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Royal Q Compensation Plan (Affiliate Program)

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Royal Q Compensation Plan (Affiliate Program)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Royal Q Compensation Plan: The company recently came into Nigeria, precisely 3 months plus now but the number of persons that are currently using this platform is overwhelming. In case you don’t know what Royal Q means, it is a software that trades Cryptocurrency on BINANCE and HUOBI. To know more about this system read my post on the topic. People are making a kill using this robot to trade. In fact, those who are already into cryptocurrency trading have found a succour, they are delving into it like KILODE. You don’t have to worry if don’t know nothing abut crypto trading, the bot is very easy to manipulate.

Also, if you are still trading crypto with fixtures doing a guess work you are losing. No wonder you hear people say I lose money trading crypto. Tell me why won’t you lose, human miscalculation will always be there. But royal q robot is manufactured to buy coins during dip and sell on up shoot. Crypto market is very volatile and keeps fluctuating every second, how can you do the monitoring to know when to execute transaction. Whereas the robot works 24/7. That is why you see people cashing out big time.

What this article is about?

Today, I want to show you ways to make a hit in royal q, for you that says you don’t have money to trade or do business you can take advantage of this. In this post, I will be showing you how to earn more money using Royal q affiliate program. Believe me, Entrepreneurs have found a better way of expanding and growing their business. That better way is called networking, the western world has found this system to be very effective in business success.

To add to this, networking has given individuals the privilege of engaging in profitable businesses thereby making mouth watery amounts. Royal q is not left out in this marketing strategy that is why they opened affiliate program.

Royal q compensation plan is one of the best I have ever seen since I started affiliate marketing. When you bring in one person you get $30 as commission, imagine bringing 20 people that will be a whooping $600 but the company will still go ahead to pay you commission for achieving that rank. They even make it to be achievable in an easy way. Let’s assume you brought in 3 persons and together you all bring 20 persons. You will automatically rank V1 and get 30% team reward. The process continuous in that pattern when you keep increasing the number of persons you invited to register.

Royal Q Legit or Scam

This crypto trading platform is 100% legit, i can categorically tell you this because i am earning from it. Not only from the affiliate program but from trading as well. If anybody tells you otherwise that means he or she doesn’t understand the business. Some people are not trading their own is just the affiliate program when you register under them, they can’t guide you to trade successfully. They give you link to register and that’s all. Many people have come to me after this incident and i’m like where is your upline?  Use this link to sign up and Contact us on WhatsApp lets put you through +2348155196689

royal q review, royal q compensation plan

Below is a table showing how much reward you get when you bring people into Royal Q

Royal Q Compensation Plan

Rank Requirement Direct Push Award Team Reward Peer Award Global   Dividend
V1 Activated 30% 20%
V2 Directly refer   3

Team members           20

40% 30%
V3 Directly refer  5


Team members        100

50% 40% 5%
V4 Directly refer 8

Team members         300

60% 50% 5%
V5 Directly refer12

Team members          800

65% 55% 5%
V6  Directly refer20

Team member         1500

70% 60% 5%


Break down of Royal Q compensation plan


This is achieved when you activate your account with $120, it means that you can start trading or use their affiliate program to earn. For everyone you register you earn 30% and 20% team reward.



To achieve V2 you must bring in 3 activated members to form a team and together register up to 20 activated members. You will earn 10% from each member of the team which will be 30% and a 40% direct referral bonus.


Directly refer 5 persons and together bring in 100 persons to achieve V3 and get a commission of 40% team reward and 50% direct referral.


Directly refer 8 persons and together bring in 300 persons to achieve V4 and get a commission of 50% team reward and 60% direct referral.


Directly refer 12 persons and together bring in 800 persons to achieve V5 and get a commission of 55% team reward and 65% direct referral.

V6 Compensation Plan

Directly refer 20 persons and together bring in 1500 persons to achieve V6 and get a commission of 60% team reward and 70% direct referral.

Royal Q Registration

Royal Q is very easy to register, use this link to sign up and avoid entering scammers trap. Scammers built an App just like royal q robot to defraud people of their money. Be careful so you don’t lose money while wanting to make more. You can contact us on WhatsApp +2348155196689 or join our zoom meeting it takes place every day.


Royal Q compensation plan is a fast way to make money, it is legit and scam free.




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Royal Q Compensation Plan (Affiliate Program)

Royal Q Compensation Plan: The company recently came into Nigeria, precisely 3 months plus now but the number of...
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