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Norland Product For Arthritis: Calcium, Zinc, Iron Capsules

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Eno Johnson
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It is a condition in which there are pains in the joints of a person due to a degenerative changes in the body. Before now arthritis was associated with old age but not anymore as persons in their 30’s suffer from this ailment. The causes of arthritis can be attributed to loss of nutrients in food and prolong stress.

You will experience pains in; muscles, swellings, consistent pains in the joints. During winter season the pains will increase.

Norland calcium, Zinc, Iron Capsules are used for the effective treatment of Arthritis and other muscle and joint pains. It cures without any side effect.

Norland product for arthritis

Symptoms of Arthritis

  • Cracking sound in the joint
  • Pains in the joints
  • Continuous joint pains
  • Too much tiredness
  • Inflammation in the joints

Types of Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

It occurs in form of inflammation when synovial membrane is attacked. The inflammation affect other parts of the body as well. And not only the joints causing excessive pains and tiredness. Rheumatoid affects women more than men in a ratio of 70:30 percent. It is the most common one in the globe and in Nigeria.


it occurs when the cartilage losses its elasticity. When the cartilage becomes stiff it will damage quickly and easily. The cartilage acting as shock absorber decreases thereby preventing the bones from rubbing against each other. The decrease will cause the bone to rub against each other causing intense pains.

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Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

It affects lesser age like teens example 16 years downward.

Infectious Arthritis

It can also be referred to as Septic Arthritic: just as the name suggests it occurs when there is infection in the synovial fluid and tissue around the joints. Infectious arthritis is mostly caused by bacteria but can be caused by fungi and bacteria as well.

They spread and infect the joints. People that suffer from this ailment are those who already have some form of arthritis and only develop infection that travels through the bloodstream.


Norland products will treat arthritis effectively and you will forget you ever had it.

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