. #10,000
  • Welding. #50,000
  • Carpentry work. #40,000


The prices of shawarma equipment mentioned on this post is based on the result gotten at the cost of researching on this topic. We all know that the prices of things can change at any time so find out how much the cost of each equipment before writing your shawarma business plan.

You can go for locally fabricated toaster and vertical grill if your money can’t afford the foreign ones. Shawarma toaster is different from the vertical grill (it is the machine that roast the meat). Imported grill is #100,000 while locally fabricated one is #60,000. Locally fabricated toaster is #30,000. You can cancel fridge and gas cylinder for a start.


  • Chicken breasts (2) deboned
  • Chicken thigh (2) or beef
  • Shawarma bread (6) (flour or other bread)
  • Tortilla wraps or pita bread
  • Cabbage (1) small size
  • Carrot (3) medium size (grated)
  • Cucumber (1) large size cut into cycles or thin strip
  • Tomatoes (2) cut into thin sizes
  • Ketchup, mayonnaise
  • Vegetable or olive oil for frying (1 tablespoon)


  • Wash and cut all the vegetables into thin strips and set aside
  • Cut chicken or beef into thin strips and set aside too
  • Place the chicken or beef into a bowl, add marinade and mix carefully until it is well incorporated.
  • Cover and preserve in the fridge for 2-24 hours. This will depend on the time you have in your hands.
  • Heat up the tablespoon of oil on a frying pan. The oil should be very full on the spoon enforce turning it into the pan.
  • Add the marinated chicken or beef and keep stirring as it fries, until it becomes juicy and brown
  • Scoop into a plate and set aside
  • Mix some mayonnaise and ketchup together
  • Place shawarma bread on a clean flat surface and cut into two equal fold and tuck the edges in, roll to form shawarma wrap.


  • Chicken. #10,000
  • Bread. #1,500
  • Vegetables. #1,000
  • Cream. #1,500
  • Sausage #1500
  • Sauce. #800
  • Gas. #1,000
  • Seasoning. #300
  • Miscellaneous #1,500
  • Total #19,100
  • This ingredients can produce 50 shawarma that can be sold for #800 each. It will give you #40,000 after sales.


Advertise on Facebook, Instagram and any other online portal. Print cards and share to people around your location. Apart from those who will come to your stand to buy others that have ceremonies such as; birthday parties, wedding, seminars etc will book you for supplies or to come and prepare for them in their venue.

Add one hot dog for one purchase and more for more than one shawsrma bought. It will attract more customers to you.


What are you waiting for locate a nice place and start your shawarma business, you can be making more #200,000 a month. In case you don’t have money for shawarma machines you can still bake commercial shawarma Bread from home with the tools you have in your kitchen and be supplying to homes, bars, supermarkets etc.

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  1. Please how do I get a locally made shawarma toaster? I’m about to begin a shawarma business, but space is the challenge, I got a space in front of a nice but the monthly rentage is #10, 000, what’s your advise? Isn’t it too high for a starter? Should I risk it and go for it?
    Thanks as I anticipate a response, I’ll appreciate the response being mailed to my email.

  2. I want to startup a meat pie business in school. That’s going into commercial production. I want to know the equipments I will need for fast production.

  3. I want to start a shawarma business but don’t know how to go about it.where can I get the materials and equipment needed.please

  4. I Want to start up shawama business and I want to go for the local equipments for a start. Please how can I get it. I am in Abuja

    • Thank you so much for this article it’s really helpful…
      Please I want to start up a sharwama business in Lagos but getting the space for it has been a challenge, please can u help me…

      • Im sorry @Nancy I dont reside in Lagos. You only need a small space it could be the front of a shop or fast food joints that are not offering such services

  5. Hello ma…thanks for your information….what’s the least amount of capital I’ll need for a shawarma business start up? And where will be the best location in uyo?

  6. Am in Lagos around coker area orile,but am currently searching for a place to setup around ijesha area…I need help in getting the best spot to start my business….thanks ma…

  7. Hi..thanks for this article.
    I want to start up a shawarma business during this period of corona.
    But i dont know how much it will cost me all together to start up one and how i can get them.however i stay in port Harcourt
    Secondly,when school resumes i dont know if I’ll be able to continue or i should just employ someone there.

    • Manage it for now, you can employ the person that will manage it when you leave for school. You will know what to expect when you are not around. The payment can be on commission basis

  8. Hello Eno, this is a very interesting article it will help young and intending entrepreneur with very small capital to start up their dream big business empire. Food business is one of the most lucrative all over the world, but needs a comprehensive training and good business plan. Please I want to know if you conduct training sections on how to make shawarma, I would love to attend.

  9. Hello Eno, pls how I can I get the locally made toaster or can I make use of regular toaster.pls I don’t know if I can get ur WhatsApp contact. Pls

  10. This article is very useful I must say, I also want to start up a shawarma business alongside other snacks business but I really don’t know how to go about it.

    Am thinking of watching videos from YouTube and practice from there or I should go for the training instead? But money is the issue here and I saw up there in the comments section that you replied “300k to start..” Ma, I don’t have that much and am still a student, what do u advice I do??

  11. Thanks Eno, I eyes have just been opened to the training aspect of this business.

    I appreciate, my business is starting soon that’s why I got here in search for more knowledge.
    More Grace

  12. Awesome article Eno.
    This country needs more people like you to guide to youth on Entreprenuership
    Keep up the good works

  13. Hello. I want to buy a locally fabricated mackine as what I can afford right now. I want to ask if there is a good or bad quality in fabricated machine.

  14. Hello ma,I really want to start a shawarma business here in Taraba state,I think it’s only 3 people that are selling it here and it’s not that nice.so far I learned how to make it online here and mine is the best.i do it at home and make delivery..I want to start with the little capital I have.. please I need more advise from you ma.thank you

  15. Madam Eno, am really grateful for this article. It is the best so far. Am conducting a research on shawarman making as I look forward venturing into the business after service. I will chat or call you whenever am ready. Till then, am ONYEKWERE CHUKWUEBUKA


  17. Thank you so much Eno, your article is really an eye-opener, i am just planning on starting a shawarma business and ur article will serve as a guide for me. I live in Abuja and I got a good location like the one u pointed out in a good neighborhood. thanks so much

  18. Thanks alot for this article…
    am really encourage
    I hope this business will move in students environment? tired of sitting at home after Nysc. really want to try something.

  19. Hi Eno, thanks so much for sharing this great business start up plans for us… I am so muvj interested in starting up this business, but i really need to know where i can source for most of the equipments i need atleast fairly used ones… For some of it. If i have 500k can i start, my location is oyigbo in Rivers State there is just 1 shawarma spot herr and there charges is damn high, so for almost 9months now I’ve been looking out for informations about how how to start up. Please can you help me with some of these informations. Thanks so much once again.

  20. I’m starting a shawarma and grills spot in few days
    I’m so exited
    And btw
    Your article is awesome 💋💋💋

  21. So helpful and informative. Am also interested in starting a Shawarma business am still savings before I go for loan. Based in South Africa

  22. Thanks ma’am,ur article is helpful am in asaba and am looking for a place I cant start up the shawarma business but haven’t seen ,pls dont know if you know anywhere in asaba??that would be okay

  23. Thank you ma for this information I have learnt a lot from this post but please ma I will love to talk to u on WhatsApp concerning me setting up a shawarma spot in my area Port Harcourt

  24. Thank you so much for this article. I want to Shawarma business, but I don’t have more than 100K. Can I start with 100k?

  25. My fiancee just started hers at ikorodu, getting the money is quite challenging but we did it… And thanks a lot for your write up, it really gave her the inspiration

  26. Okay ma it was very helpful so I want to start but not a stand I want to do it from home and deliver and for now I don’t have d machines I just use my home equipment is it okay?


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