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How To Start Waste Collection Business In Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Waste collection business is a gold mine so many people are not aware of this. One fact remains that most of the dirty jobs that people frown at have millionaires hidden in them. And only few persons have taken the bold step to unlock this treasure. Nigeria is gradually turning to a country whereby all the waste generated must be disposed of by a waste collection company. Have you noticed that pit toilets also known as latrine are fading away? That is how indescriminate dumping of refuge will be stopped.

Gone are those days waste were disposed of anyhow and anywhere, passengers will throw waste on the road inside a bus if you are caught doing so now in most areas you will be fined. City centres are well co-ordinated when it comes to refuge collection. It is only in villages that indiscriminate dumping of refuge is still going on unabated. But then many homes dug a hole in their compound where wastes are disposed, others pour them in their farms while some dump the refuse at banana plantation.

More than 50% of the waste created in an environment is collected by waste management company while the remaining percentage is left and exposed to erosion menace, disease breeding and psychological effect of living in a dirty environment. This happens more in a location where low income earners are concentrated. And in other to find a way round this some people use the services of young men (mme gbola)who goes around houses to receive refuse and collect #100 or #200 in return.

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Because of our growing population, Local Government whose responsibility it is to collect refuse doesn’t care. But Government at the state level knows they can’t cope with waste disposal challenges alone as such welcomes the services of a private partner.


There are things you have to put in place to kick start this business

1. Register a business name.

This will help you to operate your business anywhere in Nigeria. Use a name that is quick to memorize and unique. The business name will make prospective clients accept you quickly. People are very suspicious these days and will not allow everybody near their house.

2. Get permit from either State Government or Local Government. 

To start this business you have to partner with the Government in that location. Each state has his different mode of operation. In Abuja you have to register under Environmental Waste Management Board, they will give you the conditions attached to it and you will be paying a certain amount monthly. In Lagos you cannot use a small vehicle for collection, the give it out as a franchise for Private Sector Participation (PSP) where you have to partner with LAWAMA (Lagos State Waste Management Association.

3. Capital

Gather the amount you want to start with, it will help you know how best to start. If your money is fat you can start big by acquiring new equipment’s. You will be able to plan your area of coverage and the number of labourers to use.

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4. Purchase vehicle/equipments

Depending on the amount at hand you can start with an old volks wagon van or a semi open van. But if you have the money you can purchase truck either tokumbo or brand new. But brand new is very costly and will require millions of Naira.

Types of equipment needed are:

  • Shovels
  • Hand gloves
  • overall
  • Face mask
  • Boots
  • Waste bag/bin

We have an association in Nigeria called Association of Waste Management, they use special waste collection truck. You will be able to get a loan to purchase the vehicle and be paying instalmentally, when you register with them. The vehicle will serve as a collateral.


5.  Rent an office

Get an office space where clients can come on their own to negotiate for business. And to do administrative work. Print receipt books and make sure you issue receipt for every payment. Maintain regular communication with your clients in other to sustain patronages. Collect service fee at the end of every month.

6.  Hire workers/market your waste collection business

As a starter in waste collection business  you can hire just a driver and a labourer. Give them overall, hand gloves, boot and face mask. Pay them allowance only on the days they work, they can be working for 15 days in a month. You can pay #3,000 for each day.

Go to residential areas like estates; Federal houses; places where elites are living, commercial areas that generate many refuse etc. Give them your complimentary cards, share flyers around the whole location.

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7. Determine your price

Charge low for a start it can be #1,000 for a flat, #3,000 for duplex and so on. For commercial place like printing press that generates so much waste you can charge #4,000 for a month. In such areas waste are charged according to the volume. Make a list of your services and benefits.

8.  Customise your waste pin

Print waste bags or stamp your business name on the collection bin. Prepare a schedule whereby you can be collecting waste from homes on a certain number of days. You don’t have to go for collection every day except you have a wider coverage.The collection can be done once a week or once in two weeks. It should depend on how fast waste is generated in that area

9.  Get a dumping site

Find out where all wastes are collected in the area, where those into waste collection and disposal business are dumping theirs. That is the sewage disposal area. Negotiate with the operators on that site and pay them an agreed price to sort the waste for you


There is money in waste collection business which ever way you look at it. Those boys going about people’s houses to collect waste makes nothing less than #2,000 every day. Before the use to collect #100 no matter the volume of waste but now the charge according to the quantity of waste. By the time they receive from 10 houses you can imagine how much will come out.

  • Assuming you are able to capture 500 houses in your location and you charge #1,000 each. That will be #500,000 in a month. Lets say you are paying
  • Labourers #100,000
  • Fuel #10,000
  • Vehicle servicing #20,000
  • Printing of waste bags #40,000
  • Miscellaneous #10,000
  • Total #180,000
  • Income-expenses will be #500,000-180,000=#320,000
  • Making #320,000 in a month out of waste collection businesss so is not a bad business after all. The profit keeps increasing as more houses are added.


  • It is easy to start
  • There is so much profit in it
  • Anybody can do it because it doesn’t require certificate
  • Value can be added to waste collection business. Added value to any business generates more money. We are now talking of waste to wealth. Waste can now be recycled for money.


Expand your waste collection business by approaching more places. Set up a waste recycling business and continue in it.

It will be a nice thing for you to start waste collection business now and make a name before stiff competition sets in.  You can hire a truck for a start before purchasing yours since waste collection is not everyday.


What will keep you in waste collection business is giving value for peoples money. In some Estates, their management chose a waste company on their own so your due diligence will make them approach you. With aggressive marketing you will get plenty clients in less than a month. Target the elites and some low income earners; you never can tell what will come out of this; don’t rule them out completely. Be hard working and patient to achieve results.

If you need a business plan on waste disposal business buzz me 08035965405

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