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Stakexchain international, stakexchain e-commerce

What is StakeXchain? Stakexchain is an online and offline Multilevel Marketing e-commerce company with a new innovative business plan wired around rewarding customers anytime they shop. It is online because most of the transactions are done through internet, such as; Withdrawal, Shopping and Registration. And offline because StaKexchain has physical offices were you can pick products. The company is mainly an e-commerce business and so you keep earning even without referral, the focus is on the products, compensation and reward system. Contact to join: +2348155196689

Stakexchain is a Philippine Company and have offices in UK, China and Africa. In Africa their head office is in Nigeria; Opebi Road, Ikeja. The company has been in existence since 2017 as a training program but started e-commerce in 2020 . It was launched in Nigeria on 19/12/2020 and 9 persons have won car award already. Stakexchain has presence in 15 countries with over one hundred and thirty stockist in less than 4 months of operation. The company have many products in e-shop 1 and e-shop 2

As said, it is an online and offline e-commerce company like; Chymall investment and Highlife international but has some striking differences. The main difference between Stakexchain with other e-commerce is that; they have stockist everywhere who are in Custody of products. When you register, you get your products from any of the stockist closer to you. The products are fast selling, you can use them or sell them or give to people. We have a stakexchain stockist in; Abuja and Lagos. Another thing that distinguishes stakexchain is that the get products directly from manufacturers. That is, they work hand in hand with manufacturers this should tell you how reliable and sustainable the business is. If you fix money in the bank today be very sure you can’t get the kind of commission stakexchain provides. We can say Stakexchain is like stock exchange we used to have in the past but it beats stock exchange because their commission is high. In Stakexchain, you earn daily.

Stakexchain international, stakexchain e-commerce

The business is very profitable, lets assume you are not doing any networking you will make your money back in 6 months after that any amount made is your profit. If you are doing networking, you can make your money back in a month and continue earning for life. Things are changing, this is a new way of doing business you can join in this early stage and thank me later.i8

Stakexchain Products

e-shop 1 PRODUCTS

Quantum Energy Products

  1. Male Magnetic Energy Underwear
  2. Quantum Energy Pendant
  3. Female Magnetic Energy Underwear
  4. Water Treatment Products
  5. Alkaline water stick
  6. Water treatment and purifier


  • Non sticky pan
  • Mosquito repellent bracelet
  • Fuel saver card
  • Anti-blue ray glasses
  • Electricity saver card
  • Anti-radiation phone sticker
  • Food detox patch
  • Belly slimming patch
  • Mist facial steamer
  • Electric foot massager
  • Energy comb
  • Gas lighter extension
  • Energy comb

Stakexchain Investment Packages and Potential Commission

watch this stakexchain video, this woman won 3 cars in just 3 months of joining stakexchain, you can make it too, chat us to join.

Packages Commission and Incentives

  • PV means Point Value
  • GV means Group Volume
  • There are 4 Groups of Packages
  • Minor/Promo
  • Basic
  • Classics
  • Pro
  • Basic, Classic and Pro have three subgroup
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

In all, we have

  • Minor
  • Bronze basic
  • Silver basic
  • Gold basic

Bronze classic
Silver classic
Gold classic

Bronze pro
Silver pro
Gold pro

The highest package in Nigeria is Silver Classic

Minor Package


  • Package value 45/#22,500 ..1 third is for registration while 2/3 is for stak e voucher
  • Registration 15/#22,500 (1/3 of 45/#22,500)
  • Daily Earnings
  • Commission 0.2/#115
  • Stake Voucher 0.9/#460
    Total 1.15/#575
  • Monthly Earnings
  • Commission 6.9/3#450
  • Stake Voucher 27.6/#1,800
  • Total 4.50/#17,250
  • Percentage Monthly return in cash (#3450/#22500)15.%
    Shopping Voucher and commissions are paid daily
    Only commission earnings are withdraw-able shopping Vouchers as the name implies for shopping

Bronze Basic


  1. Package value 90/#45,000 ..1/3 is for registration while 2/3 is for stake voucher
  2. Registration 30/1500 (one third of 90/#45,000)
  3. Daily Earnings
  4. Commission 0.492/#246
  5. Stake Voucher 1.968/#984
  6. Total 2.46/#1203
  7. Monthly Earnings
  8. Commission 14.76./#7,380
  9. Stake Voucher 59.04/#29,520
  10. Total 73.80/#36,900
  11. Percentage Monthly return in cash (#7380/#45000)16.4.%
    Shopping Voucher and commissions are paid daily

The summary of the earnings is as stated below
Note the higher the package, the higher your monthly percentage
Silver Classic 18%
Bronze Classic 17.6%
Gold Basic 16.8%
Silver Basic 16.6%
Bronze basic 16.4%
Minor Package 15.three%

The PV of the packages are the dollar value of the registration and doubles as you move the package up:

  • Silver Classic 480%
  • Bronze Classic 240%
  • Gold Basic 120%
  • Silver Basic 60%
  • Bronze basic three 0%
  • Minor Package 15%


What are the ways of withdrawing one earnings

Commissions are credited into your commission walet daily, it can be withdrawn weekly into

Bitcoin address

Local bank account

How do I join StakeXchain

To join stakechain send your information to your sponsor that is the person that invited you to join the company.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Package

Contact us to know more or Join: +2348155196689

If I register, must I bring someone before my commission will be paid

You don’t have to bring anyone before you earn in Stakechain. Once you register you start earning everyday for life.

How do I trade every month

The company always put money in your wallet whereby you can use to re-order products at the end of 30 days. This is done to keep you active and to keep the business running.

Can someone earn without bringing someone

Yes, I already explained that. This is why stakechain International is different from other E-Commerce businesses.

StakeXchain Review

You may ask, is StakeXchain Legit or a Scam. Yes, it is very legit because the have a physical store and CEO. They have products which are sold in the market. When you join, you get products equivalent the amount you paid so you have nothing to loose.

Call or WhatssApp 2348155196689t o join stakexchain international

Our SXC Seminar holds as follows:
Date : Tuesday 22/02/2021

Venue : Income Plan B Seminar Hall; Opposite Honorable Child School, before the second Railway, Odani Green City Estate, Elelenwo, Port Harcourt.

Time Schedule : 10am to 12pm, 1pm to 3pm, 4pm to 6pm. (3 sections) Call: 08035965405



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