akara business

How To Start Akara Business In Nigeria (Bean Cake)

Akara business may look common to some people but it is putting food on some people's tables, fattening bank accounts, buying properties...
Moringa business

How To Start Moringa Business In Nigeria/Africa

Moringa plant originated from India but does well in tropical and sub tropical areas like Nigeria and USA. It is used in...
puff puff business

How To Start Puff Puff Business In Nigeria

Puff puff is a Nigerian snack that is consumed as fast food. Some people use it to wait for the main food...
Moringa business

How To Start Small Scale Moringa Oil Production In Nigeria

Moringa oil demand is increasing globally because of the large volume needed by Pharmacautical, Nutritional and Cosmetic Industries....
gari processing

How To Start Small Scale Garri Processing In Nigeria

Garri is the commonest staple food that is consumed all of Nigeria and West Africa. It is prepared from cassava roots in...
cassava flour

How To Start Small Scale Cassava Flour Production In Nigeria

Cassava is a staple food that is highly consumed after rice. The roots are processed into several products such as flour, fufu,...
mechanic business

How To Start Mechanic Business In Nigeria

Mechanic business is very lucrative and yet to be 8saturated this is because people see it as a dirty business. The business...
buying and selling of foodstuff

How To Start Buying And Selling Of Foodstuffs In Nigeria

Buying and selling of foodstuffs is another way to make money from Agribusiness. In fact it is a more sure way to...
grain storage business

How To Start Grain Storage Business In Nigeria/Africa

Grain storage business is a very cheap way of making millions within a year. You purchase the grains during surplus then fold your hands...
frozen food business

How To Start Food Storage Business In Nigeria

Food storage business will make you a millionaire and also sustain it. We all know that living things cannot do without food as such...

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coconut oil production

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Large scale coconut oil production is very expensive but you can start from small scale. Because the...
recharge card business

How To Make Big Money From VTU Business In Nigeria

VTU business is a simple way to make more than #200,000 every month. Advancement in Technology is making life easy and simple...
fruit business

Fruit Farming Business Opportunities In Nigeria/Africa

I want to assume evetybody knows that fruit farming is very profitable. In case you don't know just take a walk down...