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Purxcel For Fertility; Supplement To Get You Pregnant Fast

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Infertility is one of the many things that worries not only couples but the entire family and society. Just like any other disease infertility is a sign that something is wrong with the body which has to be fixed. That is why this article is coming in a time like this because solution is here with Purxcel for fertility. Many people have used this product and have become mothers and fathers.
There are many factors that causes infertility, one cannot pin point to a particular reason that is why orthodox treatment differs in impact. Conventional treatment cannot address all possible causes. Food supplements have proven to be very helpful in making male and female fertility possible. You may say; but I have used dietary supplements and nothing changed. Yes, this is because you have not used the right food supplement. Contact us on:+2348155196689


Fertility supplements are certain health products when consumed, help boost fertility levels in men and women. These products mainly contain; herbs, minerals, amino acids and vitamins that cause great impact on the reproductive system. Because these products are made from natural organic plants, are different from medicine and may not require doctor’s prescription. Some are for nutritional purposes that is why they are referred to as ‘FOOD SUPPLEMENT’ or Dietary Health Product. But some are produced to tackle certain health conditions such as; targeting of fertility in male and females. And Purxcel for fertility is produced to tackle issues.

Fertility issue is not only with the females, males are also victims. We have men that suffer from low libido, low sperm count, watery sperm etc. What Purxcel for fertility does is to improve the sperm health and motility, as such increases the chances of them reaching the egg for fertilization.

Ingredients found in fertility supplement

The ingredients found in Fertility Supplement are organic natural products mostly plants such as; aloe Vera, Moringa, extract, black pepper etc.That is why, they don’t have any side affect and nor the fear of overdose.

Why Purxcel

Purxcel is not a drug sold around stores in other to  overcome your situation, but it is a product that delivers result.

It is a :

A Tri-Active Technology*

The tri-active technology supplies the body with;
– Bioavailable Glutathione
– Superoxide Dismutase
– Active Aloe (Acemannan)

*It is backed by scientific research with human clinical trials and study*
We have lots of articles on PUBMED and other reputable journals, on the critical role glutathione plays in the body.

Why Glutathione

The human body contains trillions of cells. We daily create 40 billions new cell & every single one of them needs glutathione to survive!
it is one of the body’s most powerful antioxidant.


SOD is an important antioxidant defense in nearly all living cells exposed to oxygen & oxidative stress in the body
It helps break down potentially harmful oxygen molecules in cells thus preventing tissue damage & free radicals


Accemannan is the main active ingredient & bioactive polysacharides in the aloe Vera plant.
Aloe accemannan has immunostimulant, antiviral , antineoplastic(tumor) & gastrointestinal properties

People have used Purxcel to

  1. Restore their normal menstrual circle
  2. Get rid of fibroid and cut off the root cause without any re-insurgence
  3. Reverse infertility complications of any kind
  4. Increase the overall quality of reproductive life entirely

Purxcel for Fertility is here to get rid of any infertility whether you have

  • Been battling with infertility conditions for a long time
  • Tried all possible solution without success
  • Used or are presently on any other kind of fertility treatment
  • Tried several drugs which has failed
    Undergo IVF which has failed .You need purxcel if you are going through any of the following
  • Female Reproductive Issues
  • Irregular periods or no periods
  • Heavier or lighter menstrual flow than usual
  • Period stopped so early or have not experienced menstrual flow even after attaining puberty
  • Painful menstruation
  • Experiencing incessant miscarriages
  • Living on drugs as recommended by your doctor
  • Not being able to conceive
    I am here to tell you and end has come to all of these experiences with Purxcel fertility products.

What is the Best Fertility Supplement to get Pregnant

Purxcel food supplement  is one of the best fertility supplement to get pregnant. This is because it contains Glutathione that helps to boost the body immune system.

What is Purxcel

Purxcel is a dietary supplement that tackles different health conditions. It is made from natural organic ingredients. Purxcel raises Glutathione in the body thereby boosting the immune system for healthy living.

What should I do to get Pregnant faster

You are probably here because you have facility challenges or it involves your love ones. Maybe, you know someone who is having infertility issues please do well to show them Pyrxcel for fertility. For you or your love ones to get pregnant faster they should take Purxcel food supplement.

Some people have been asking, Can Infertility get Pregnant? The answer is yes, there are many purxcel testimonies to attest to this.

Purxcel Benefits

So many things depletes the Glutathione in the body such as; sickness, pollution, drugs etc, Purxcel helps in raising this Glutathione in the body.  The Glutathione in Purxcel for fertility helps in boosting the body’s immunity thereby making the body correct any itself of any abnormality.

Purxcel for Fibroid

Due to the immune system that has been boosted Fibroid can shrink and sometimes uprooted with Purxcel

Purxcel side effects

People often ask this question, ‘does purxcel have side effect? Purxcel is made from natural ingredients such as; aloe Vera, black pepper, moringa etc That is why it doesn’t have ?side effect, it doesn’t even affect anyone taking drugs alongside with it.


Purxcel product,purxcel for diabetes


Do you know you can conceive, with age not being a factor?

What you need to do,  is to consistently stay on Purxcel maximum 6 months. What is that compared to the cost of undergoing IVF. I am not saying it takes that long to get result ‘No’ our bodies respond to things differently as individuals. Some people conceived after a month of using purxcel others 6 weeks, 2 months etc. But consistently using the product without breaking for 6 months has helped in providing results even to the most complicated issues.
Purxcel Dietary Supplement is a cell booster. it boost the body in such a way that it begins to correct itself of any abnormality in the body. It is advisable to start the treatment with Cleanse. You take Cleanse 7 to 10 days in other to get rid of all toxins in the body, it also prepare the Uterus for fertilization while empowering the reproductive system to work perfectly.

Products combination

  • Cleanse
  • Purxcel
  • Daily build

Purxcel Price in Nigeria

1 month pack #51,000

2 months pack #77,000

3 months pack #220,000

6 months pack #440,000

Pay into Puregen Africa Nigeria Limited

Access Bank: 0797443743

First Bank: 1000824955

Zenith Bank: 1016485481

GTB: 0588010926

Ecobank: 00400006490

Call +2348155196689 or +2348035965405 to purchase your purxcel for fertility, we accept payment on delivery. If you have any question feel free to chat us on Whatsapp-+2348155196689


Do you know that some top politicians and celebrities spend so much money and travel abroad; to US just to inject Glutathione in their body. That is why they don’t fall sick and their skin keeps glowing and refreshed. They spend as much as $500 to inject Glutathione in US, not to mention their transport expenses.
Here you have Purxcel that contains this Glutathione in the right proportion, hurry and place your order. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.
Purxcel came into Nigeria on April 2019, from that time till date more than 2000 Nigerians have regain their health back.
Try purxcel for fertility today and see how effective it works!

Purxcel Fertility Testimony

Purxcel for fertility


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