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How To Make Big Money From VTU Business In Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

VTU business is a simple way to make more than #200,000 every month. Advancement in Technology is making life easy and simple to man, obsolete things are now giving way to innovation. Every adult now owns a phone except for those who cannot afford it. Children are not left out of this; the number of phone users keep increasing every day. This has created space for anybody to make money from airtime vtu vending business. In Nigeria more than 14 billion is spent dialy on airtime. You can catch in on this just like banks, network providers and other bodies.

Nigeria Communication Commission in 2014 said there are more than 130 million active Global System Mobile Communication subscribers. In 2016 it increased to 149 million active users. This is to say any business that involves airtime will sale because people will keep using their phones for calls, data and other things. Telecom industry now prefer VTU to Paper recharge (logical sales). 

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VTU is a short form of virtual top up, it is a digital way of crediting or loading a phone directly by a vendor. It means there is no need for you to scratch card or credit your phone with any USSD code. When transaction is completed you will receive a message that your line has been credited This is different from the former known way of loading phone whereby you have to scratch card or use paper virtual.

Virtual top up is a digital way of selling airtime or credit automatically.

recharge card business, vtu business


Quick teller is the largest airtime dealer in VTU business and are said to be making about 30 billion every month. Sub dealers of GSM network retain 1% commission on recharge cards sold, while quick teller retains 5%. You can start your own VTU business and determine the percentage to put on top. But it should not be more than what others are charging in order to have plenty clients that will automatically convert to money.

To tell you how important virtual top up is; all the banks in Nigeria are doing VTU business. Banks like Sterling, Ecobank, First Bank, GTB etc. Even almighty GSM Network providers themselves are into VTU business. They do this by their idea of credit borrowing were the charge you some percentage. 

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For instance if you buy MTN 100 they will give you 95 unit of time instead of 100, the 5 units become their percentage. They are gradually taking market away from recharge card paper vendors which may in the long run result in the phasing out of paper and scratch cards recharging.


  • Virtual top up business is very lucrative
  • It is a business that doesn’t require certificate, anybody can do it.
  • You can do it without computer, website or blog
  • VTU business can be done without registering a business name
  • You don’t need huge capital to start VTU mobile application business.
  • It can be done at the comfort of your home
  • Airtime vending top up is simple and dorect
  • You make money every day


  • It is a very smart way of doing business because you will not need to carry paper or recharge cards about.
  • Since it is a mobile recharge business, you can sell airtime anyway, anytime and any day.
  • But you will have to buy cards from all network.
  • You will have a build up of clients who will call at anytime for airtime.


SIM CARDS: you have to buy SIM cards from all the network that you intend using. And you have to load airtime on each card in other to be able to vend for all the different network users.

PHONE: you have to possessed either 2-4 phones to put all the SIM cards inside.

CAPITAL (MONEY):  you have to load at least #5,000 worth of airtime in each SIM card.

SHOP: this is not compulsory as you can do VTU business anywhere. But in other to create impression and to attract more customers you can rent a shop.

BANNER: you need to showcase what you are doing to the public. Print banners and put it in your shop to suggest what you are doing to people.

Vtu business


Profits depend on the volume of airtime sold.  It is possible to make more than #5,000 a month. Besides top up for calls and data, you can add WAEC,, JAMB, Light bills, cable bills etc. You keep increasing your earnings as the number of your customers or amount loaded increases. It is very possible to reach this feat if you position yourself where people can easily patronise you.

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The popular way by which vendors or VTU agents start VTU is by buying a VTU SIM card from GSM networks. This is to say you either buy a Glo VTU SIM card, MTN VTU SIM card, Airtel VTU SIM card or 9mobile VTU SIM card. But there is a new way of registering for VTU business. This is by using an App/Website platform of a company. There are many Vending Companies now like the interswitch Quick teller. Check out their commission, flexibility and how easy it is to use the platforms before chosing the one that fits your interest. Some of them have many advantages such as:

  • You use one phone to sell VTU for all networks by downloading the VTU vending mobile application app. Or by using their web platform to create your vtu wallet where you can be transacting from.
  • It helps in selling odd amounts like #60, #35 etc.
  • You can start with small amount for all network example #5,000 for all the networks.
  • One can sell VTU airtime for as low as #1 for MTN, #45 on Glo, Airtel, 9mobile.
  • You can make from 3%-5%.  It makes it easy for you to create your own resellers and Cooperate customers that will make money for you.
  • Some of the Companies platform fees for bill payment is #50 compare to #100 on quick teller.

Apart from airtime top up you can transact other bill payments such as GOTV, DSTV, WAEC result checkers pin at your own price and data bundles.


To get customers you have to advertise by word of mouth, social media etc. Hang banner at the place where you are staying to do the business even if it is in your house. This will help in directing people to your business.

Create your client lists so you can send messages to them anytime it deems fit. Creating a good business relationship will make people to come back. Be very honest whenever a client calls for a top up make sure you deliver.


  • Love World Limited.
  • Four Corners Ikom.
  • Ayokunle Enterprise Limited.
  • Agree Ede North Osun.
  • Feybay Solution Providers
  • Ogba. ÜB Hanafari Investment Limited, Maitama.
  • Demagogue Nigeria Limited Ezekwuabo Otolo Nnewi North, Aba.
  • Mighty Optimum Communication Adagboju Ondo West. Richvision Ltd Awolowo Way Ikeja


Take advantage of the number of Nigerians recharging phone every day to make money daily as well. Look for a viable platform to use. Start making your money today.

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