How to start Kunun Aya Business (Tiger Nuts Drink) in Nigeria

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Tiger nuts drink is also known as kunun aya. It is a very nourishing and refreshing drink. Kunun aya business is as lucrative as zobo drink business if not more.

This is not a new drink but has been there for ages. Due to recent increase in awareness it is now becoming very popular. Kunun aya is produced from a mixture of ground tiger nuts (also known as earth almond), dates and coconut water.

They are not only found in Nigeria but are seen in other countries either as grass or nuts. They are eaten as nut in North Africa and as chufa drink in Spain. In Nigeria, they are consumed both as drinks and as nuts.


Different tribes have different names for it. They seeds are called Aya in Hausa land, Yoruba’s calls it ofio, Igbos refer to it as Imumu, in Calabar Isip Isong. Tiger nuts are not actually nuts in the real sense but tubers, they share the same chemical composition and characteristics with tubers and nuts.

The chaffs gotten when processing the drink can be dried and used in making gluten-free flour for baking or used as additional fibre when making smoothies (pap, cereals etc).

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In this article we shall be looking at:

  • how to produce the drink for sales,
  • how to package the nuts for sale in super stores
  • and also ways of exporting them to other countries for foreign investment.
  • the profitability potentials in this business, sustainability and possibilities.

Tiger nuts on its own has several benefits but we shall be looking at how to combine other nuts to make it more nutritious and beneficial to health as well.

Ingredients/materials for tiger nuts drink (kunu Aya).

  • Aya (Tiger nut)
  • Debino (Dates)
  • Coconut (optional)
  • Chiffon  (for sieving)
  • Water, bowl, grinder and container


Soak Aya in water for about an hour or overnight as the case maybe, pour them inside mortar and rub it a little with pestle the way you will do beans in other to remove any available dirt. Break the dates into pieces and soak them inside water to make them soft.

Break the coconut and cut them into smaller sizes. Wash everything out of the water very well, put all of them together into a big bowl and grind them with grinding machine, you can use commercial grinders if you don’t have one. It is not advisable to use blender except you want to condemn it.

Kunun aya drink
Image from a forum

Pour a reasonable amount of water into the contents turn and stir very well, use chiffon cloth or sieve to separate the contents. Pour them inside your desired containers and refrigerate them.


If you are using coconut water please be very fast to put the prepared kunun aya inside fridge to avoid slimming nature because coconut has that characteristic.

You can add honey to the mixture, some people go as far as adding sugar. To me that is not necessary because debino or honey already has sweetening properties.


Tiger nuts drink can last more than three days if you add ginger. In other to preserve them you should include ginger, grind it along side other ingredients to prevent Aya drink from getting spoilt easily.

Use a very unique container to package them for sale. A smaller container will go for #100 like the smallest water bottle type. You can sell this drink in hospitals, schools, markets etc. People are even looking for them to buy without success.

You can add different flavours to it and also use preservative if you are going into commercial kunun aya business.

If soybeans milk can be preserved without it getting spoilt then kinun aya drink can also be preserved. This can be done through pasteurization after which the container used is well cord. It will make it to last longer.


If Soya beans milk is sustainable then there is no way this drink will not be. In fact I see it overtaking the likes of soy milk Kunu, Zobo and Soya beans drinks.


It has higher profits because it is not sold the same price like Kunu and Zobo. The price is twice of the aforementioned drinks. For more profit it will be better to buy them in bulk may be in bags and in a place where they are sold cheaper. In this days of online it is very easy to purchase at the comfort of your home.

This is a business you can make more than 50% profit in the returns on investment.


For a small-scale you can start with #20,000 or less. But for a large-scale you can start with #200,000 and above outside fixed capital such as landed properties, building etc.

You can as well start the small-scale at home and the large-scale from a rented property. To supply to other states without disturbance you have to register with NAFDAC, #100,000 can take care of that.


  • Kunun aya business is very profitable and also lucrative.
  • It has few competitors as the business is yet to be tapped by many.
  • Kunun aya is very easy to prepare. It does not require special training to start.
  • The business can be stated with small amount.
  • Tiger nuts drink business has a good market potentials because people love and consume more now for health reasons.
  • It can be done at the comfort of your home.


Anybody can do this business, employed, unemployed, students, the old, the young etc. You can do it as a side work prepare it and employ workers to sell them for you.

I read of a woman that makes #15,000 a day from the sale of zobo. She employed two persons who does the selling for her you can as well do same.

Are you a shop owner, do you sell drinks or have restaurants this will be an additional income for you. Introduce this drink into your business and watch it turn things around for you.


Once you sample kunun aya drink in a local market in your neighbourhood people will be waiting for you afterward to buy.

You can wash Aya and carefully sun dry and packaged them inside a container or strong nylon. Supply to supermarkets, shopping malls and any other available shops.


Tiger nuts cleaned and prepared would be much appreciated because people won’t have to wash them again before eating. People that don’t want much stress who are  living a life of convenience and sophistication will buy more.

It will make a lot of sense going into supermarkets and they are there for people to buy. Not until you see when they are being pushed about in wheel barrow before you can buy. Oftentimes people who would have loved to have them don’t stop to buy.

Finally, this is a very big opportunity for farmers to take advantage of the increase in demand and plant them all around their locality.


Packaging goes a long way to stand businesses out especially beverage drinks. So you need to use unique containers to make it appealing.

Most of the containers people are using are reused plastics of other drinks so you can do well to approach a plastic industry to do customised ones for you.

To make it more professional, place a label on the container, this way you will have more patronage. And your kunun aya business will only keep on growing.


Grind the dried tiger nuts to powder and put them in sachet for sale. This is another good way to process the product for sale as it can last a longer than the drink regarding the shelf life.

Anyone that wants to drink can then dissolve and sieve it if he/she so desire or add it to smoothies for dieting.


To export this product you need to get buyers for them first. Go to Alibaba type ‘tiger nut importation US’ (or any other country you want to be supplying to) a list of buyers will come out. Strike a deal with them and start exporting on a small-scale by using NIPOST.

What are you waiting for start your own kunun aya business today!


Tiger nut business is lucrative but you need to be guided to success through the ebook I put together for you. Call 08035965405 to get started.

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    • Hello@Akinluye, you are welcome
      Plwase don’t add too much water so that the taste of the kunu aya drink will not reduce in quality. Settling down the container is normal that is why anybody that wants to drink must shake it first before drinking. Same applies to zobo, soybeans, kunu zaki and the like.

  1. Thanks for this insightful piece . Very useful I must say. That means coconut make it slimy so just a little coconut will do? Cause sometimes my Aya drink get a little sour. I don’t know may be it’s the coconut I add to it. What can i add to preserve my aya drink apart from ginger for a large production? I need to know please so I don’t continue wasting products. Am currently opening my online business page with the name TEYORS! Thanks Eno.

  2. Am so delighted thank you ma u ve opened my eyes,but apart form ginger what can I use, may God containing blessing you n give u more wisdow

  3. Please I mean to say I want to know the chemical preservatives that is most suitable for Tiger nut milk drink (kunu Aya) for commercial purpose. Regards

  4. Thanks for this wonderful lecture. I really appreciate. Has been longing to start this Tiger nut business but was considering the preservation aspects of it since it is for commercial purposes.


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