PurXcel Product For Eye Treatment.


PurXcel Product: Nigeria has welcomed the approval and licensure of a new health-promoting technology, called PurXcel, by The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC). You can drop your eye glasses just like many others, irrespective of how long or extent of damage. When you buy the products from us, we follow you through/ until you have your results. Nationwide delivery is available, call us on 08035965405. PurXcel eye supplement is very effective, I am not saying from them say but what I have experience now I can read tiny letters unlike before. People I have sold for are now they ones referring others after getting their results. some people will say I have used many food supplement my response is always try purxcel dietary supplement and see. They always end up so happy they take the right step of buying the product..

Are you suffering from any of these eye problem

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Blurring
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Astigmatism
  • Lazy eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Dyslexia
  • Poor night vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Old age sight
  • Myopia
  • Defects as a result of diabetes

Purxcel product will help handle it effectively irrespective of how long the situation has lasted.

PurXcel is the right product that delivers clinically effective Tri-Active Technology (bioavailable Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, and Aloe Acemannan) in a proprietary blend of 18 complementary ingredients designed to help cleanse, balance and build the body at a cellular level. The right combination for eye treatment are: Cleanse, PurXcel and Daily Build.

PurXcel Product
Food supplement

These ingredients have clinically shown significant improvements in overall health by supporting the body’s ability to neutralize damaging free radicals and remove toxins.

PURE goal is to help Africans gain access to high-quality and highly effective products that can support best health. PurXcel is already available in Ghana market, an office has just been opened in South Africa, Cameroun and Kenya. If you are living in these countries request an Ibo number from me to use in getting the products in your country..

PurXcel Benefits

Purxcel benefits are many but the most important thing is that it takes care of the eyes and also take care of any other health challenge you may be going through.

The main reason why PurXcel is very effective for the eyes; is because the effect of the vitamins start from the eyes. Cleanse detox the body so the products can work powerfully, Daily build helps in building the body. There are several ailments that causes eye defect example diabetes, high blood etc. PurXcel is the main product needed but a combination of these vitamins will make sure those diseases are handled thereby giving way for the healing of the eyes.

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Watch the video below and see the powerful effect of PurXcel eye treatment. When you get the products from me I don’t only sell but follow up on the recovery pattern.

We have outlets in some other African countries. Purxcel Ghana, Cameroun, Kenya and South Africa. Call: 08035965405 to place order.

PUREGen Africa,

People are already saying good things about the product from the testimonies rolling in.

PURE launched six products in the Nigeria market in August 2019.. Before now you can only buy pure products directly from US. Now that NAFDAC has approved the products, you can purchased anywhere you are in Nigeria free shipping of products are available. PURXCEL.

To tell you how effective Pure products are, they are now on Physician Desk Reference in the USA.

If you are interested in learning more about PURE products and the opportunity in it in Nigeria; you can participate in seminars at Nigeria’s main office on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Nigeria office usually hosts Super Saturday meetings and health symposiums/outreaches in different cities every week. You can contact me to add you in our online Seminars/teaching. Because of lockdown we now organise Whatsapp training every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Why PurXcel Product?

 Eye is very important, no one will want to joke with her eyes as such will look for a better way of treating the eyes other than through surgery or losing it at the long run. So many testimonies are already coming out from PurXCel eye product recovery. It doesn’t matter how long the problem has lasted PurXCel takes care of it within few weeks.

PurXcel has all it takes to dissolve all kinds of eye problem and make sure whoever uses it regain his sharp and clear vision without any negative effect to the eyes. Even with your age your eyes can now be sparkling. If you are a car owner or driver you need PurXCel to help your vision.

Purxcel product

PurXcel product reverses all kinds of eye problems, like:

  1. cataracts – it stops the progression of cadmium and clears the clouded lens affected by cataracts permanently.
  2. Glaucoma – it eliminates any existence of glaucoma in the eye and prevent further damages.
  3. Myopia(nearsightedness) – it dissolves whatever particles that causes myopia and corrects the eye to normal.
  4. Hypemetropia (far-sightedness)– it dissolves whatever particles that causes hypermetropia and corrects the eye to normal.
  5. Blurry vision- you can now enjoy watching interesting programs in the television. Your android phone will serve you better as tears will not be coming out as you use it. No blurry vision again so no calling of your kid to read out a write up for you.
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Testimonies from Clients on PurXcel Eye Treatment

I follow up on people I sold products to, here is my chat from my client in Gambia. When we say PurXcel is effective we know what we are talking about. This is barely 3 weeks of purchase and is one out of many. Call 08035965405 to buy or register.

Infact, I had been suffering from myopia (short sightedness) since 1976 when I was 26 years old. Reaching the age of 65, it turned into cataract and glaucoma at the same time. Very rapidly it began to deem the eyes. I passed through two surgeries and one eye was restored by God’s special grace. I was still placed on heavy medication because of the glaucoma. Later this year, I came across the PURE advertisement on the internet. My son advised me to contact you. I did and purchased the products. Since I started taking the products for almost two months now, I noticed the pressure on my eyes had reduced and I’m even able to read without my reading glasses. I give all glory to God for allowing PurXcel, etc to work for me. Also I thank you for monitoring and encouraging me in the use of the products, and thanks also to the Company and its groups. You are all God sent.

Pls in addition, I am able to move freely about without any guidance. All glory to Jesus Christ for PURE!!!

Purxcel Price Nigeria

The prices differs from one person to another but remain the same Company wise. These three products are what you need to correct any eye defect.

1, Cleanse #5,000
2, PurXcel #10,000
3, Daily Build #20,000
#40,000 will give you 1 purxcel, 3:cleanse 1 daily build. But you need more than one PurXcel in the combination. With #60,000 you will get 6 cleanse, 4 purxcel and 1 daily build. You need more of PurXcel because it is the main ingredient.

How Long Do you Need to Use Purxcel before seeing Result

We don’t give time limit because individuals respond to things differently. For instance someone get her eyes respond in one month, another in 2 months etc. the maximum time we tell people is 3 months.

Watch the video in this post, the man kept using Purxcel for 3 months and got complete healing. So don’t stop until your eyes are restored. Purxcel eye is not for maintenance but complete restoration of your sight.

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How to take PurXcel product (Purxcel Dosage)

It is taken one capsule daily but can be increased to two capsule daily depending on the severity of health challenge. PurXcel eye treatment works effectively and faster when combined with Cleanse and Body build.

You will need more than one bottle depending on the extent of damage. That is why we advice people to register with the company to get the products at Purxcel company price.

Watch this short video to understand the power of PurXcel eye treatment.

How to Pay for Purxcel Product

  • Pay into
  • PureGen Nigeria Limited
  • Access 0797443743
  • Zenith 1016485481
  • First Bank 1000824955
  • Then send prove of payment to 08035965405. The products will be delivered to you in your location.
  • We accept payment on delivery as well


Drop those glasses today with purxcel eye supplement. Surgery is not the best, handle your eye issues the natural way. You can join pure to make money because it anchors on health and wealth. Purxcel drug-it is not a drug but a food vitamins that’s why it can handle different condition at the same time.

If you are interested in making good money or in becoming a millionaire take advantage of this starting period. Other Networking companies are already overcrowded before you can make money you have to put in more energy (effort), which is not easy. With PurXCel you can smile to the bank because there is enough room to occupy and grow.

Call: 08035965405 to purchase or to join this moving train. You can actually make good money out of this business whether by buying or joining as a member. And to be a member you have to pass through someone, so join our group for premium earnings.

For people that wants to pay on delivery, we can handle that but you will pay into this account First Bank 3068300008 before the product will be handed over to you. Please be sure and ready before placing order because we will be paying dispatch company for the delivery. You will make available 2 lines and a traceable address. Call me up on 080 359 65 405 to order your product. Thanks

Become a Pure Stockist and be making millions

Purxcel benefits: it has severally benefits, the major one is immune booster, purxcel eye solution is one of its kind. It doesn’t have side effect. purxcel company is Livepure company from Texas, America.

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  1. Comment:
    Good day I am Apostle R.C.Emmanuel base at Ekpoma Edo State.
    My neighbour bought a cup of purXcel for eye in logos has finished it but there no sign what do you advise dose purXcel has fake and where is the office located here in Edo state

    • God bless you sir. Thank you for visiting my blog. There is no fake PurXcel becauae the product is yet to be known, been that the company came into Nigeria a few months ago.
      We all respond to drugs differently there are some people that take the drug within 2-3 weeks the will call to say they can see clearly. Sometimes the nature of damage will determine how long the treatment will last. For instance, someone who has been suffering from cataract for10 years will not need only one container to get the solution. He/she has to take more than one container until result is established.
      There is no Pure office in Edo State but stockist, it is the same for other states. If you want to buy the product you let me know so I can give you a stockist number that is closer to you. Thank you

    • You need 2 months supply plus ckeanse. You will pay to into my account but will get the supplement from a stockiest in your location, Anambra state.

    • Please watsapp or call me on 08035965405. We have stockiest that will deliver to you in Port Harcourt. Cleanse is 10k and purxcel is 10k. But we have to find out the extent of damage and how long so we can guide you properly.

  2. Please can u tell me more about when it comes to glicoma because my dad is suffering from it n already lossing his vision. It is a critical one. Can d drug still be effective? What n what does he need ?

    • Yes. Pure product is very effective for the eyes and handles Glaucoma as well. Glaucoma is hereditary so you and your family members have to be watchful and take preventive steps. If it affects one eyes it will certainly affect the second. Call or whatsapp me on 08035965405 for the products and help your dad out of it.

    • It is not for eyes only, we have for joints. Cleanse, PurXcel and Organic Sulfur are for Joints. Pay C810 into
      ECOBank: PureGen Ghana Limited, Account#: 0150264650979201. Send prove of payment to +2348035965405 Whatsapp and you will get the product same day. I have sold to persons in Gambia, London and about selling to someone in America. We have stockiest in Ghana who deliver products to you after payment.

  3. Pls am in Ghana I order for one when it came the name on is purxcel but the one I see online it LIVE PURE before the purxcel will come so can you explain to me

    • Hello @Fauatina, the name of the company is Pure but the like using the hag tag livepure. So it is one and the same thing.
      You ordered for only one bottle? It is not advisable if is for treating ailment because one may not be enough. However, if you are detoxing you body one Cleanse is okay.
      You should have inform me when ordering so I can guide you properly. Cheers

  4. Amazing work you’re doing here!
    I love your responses to inquiries.

    I did call you today on the Purxcel Pure Vision Pack.
    Once payment is made, I’ll revert through your WhatsApp line.

    Meanwhile, are you an authorized sole distributor of the product in Nigeria?
    How can an interested person earn from the plan?
    Stockist / Reseller / Distributor / Promoter, etc

    • Thanks@Emmanuel, I’m sure you are the person that called from PH. Alright, whenever you are ready let me know.
      Yes, I am a distributor
      As a reseller you make profit according to the price you place on top. For instance, Company sell Purxcel 10k but some persons resell them 22k, 26k etc.
      As a distributor being a registered member with Pure, the company pays you for every person you register. #14,800 for 60k pavk and #5,700 for 40k pack
      As a Stockist you get 500k profit for 640k worth of products.
      It is a good company to associate with, if you are interested in any let me know. Do you mind I add your number for our training group?

  5. Thank so much for your explanation it was not clear to me before a friend introduce this product to me but what she said was not clear to me about the product she said it is for cell and also meant for diabetic also a clenser but, I told her I need something that work for eyes but with your explanation now I understand. I need it for glaucoma and myopia, and I also like to be a distributor of the drug l have many people with eye problem I hope mind will be a good example to them.please,how can I get it am in Lagos I have tried the phone number but it was switch off.thanks.

    • @Amarachi, yes. We don’t give people time line the maximum we give for result is 3 months. But we recommend two months pack for a start except the cure is not complete before you purchase this time only purxcel


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