Norland Fibroid Products: How To Treat Fibroid Without Surgery


Norland fibroid products are very effective for fibroid treatment. You can free yourself from fibroid by shrinking it naturally without surgery. Your doctor may have told you that medication and surgery are the only available options for treating fibroid well this is not true.

A friend of mine had a surgery on fibroid whereby two big fibroids as big as grapefruits were removed from her uterus. A year and some months after the operation she started having abdominal pains and had to consult her doctor she was told to get pregnant quickly if not fibroid was going to grow again.

So many people who have done fibroid surgery, have had fibroids growing back again. The problem with treating fibroids with medication or pills is the fact that the root cause of uterine fibroid are not actually treated. As such long term uterine health are not addressed. But with Norland women health kits you are sure of being freed from fibroid.

The money you will spend to get the result through fibroid natural remedy is less than what you will spend through surgery which may grow back. Some that had multiple fibroid got them shrink and completely disappear after two months of using Norland fibroid products.

In this post you will know what causes fibroid, risky fibroid age, symptoms of fibroid, food to avoid, types of fibroid.
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Norland fibroid products

Surgery is not the best option for fibroid treatment

The USA Fibroid Center said that “it’s important that women have non-surgical options when it comes to treating fibroids” this is due to the risk associated with it. Treat fibroid naturally by shrinking them with Norland products. Testimonies abound everywhere of people who got fibroid completely removed by using these Norland products; Mebo GI, health pad, cordycepts and panty liner.

NORLAND product for Fibroid/Ovarian cyst

Anion sanitary pad

  • It helps in removing toxins from the body during menstration
  • Anion prolongs life, quickens blood circulation, enhances the vitality of the cells, accelerates up discharge of toxins during periods, increases bio-enzymes in the vaginal and help in raising the acidity of secretions

Anion panty liner

  • Purifies the blood by increasing alkalinity and balance the ratio of certain minerals in the blood.
  • Strengthens and helps in shrinking tumors
  • Increase oxygen supply to the womb
  • Improves blood circulation
Norland fibroid products

Detox pro pack

Good for treating obesity, constipation, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, breast hyperplasia and sleep disorder

Prices of Norland fibroid products

  • Mebo GI #16,000
  • Health pad #35,000
  • Cordycepts #18,000
  • Panty liner. #2,000

What are Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids are noncancerous growth in the uterus, they can also be referred to as benign tumors, myomas and uterine leiomyomas. Almost 80% of women have or had fibroids. Fibroids may not be dangerous or life threatening since they are not cancerous but sometimes becomes a health challenge. For instance, some women find it difficult to conceive due to fibroid growth in their uterine.

Fibroids are of different sizes, it can grow as single or multiple growth. When fibroids become too large they enlarge the stomach making a woman appear pregnant. Some people have fibroids and they don’t know because symptoms may not appear at all. Signs and symptoms can be identified by the number of fibroids, location and size of the fibroid. For women who feel symptoms the following may be experienced.

Best combination for Norland fibroid treatment

Symptoms of Fibroid

  • Bleeding between periods or spotting
  • Severe leg pain or backache
  • Finding it difficult to empty bladder or frequent urination
  • Infertility (not being able to conceive)
  • Heavy bleeding during menstruation
  • When periods last more than a week
  • Pain or pressure in the pelvic
  • Constipation
  • Pains during intercourse
  • Reproductive problems

Risky fibroid age

  • Women between the ages of 30-50 are at a higher risk.
  • if you are fat (overweight),
  • early menstruation sometimes from age 10
  • some births control (pregnancy bills) can cause fibroid
  • alcohol consumption
  • poor dieting. Black young women are at a higher risk of fibroid. They grow very quickly anybody from a family that has it before may be at risk of having it.

Types of fibroids

Names are given to fibroids according to their growth place. They can grow anywhere in the uterus.

  • Sub-mucosal fibroids. They grow into the hollow cavity of the uterus
  • Subserosal fibroids. This grow out from the uterus surface
  • Intramural fibroids. It grows inside the uterus walls.

Causes of Estrogen Dominance

Excess estrogen in your body can be as a result of the everyday things you do at home or to your body. It can be as a result of stress, lack of sleep or sleep disorder, foods you eat, beauty or body care products. The chemicals we use can cause estrogen dominance example lipsticks, nail polish, household cleaning products.

Foods to avoid

Clinical studies has shown that eating of too much red meat will increase the chances of having uterine fibroids. Refined carbohydrates and sugary food should not be consumed in excess if not it will open door for fibroid growth and were there is growth already will worsen the situation. It will make the body to produce too much insulin hormone. Avoid; potato chips, snacks example;cakes, puff puff, cookies, crackers etc.


Eat more of fruits and vegetables. Living a healthy lifestyle will reduce the chances of growing fibroids. If will you keep punishing yourself when there is solution for fibroid treatment just by your. Don’t you want to carry your baby? How long will you endure abnormal menstrual pains so people pass out during this time we’ll others have to be admitted in the hospital. Aren’t you tired, get Norland fibroid and ovarian cysts products today.

Norland fibroid products

  • Get rid of fibroid
  • Remove fibroid naturally
  • Its a natural product for fibeoid removal
  • Shrinks fibroid
  • Treat ovarian cysts.

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