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Tailoring Sewing Business In Nigeria (Fashion)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Tailoring sewing business is lucrative irrespective of the state or country you are. Everybody wants to look good and lovely as such will want to dress to the taste. And many people want to be in vogue especially with what is trending as such will always visit tailors. Some people will rather spend more money in clothing than in food. That is why tailors never lack materials to sew at anytime.

Sewing or tailoring business is one skill that is in high demand in Nigeria. If you have passion for the business you can start without having the necessary skill. I will write more on this later.

Tailoring material sewing business

How To Start Tailoring/Sewing Business

If you are asking how do I start a tailoring business, here is how to:

  1. Get a Shop

Where you position your business matters a lot sometimes so get a shop in a central place. It should be easy to locate in a densely populated area. There are exceptions but it can only happened if you are a very skillful tailor. I know of someone who is sewing in her house almost all the materials sewn comes from town meanwhile she is living in a suburb. Her work announce her, there is no day she is not sewing materials because of these we can hardly see her.

As a starter that is yet to be known chose a place that is visible for customers to see you easily. It can be your house no problem in that case you will do serious advertisement

2. Get Trained

To be a professional tailor you have to go for training for 2 years but some individuals who are intelligent and passionate learn under 6 months. It is not the time that matters but the ability to cut materials straight and perfectly without any mistake is the most important of all. You should be able to cut materials according to size and style. Locate a standard and professional sewing school and attend. Individuals can also teach you sewing so chose wisely.

Training is mainly for those who want to take sewing material business as their way of life or tailoring as their profession. But then as an investor you can still have an idea of certain sewing ethics before your workers rub it on your face. The amount for tailoring training is affordable. Some trainers collect drinks and a little fee.

3. Write a Business Plan for your Tailoring Sewing Business

Tailoring business proposal will help you to know what to expect. It will define the part to follow. In it will include the niche you are to pattern your sewing business to.

4. Capital

The capital for tailoring material business is not much. You can start the business with #100,000 capital aside rent on a low scale just few machines. But if you are starting big time especially entrepreneurs who are into it for profits then #500,000 can start a standard tailoring sewing material business with sewing accessories.

5. Niche

Those who succeed fast in sewing business are those who carve niches. You often hear, ‘jack of all thread master of non’ so don’t be master of all sewing. In tailoring fashion world niche choice is important. You can choose any of these niches; only men material sewing, women material sewing, children material sewing, cooperate wears, embroidery, suites sewing, school uniforms sewing, cut and join sewing (mending; like obioma).

You can be in more than one niche, some tailors can sew women’s materials perfectly the way the will sew that of men. But there should be one niche which you are very good and known for so people can make reference to that. Observe very well tailors with niches are the most successful ones in tailoring sewing material business.

6. Purchase Equipment

The choice of equipment will depend on how you want to start; small or big. You may not need all that is stated here as a starter but you can add as you grow in your sewing business. Make sure you purchase machines that will not spoil quickly there are certain brands you should look out for, example Emil, Butterfly etc.

7. Chose a Name for your Sewing Business

Look for appealing name for your business, for example ‘Udemz Tailoring Fashion World’. It should be easy to cram and pronounce.

Materials/Equipment to Put in Place in Sewing Business

Industrial sewing machines are preferable.

  • Weaving machines
  • Sewing machines
  • Embroidery machines
  • Overlook machines
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Threads
  • Needles
  • Iron. Please buy the type of iron that uses water, it hardly burn clothes. It is the type used in Laundry shops as well.
  • Sewing materials of different types
  • Table for placing material to cut or iron
  • Chairs for customers and workers to sit
  • Measuring tape
  • Magazines, catalogue
  • Book to write down measurement, names and phone number
  • Power (electric and generator).

In These days of internet you can do well to advertise your garment sewing business using all the available social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Please wear what you sew always appear good it will advertise your skill. Many customers will want to value your work from your appearance.

Tailoring material sewing business
Tailoring nairaland

How To Decorate A Tailoring Shop In Nigeria

The manner which you decorate your shop is something you shouldn’t play with. People are moved by what they see more than what the hear. If your tailoring shop is tattered, dirty and scattered then you are giving your prospects the impression that your work will not be good enough especially people coming to you for the first time. Decorate your shop to be comfortable for your clients.

Before now tailors used to tie rope from one end to another end and hang materials on them. Looking at it now appears local. Buy a wardrobe for hanging clothes, put accessories and materials there too. Carve out a place customers can stay and try their clothes in case of any adjustment. It should be spacious enough to contain and adult and should be well concealed. In some sewing shops when customers want to wear their sewn materials the tailor will use her hand to spread wrapper to hid the person from being seen. This is not ideal in this modern age.

Garment tailor business

Garment tailor business should be followed by selling of garments. People make their choice to sew buba with Ankara material, gown or skirt and blouse.

You can add selling of sewing material accessories to your sewing business it will bring additional income. Sometimes tailors go about wasting the time they would have used to sew looking for where to buy buttons, needle, hook etc. If you have it around, they will buy from you.

Profits In Tailoring Sewing Business

People often ask, ‘is tailoring business profitable? The answer is yes. You have nothing to lose because it is your customers that pay for everything used in sewing. Your own is just the time and assets which you bought at the starting. Except for expansion or machine getting spoilt beyond repair before you can purchase another one.

If you are a good tailor you will have more than enough materials to sew in a day. Assuming you are able to sew two everyday and charged #2,000 each at the end of the month you would have made #100,000at least. This is just for those charging on the low side. How about those charging #8,000, #10,000 for one material? This kind of tailors are seen in big cities such as Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and in towns and state capitals.
Even if they are able to sew 20 clothes in a month, you know what that amounts to?

Tailoring sewing business is very profitable all you need to do is to be in a place you can easily be seen and be a good tailor.

Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Sewing Business

The number one challenge to avoid is bad impression. If you promise to finish somebody’s cloth on a particular day please ensure you do exactly that especially when you are just starting. It will help you build a good customer relationship which will translate to more offer and more money. In case of any delay please apologies to the person and inform him or her before time so the person can look for alternative in case he/she wanted to use the material for occasion.

Some tailors can be terrible, they will keep your material for months or years. The material i gave to a tailor in 2018 is still with her, I don’t even want her to sew it again. Most tailors start misbehaving especially when customers have become many, seamstress are they likely culpable ones. In case you have too many materials to sew and you can’t meet up with datelines please employ more hands. This way instead of loosing customers you will increase them and make more money.

Don’t hide your work, display your skill for people to see. Hang sewn materials outside and attract plenty prospects.

Power is a major challenge especially in Nigeria, you can buy generator to keep your work neat.

Some clients can be very wonderful they will reject their materials if not sown to taste or there is a little mistake even when the fault is theirs. The style some see in magazine is not what the tailor sees so when it comes out differently argument will ensue. Instead of quarreling with your customers beg them, if you have to pay for your mistakes why not.

Never feel you know too much and wouldn’t want to update. Keep learning new fashion and styles you can note the time for fashion programs in the television and empower yourself. Don’t be too rigid be flexible grow from sewing only skirt and blouse to gowns, suits etc.

How to Start Tailoring Sewing Business Without The Skill

I have seen many people who don’t have tailoring skill yet are owners of big time sewing business. If you enter Wuse Zone 5 in Abuja you will see them. Most of them those days employ Cotonou tailors to do the sewing for them and the make so much money from it. Someone I know established one when she finished Her B. Sc. she lived in a choices environment Wuse 2 in Abuja and bought a car. In fact 3 months ago a lady from America opened one in Abuja and employed people who are running it for her. There is no excuse open yours now if you have passion for it.


Tailoring Sewing Material Business is very lucrative whether you are doing it by yourself or pay someone to manage it for you. You can start small and grow it. The profit in sewing business is huge and can keep you financially independent. Get a shop in a good environment, advertise your skill and start making money. You can start your own Fashion Design Tailoring Training School. This is a business you can do at home.
Images Tailoring nairaland

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