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Freelancing For Beginners A-Z Guidelines

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Freelancing is a good way to make money online amongst other online businesses like internet marketing, domain flipping, drop shipping, mini importation etc. A freelance work is surfing the internet to bid for a job and to get hired. There are companies that pay people to write for them on agreement with conditions attached. Some of the sites to do freelancing are freelancing.com, upwork.com, elance.com etc.


Freelancing gives you the power of choice, when to work (time), nature of work and the number of jobs to do. You can work for more than one client in the comfort of your home. You make money on contract basis by writing quality articles for some sites. There are many opportunities to make money.

You can earn up to #200,000 every month depending on your skill and energy you put into it. To make more money focus on eBooks, market research or online marketing report, you can be paid #20,000-#30,000 for an eBook. A 500 work article cost between 2-5dollars depending on your bidding power or experience.

There are a number of things to write about which include; article writing, proofreading, writing eBooks, data entry, product descriptions, market surveys etc.


Get a laptop with data, this is the number one criteria.

Open an account in any of the freelance portals you choose to work with, it can be more than one.

Search for jobs that are displayed on their sites (marketplace) and start bidding.

When you are picked and the work is completed, you will be paid but you need a Payoneer card or dorm account to access your fund, you can look for a reliable agent to withdraw the money for you. And you pay a fee for the service.

Getting a Payoneer account is not difficult and it is free, just log in to their site and register, fill the necessary items and wait for your card to be delivered to you at the comfort of your home or the nearest post office.


For you to be an online freelancer you have to be;


This is what will give you the courage to continue especially when the money is not coming as expected. If you realise that the passion is not there please don’t bother going into it because you will be frustrated out.


Don’t be tired of writing, as much as you can increase the volume of your writing. Work towards a target with time you will hit the target.

Freelancing is not a get rich quick kind of business neither is it something you can establish fast but rather it is something you have to build up over time gradually until you are established.


You should be able to research from different sources, gather facts from those sources, and deduce something out of it using your own style and words that will produce an article that deals with the same topic in different perspective with a satisfactory conclusion.


Having a good understanding of how search engine work is very important because you are most likely going to be writing for people who has online presence example bloggers, webmasters etc that will need search engine keywords for their site to rank.


As a beginner, you need guidance or assistance from people who have already gained experience from the field. Maybe I should say having guidance is very necessary for you to succeed or go far in the world of freelancing.


Most beginners have difficulty securing a job from their bids because of their profile. A client will first of all run a check on your profile for a flaw and if there is any that will be too bad for you.

Ensure that your English is correct, try and proofread after writing, use capital letter ‘I’ instead of small letter ‘i’ because little things like this can disqualify you.

Your profile should be well focused so as to give clients the impression that he is hiring the best hand for the job. Point out the particular field your writing centres on.


Be sure to bid for jobs you have an understanding of what the requirement is, can write something about and can deliver within the specified time frame.

Read a job post very well before bidding because some clients will add phrases the want you to include in your bid proposal to be sure you actually understood the angle they are driving at.

Use the project clarification board to ask questions before bidding because it will not be nice to get a job you don’t fully understand what to do. Keep bidding until you are picked, the more your bids, the more the chances of being picked. Bid on several places or from many different prospective clients.


As a beginner you have to be online frequently although you cannot stay for 24hrs because some clients after inviting bidders will give it to the one that is available online, in as much as the person meets the criteria.

Also some clients will like to invite you for a quick update or negotiation. Try and find out when bidders are few on the net so you can take advantage of such time, some beginners who got jobs had it that way.


Always appreciate a client with a thank you whenever you are given a job and don’t be quick to be aroused whenever a client hit you hard with questions. As much as you can give a soft answer so you can get the job since that’s what brought you his way.


A client will give you a review if you did a nice job but if he doesn’t you can ask for it. You can even negotiate the price quote for an excellent review especially for a 5 star ratings.

If you know you did not do a good job instead of getting a bad review which can affect your getting any more jobs try to beg the client not to give a review and don’t collect any money from him either.

For every project you compute successfully, you receive a feedback from clients and freelancer gives you a star. Some employers will check the number of projects you have computed before giving you jobs. Having many reviews put you in a better position to be hired.


Keep your bids, short and simple. There are many bidders, for your proposal to be read you have to make it short and on point because the client may not have the patience to read long letter.

You can then follow-up with a private message by using the private message board to provide more information. This is when you can put down relevant information which you couldn’t provide in your bid letter. Sometimes it helps in getting the job.


Find out how much other bidders are putting as price and put your own within that same range either a little lower or higher. If it is higher, make sure you provide top quality article that will make the client to be willing to pay.


Good writers don’t come easily, meaning it is sometimes difficult to find them that’s why when clients found them, hardly will they let them go. They will keep coming again and again, that is why freelancing is not something that will fade quickly. As long as internet exists, freelancing is bound to continue, the more knowledge you build and put to use the more money you make.

To be taken more seriously or to be easily seen, you can get a website because most employers would rather surf the net and the ones Google presents to them is the one they will use. Also having a website present you as a professional.

What are you waiting for get your tools together and start freelancing or go for training on how to be a good writer. There must be something you can do in freelancing for instance data entry is very easy to do, you can start with that.

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How to start Laptop/Computer Repair Business in Nigeria

Laptop/Computer repair business is very lucrative especially now that everything is going digital, laptop repair is a good business...
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