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Stockfish Business In Nigeria: Complete Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Stockfish business is very lucrative just like crayfish and Prawn business. Many people use stockfish to prepare soup and some still go ahead to use them for pottage. In fact the number of people who prefer stockfish to meat is increasing daily because to them stockfish does not contain fat. I noticed something while growing up, almost all the people doing stockfish business in whatever form were all doing fine. One of my classmate was seen as a child from a very wealthy home which was not far from the truth because of her mother’s stockfish business. 

The people that are into stockfish wholesale business are making it big time. You can start small and grow  it. The beautiful thing is that it is easy to grow. First of all find out the type of stockfish that is in high demand in your location before starting. You can write stockfish business plan it will help you to organize the business.

Types of Stockfish in Nigeria

Stockfish are sold in sacks. Different parts are packed in different bags such as:

  • Stockfish head
  • Fins
  • Whole 
  • Cut body parts
  • Stockfish cod
  • Head and ears (Akpama)
  • Head and bone {Akpama)
  • White bone
  • Cut-cut

Price of Stockfish in Nigeria

The price of stockfish depends on the type and size of stockfish you are buying. For instance; a bag of cut-cut can be sold for 80k,  heads with ear 50k while without ear can go for 40k. 

Stockfish market in Lagos

Oyigbo market

Stockfish business, crayfish business, prawn business

Where to buy stockfish cheap in Nigeria.

Many stockfish dealers are in Ontsha Relief market and many people from surrounding villages go there to trade.

Aba is where you can get stockfiah cheap as a reseller.

Stockfish importation in Nigeria

Stockfish is imported from different countries such as; Norway, Iceland and Arsenal (UK). But Nigeria seems to be flooded with Norwegian stockfish because many stockfish dealers in Nigeria export from Norway. Importing a container of metri ton will cost more than 40million Naira not including expenses for container. Aba is the biggest place where stockfish importation and wholesalers are concentrated.

Stockfish business


You can supply to supermarkets, super store, markets and especially sell in village markets. During market days traders come from different villages to buy for retail. You can package your stockfish with transparent nylon for sale in shops, supermarkets and malls. Go to villages markets and sell your stockfish to consumers and retailers. 

How Much is needed to Start Stockfish Business in Nigeria

You can start with as small as #5,000 or as much as millions. The type of starting will depend on your capital. Since stockfish business moves very fast, you can quickly grow and expand the business. If your capital is not much then count and buy from wholesalers and resell them for profit. Assuming you are staring with head and ear you can be adding different types to it until the business becomes an empire.

Profit in Stockfish Business

There’s good profit in stockfish business. It doesn’t take a month to sell off thousands of bags. And stockfish doesn’t go bad no matter how long it stays but you have to satisfy the conditions for their presevation. Do not keep them in a damp environment just in crayfish business.

Challenges of Stockfish Business

The main challenge is delay in supplies. After selling off the thousands that came in to get more quickly can be challenging sometimes.

Stockfish business
Nairaland image


Stockfish business is profitable. You can start as an importert and sell thousand of bags every month. Or start as a wholesale dealer and finally as a retailer. The business is easy and straight forward. Because it is food business, it is sustainable

The places to buy stockfish in large quantities in Nigeria are; Aba, Lagos and Onitsha. Call 08146688177 for your stockfish

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  1. Thanks so much, but how can you help someone like me here to start the business? I’m in oshogbo Osun state and I have no idea except this content I just read. Can you give me the clue of what takes ro travel to Aba market? Finally can I have your whatsapp contact please?

  2. This info was actually useful. Pls I am in PH and would like to engage in Palm oil and crayfish business. Pls how do I go about getting them

  3. Thanks for taking your time to explain. Please is there any of your stockfish outlet around Ojo or Ibru market. Thanks.

  4. Thanks so much. I am interested in stockfish, prawns and crayfish. Please help me with contacts and can they deliver to Lagos?


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