How To Start Foodstuff Drop Shipping Business In Nigeria


Drop shipping business is a new way of running business in Nigeria and in every other part of the world. All thanks to internet which has made this possible. When we talk about drop shipping business in Nigeria it is not strange because Jumia and Konga online stores have provided a platform for it. Foodstuff drop shipping business can equally be run the same way other products are done. You may be wondering how can this be, will it work, oh yes it will work 100% just like Shopify, Alibaba, Amazon and eBay are working.

When you see people talking about online business this is one of them. Drop shipping is way of selling products to consumers without having the product with you but get the producers of the product send it directly to the consumers. You will need a platform to advertise the foodstuffs you want to deal on. It can be Facebook, Instagram, website or Forums and any other platform. Find out the price of the product add your gain to it plus the transport fare.Foodstuff drop shipping business

Anybody who is interested in the foodstuff will pay directly into your account and you in turn pay the exact amount for the foodstuff and transportation to the producer or dealer. Send the address of the person that ordered the foodstuff to the seller who will then ship the foodstuff directly to the buyer. I just started this, I have been directing people to certain foodstuffs, I use my airtime and data to chat with the buyer and the seller alike. Yet with all the referrals non of them thought of giving me at least #100 airtime. I wanted to stop but after giving a thought to it I decided to drop ship the foodstuffs. For now I am drop shipping on two foodstuff but will be adding to it one at a time one.

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To start foodstuff drop shipping business you have to be very sure of the persons or company you are using. Have their records and be sure they are very sincere in their dealings. It should be either you are close to them or they are traceable. In this business communication is the key, let the person know when to expect the foodstuffs, the changes in the date, delay and every necessary information.

Are you a student this is one business you can do to sponsor yourself in school without it affecting your academics. To source for foodstuffs to sale, go to companies example rice factory, big farms like Ota farms, forum, and websites. Apart from foodstuff any other thing can be drop shipped


There are many foodstuffs you can do drop shipping on. Such as honey, coconut oil, palm oil, yam, ginger, garri, ogbono, crayfish, dry fish, yam flour, beans flour etc. The list is endless what you need do is to look around for what is not common in every region. You can also drop ship for cooked food. People now supply foodstuff to homes you can approach them to find out the prices for their items and start advertising the products.


You are the person to determine your profit, whatever you put on top of the price is your gain. Assuming you put #5,000 on top of each product and you are able to sell 20 pieces a month. 5,000 × 20 = 100,000, that means in a month you will be making #100,000. The profit increases when you sale more products.

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This is something people need everyday, even in the face of recession people will still eat. That means there has to be one or more foodstuff to drop ship.

It is a business you can do from the comfort of your home. You can be running other businesses or be working and be doing foodstuff business.

Foodstuff drop shipping business can be done without capital. All you need is data and a phone, tablet or computer and airtime in your phone because you have to follow-up the goods until the buyer finally receives it.
Once you are known for this business and you are faithful to it, your customer base will be widening because those who have bought from you will refer others to you.



There could be a delay in the delivery of the product due to car breakdown, accident or any other logistics reason. When this happens you have to tell the buyer and apologise for the delay.
Mishandling of the foodstuff or theft
A customer rejecting the foodstuff for one reason or the other. It could be that the product didn’t meet his/her expectations.


Individuals, hotels, restaurants, boarding schools, market traders, supermarkets etc.


Avoid dealing on perishable food except it can be delivered same day. Meanwhile if you are interested in buying honey or palm oil you can contact us.

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