How To Help A Child’s Developmental Delay With Mila


A developmental delay is a slower development in a child. And also includes a lacking behind in skills continually, it can happened if few areas or just one.

Developmental delay is common in children. You can find some children delay in development in certain areas, such as; social development and in skills. Interestingly, a child will outgrow certain behaviours cum delay with treatment.

In some children the situation will continue, that is why you have to use natural ingredients to speed up a child’s developmental delay. If you can afford it. PurXcel, Milla and Daily build are made from natural ingredients. They are without side effects and the products are NAFDAC approved. These natural products can improve your child’s developmental disorder greatly. You need #60,000 to get a pack of it which is; 3 purxcel, 1 milla and 1 liquid daily build. Call: 08039565405. Early intervention will help your child’s  developmental delay progress into adulthood.

Developmental delay

Symptoms of Child’s Developmental Delay

  • Lack of facial expression
  • Repetitive movement
  • Failure to respond to their names
  • Inability to speak or having difficulty speaking, carrying on a conversation or remembering words or sentences

Types of Developmental Disabilities

  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Hearing loss
  • Fragile X syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Signs/Symptoms

  • Lack of poor concentration
  • Impaired speech development
  • Children with Autism will less likely misbehave intentionally than typical children. Other apparent behaviours are whacking a peer, bolting from the room, climbing objects such as freezer, refusing to take part in cycle time. Some people believe so many things about them, you need to have enough patience and anger management.
  • Doctors are of the opinion that there are no known cure for autism but can only be managed yet there is no clear cut to managing autism. It seems some people are ignorant or have little knowledge about this health condition. Since science has asserted that there are no known cure the next miracle is boosting their development with Livepure products.

Speech delay

Speech delay is a delay in the development or use of the mechanism that produce speech. You need to know when to be worried when your child is not talking as at when due. At age 1-2 a child is expected to start talking at 3-5 years your child is not coherent you should be worried but why will you have to wait that long before doing something when there are natural ingredients to use in helping their development. Call: 08035965405
Have you ever seen a child who consistently pours saliva don’t get worked up help your child out with Livepure products.

Developmental delay in children

Pure Natural Products to a Child’s Developmental Delay


  • It contains-important nutrients such as; Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, for bone health
  • Contains Alpha-linolenic acid and omega 3 fatty acid for normal growth and development of brain function


  • Physical performance
  • Cognitive ability
  • Cellulite reduction

Dial y build

  • It provides broad spectrum
  • Supports healthy brain
  • It protects nervous system
  • supports healthy immune system

Delay in Walking

Some children start walking before age one. However every child is not the same some are very quick in their developmental stage while others are slow and may walk in later years. Parents can be so worried especially when they are in the midst of friends, they feel embarrass well you can fast forward the timing by giving natural products. Call: 08035965405

Read this powerful testimonyof a child with Autism but can now take more than any other after 2 months of using mila and purxcelChild developmental delay

There are many things that can cause a child’s developmental delay such as,  generic disorder, cell malfunction
Does your toddler has a child’s developmental disabilities? Such as talking, walking, playing etc. lets give you what will help. Some children start at early age to wear glasses, you can stop that with Purxcel eye treatment. 

Call 08035965405 to buy products or join in the business.

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