Insecticides production in nigeria

How To Start Insecticides Production In Nigeria

Insecticides are liquid chemicals, emulsions, solutions or solid substances produced to kill or repel crawling animals and insects in the home and around us....
home made cream, Shea Butter in nigeria

Homemade Cream (Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Honey)

So many people have been faced with the challenge of what cream to use in treating rashes on their baby's body, treat eczema on...
how to start a school business in nigeria eni best

How To Start School Business In Nigeria (Modern, Private)

School business is a very important business, in the olden times it was only the male children that were mostly sent to school. This...
How To Start Cake Business That Will Sale Fast, Christmas

How To Start Cake Business That Will Sell Fast

Cake business is a very lucrative business now than before. Almost every occasion now presents a cake. Before now if a cake is mentioned...
Boxers Business

How To Start Boxers Business In Nigeria: Simple Guide

Boxers business is very lucrative just like any other cloth business. This is one trade that has few sellers unlike other fashion materials which...
Ice Block Making Business

How To Start Ice Block Making Business In Nigeria

Ice block making business is very lucrative in Nigeria and in many African countries because of the hot weather and erratic power supply we...

Crayfish Business In Nigeria As Wholesaler And Retailer

Crayfish business is very profitable if you know your way. It sales faster and in great quantity than fish. Everybody eats it except for...
Bleach Production

How To Start Bleach Production Business In Nigeria

When talking of bleach production some people think it is one complex thing that can only be done by selected few. Well, I used...
Cosmetics Business In Nigeria

How To Start Cosmetics Business In Nigeria And Grow It

Cosmetic is just like food which is every day thing. Although some people can ignore using cream and the likes but cannot do so...
Hair Shampoo

How To Produce Hair Shampoo And Setting Lotion

Hair shampoo is a kind of soap that is used for washing hair. This is what saloons (barbing and hair dressing) use in washing...

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How To Start A Bridal Shop And Accessories Business In Nigeria

 Bridal shop business is undeniably one of Nigeria's most sought after enterprises. Every man wants to marry a pretty woman. Each wife who gets married always wants a beautiful wedding; and a dress that would make her look outstanding on her memorable day. One of the things that can make the wedding a momerable is getting the right bridals on the day of the event. Bridal boutique shops are, therefore, a profitable venture because of the latest obsession in today's society with glamour and trend. Most people now want their marriages in a luxurious way that makes a good profit for event management companies and also for the bridal and groom parlours. Note weddings kick-off every weekend in the country at different places, building a bridal shop business, a very profitable one, backed up by the fact that very few people venture into it. It is not a business as popular as others in the apparel industry, but it is one which holds a million-dollar promise. The reasons being that the market demand is vast, weddings are continually taking place weekend after weekend and the competition is not so much as compared to other sectors. This is why you need to delve into this opportunity and make money for yourself. So if you have the passion as well a s the matching experience, this business is just right for you.  Why Bridal Shop business? Nigerians are by nature, ceremonial people, given our socio-cultural disposition. Weddings are a widely celebrated event. Every bride wants a glamour wedding with that perfect gown that turns the head of every attendee at the event. Moreover, the wedding industry is considered one of the significant contributors to Nigeria's economy. It is credited for creating entire industries that didn't exist or were previously unprofitable, such as makeup artists and luxury toilet hire companies. Fashion designers have also largely benefited from Nigeria's wedding boom. In previous years, wealthy brides would travel abroad to buy their wedding gowns, but they are now turning to homegrown designers to shop for weddings. Therefore the market has blossomed into creating a perfect leveraging for investors, fashion entrepreneurs and boutique owners. Starting a bridal shop is, therefore, a secure way to tap into your share of this lovely bit of cake. Bridal accessories image from nairaland

How To Become A Pure Stockist And Be Earning Millions

Stockist is a person that get products from a company and supply to customers within her location. Since she is a representative of that company, they will make sure they keep stocking her with products for sale. She is like a warehouse to the company as such can never be out of stock. So many people say, they...

How To Start Cassava Chips Production In Nigeria: Easy Steps

Cassava is a root crop, it is the underground part of the cassava shrub, which is also called Manihot esculenta. It is a root crop, and it is also a perennial crop.Cassava is the third largest source of food (carbohydrates) in the tropics, after rice and maize. Cassava is a primary staple food in the developing world, providing an essential diet for over half a billion people. It is one of the most drought-tolerant crops, capable of growing on marginal soils. Cassava chips production is done in large quantity in Benue State, all the South-South States can key into this line...