Uber Business In Nigeria: Requirements For Uber Nigeria


I have said it before that transportation business is one of the three best businesses that mints money. Everything in the world is experiencing upgrade. Packaging is now the other of day, transport has join the league. Uber Nigeria and Taxify has introducef executive way to transit other than what it used to be. You can book for vehicle at anytime through Uber app or Taxify app. And monitor the car as it enroutes your way.

Uber business is open for all provided you meet up with the company’s requirement. The business is very lucrative, you can employ driver to drive for you or drive it yourself if you especially if you don’t have nothing else doing.

The best time to Drive is early morning and evening, the outcome is very good. Another time is weekends (Saturday and Sunday) it is extremely rewarding. You will remain on Uber Nigeria platform for as long as your car is in good conditions.

Many mobile app driving are out such az Taxify and Ogar taxi. Making Uber Nigeria to reduce price for charges.

List of Uber Accepted Cars in Nigeria

Before now, The car must be Toyota Camry or Corolla any other brand of car will not be allowed for registration. Not lower than 2008 model, that is, it should be newer than 2008 model. But now it is not limited to Toyota products any more you can use Ford Escape, Mercedes Benz/Sedan 3 class or C-Class, 2010 Nissan etc.

Uber Requirements for Drivers Registration in Nigeria

For a car to be eligible for Uber in Nigeria, it has to meet the following standard.

  1. Uber X and Uber Black cars must be sedan very clean and posh, hatches are not accepted.
  2. The vehicle must be 2008 or newer than that
  3. Mileage should be a maximum of 100,000KMs when put into the Uber system.
  4. The car must have a minimum of 1750mm width.
  5. All vehicles used must have an air condition and a working radio. electric Windows preferably.
  6. Uber taxi must have seat belt for all passengers and driver.
  7. Only one driver is allowed per account so the name of the person driving the car is what will be documented.
  8. It is compulsory for the driver to go through a full background check by Uber.
  9. The driver must have a driver’s license and Lagos or Abuja drivers institute card.
  10. Vehicle will remain on Uber system except complaints from riders about quality occur at any point.
  11. No salvage vehicle must have a clear title.
  12. The car must pass Uber car inspection at Yaba or Lekki. And the partner driver must possess driver’s license and Lagos State Driver’s Institute Card. Also go through uber driver’s on boarding and pass their assessment.

There are four ways of doing Uber partnership

  1. You-the car owner being the driver. That means you are a partner driver. This will even pay you better because the money you should have been giving to a paid driver automatically add up to your own. You will manage the car and fuel well.
  2. The car owner hires a driver to use the car on Uber or hire a trained and uber driver to earn income. To ensure optimal usage of car in other to maintain earnings the owner must create time’ and put in energy to manage both car and driver.
  3. The car owner approach a registered uber partner to manage the car and driver. He will be getting a fixed income weekly mostly on Saturdays. And will be responsible for fueling, maintenance and repairs except when there is engine problem which hardly happens.
  4. Hire purchase also known as drive to own your car. The car owner employ a driver who remits a fixed amount weekly to own the car at the end of specified time. In this platform the driver and partner sign a contract with the car signs contract with the car owner to pay a fixed amount of money for a specified time after which the driver and partner become the owners of the car.

How much does uber pay car owners in Nigeria

The owner gets paid all the time. Payments are done through direct debit from source, the driver only see the breakdown.

Uber Nigeria charge 25% (executive offering) gross earning per week for uber black such as; Mercedes Benz, land cruiser pardon,mAudi Q8.

And 20% on Uber X example Toyota Corolla, Kia Serato, Hyundai Elantra (regular value offering.).

Uber Nigeria; Uber business

Challenges of Uber Nigeria Business

If you have a dishonest driver he can go out of the way to use your car for drop and pick . Some may not buy the amount of fuel needed per day. The success of the business depends solely on the quality of your driver. You can pay agents that recruits driver’s #15,000 for a good driver. Putting a car tracker will help checkmate the activities of your driver.

Driver’s are not protected

Uber can cut driver’s offline if they are not able to meet up with high ratings. 1-3 rating is bad while 4-5 is good. If a driver is cut offline he will not be allowed to use Uber again. Some of those things that causes low rating is the ignorance of the driver. Some of them don’t know the difference between Uber X and Uber black. If a rider requested for Uber black and the driver appears with Uber X the rider will rate him low.

The quality of Driver

  • Possess a driver’s license,
  • Lagos State Driver’s Institute License,
  • Excellent customer service,
  • Good knowledge of Lagos or Abuja.

Sometimes riders cancel trips because of the car. You don’t expect a rider to pay the same amount for Hyundai ix35 2016 with Xcent 2012.

Uber Reviews

Car review in Uber Nigeria is done based on riders rating and feedback. To avoid blacklisting regular maintenance should be carried out on your car. Your driver should be nice and aticulate.

How much Does Uber Driver’s make Weekly in Nigeria

It depends solely on the number of times a driver makes on trips in a day. Many a times a driver can carry two riders in one hour. Assuming he carry 10 people in a day after expenses he should be able to make not less than #80,000 a week.

Breakdown of expenses

  • #10,000 fuel
  • #20,000 driver
  • 5,000 data
  • 10,000 phone calls
  • #10,000 Maintenance
  • #20,000 Miscellaneous

Over 120 k net income after uber deducts 20%

How to chat with Uber

Phone support chat with Uber is available 24 hours every day on 1300091272

For Uber App

Go to account, click help and chose any option that suits your concern.
You can go to Uber website uber.com

Uber Abuja office

To floor, Jabi Lake Mall, Balance Sokoto Way, Abuja.
Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm is their working hours. But close by 3pm on Fridays.

Uber Lagos office

Retail unit No. 5, Second upper floor, Maryland Mall, 350/360 Ikorodu Road. Working is same as Abuja.

How much Does Uber Driver’s Earn in 2020 Review

Uber charges in Lagos is #200 fare. #11 per minute and #60 per kilometer. Depending on the number of riders a driver is able to carry a day, that’s what determines his take home money for the day accumulated into a month. At least a driver should be able to earn #60,000-#150,000 a week. Uber gets 20%-25% and drivers are paid in the same 20%-25%, depending on the car.


Due to the pressure the car receives it is advisable to buy a new car. You will not want your driver to waste time repairing the vehicle instead of driving riders. Uber Nigeria is profitable whether you are a partner or a driver. Because of the given to your car maintenance should be done regularly. The business is better in Lagos than in Abuja.

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  1. please how can i get a hailing company that with manage the following cars of my (1) corolla 2004, (2)corolla 2007,(3)camry 2004, (4) camry 2005
    all these cars are available and i want a good hailing company that can manage them.
    you can reach me on via mail : izedemmanuel@gmail.com 08099910823

  2. This is mouth watering for not a lazy graduate that want to hustle. I am available to drive and deliver at when due. All i need is a good car and i will manage it well. Abiodun from Abuja. 08179068929


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