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Royal Q Robot Trading Binance (Crypto Trading)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.
Cryptocurrency is the money for the future whether it is widely accepted now or not, sooner or later everyone will come to terms with it. If you are already in the system of crypto trading then stop doing it manually allow Royal Q Robot to do the trading for you. It is an artificial intelligence made for this purpose. You can make $100 dollars daily without stress depending on the amount you put. I will upload some earnings at the end of this article so you will know it is very real.


You know when there is original and it is working scammers will look for a way to defraud people of their hard earn money. Please when registering ensure you use your sponsor’s link in other to use the original Royal Q App because scammers have created an App just like that of Royal Q to defraud people. You can use my link https://www.royalqs.com/s/2MBF5 or contact us on WhatsApp +2348155196689

Royal Q Legit or Scam

This crypto trading platform is 100% legit, i can categorically tell you this because i am earning from it. Not only from the affiliate program but from trading as well. If anybody tells you otherwise that means he or she doesn’t understand the business. Some people are not trading their own is just the affiliate program when you register under them, they can’t guide you to trade successfully. They give you link to register and that’s all. Many people have come to me after this incident and i’m like where is your upline?  Use this link to sign up and Contact us on WhatsApp lets put you through +2348155196689

How to start Royal Q Robot Trading

To start, you have to register with Royal Q and set up a BINANCE account or use your already set up BINANCE account. Then connect your Royal Q app to your BINANCE account and start trading right away. Download the Royal Q app from Play store (Android) or Apple store (iPhone).

But you have to pay $100 for 1 year subscription to Royal Q trading bot and $20 fee called fuel.

To register you need a sponsor as you just can’t come into the system like that. Use this code for registration 2MBF5

After the payment you deposit USDT (TRC-20) in your Binance or Huobi account to start trading. Like any other business the more money you put the more profit you bring out. Call or WhatsApp: +2348155196689

Apart from making money trading you can also make money from Royal Q referral. They have a very robust compensation plan, for every one person you bring you get $30.

How to Activate the Royal q robot

Watch this video below, to see how to bind the Royal Q API on BINANCE

Below are some earnings to proof to you that it is working
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  1. Someone just introduced Royal Q to me today and I have registered as well. But I need to know how it works. Who will educate me ?
    Though I really appreciate ROYAL Q

    • Go to the person that you registered under to put you through because nobody will want to spare time for who is not on their team

    • Yeah| it’s very interesting. After registering with $120, you can start trading with $100 but note the more money you use for trading the more money you make

  2. Nice one! Got to know about it yesterday by a friend, but my question still remains-if I invest now, can withdrawal be made anytime? Because some platform use that word ” you can withdraw anytime ” just to lure people in and later the story will change.

  3. Please, I want to know the ideal amount in USD to start this trading with RoyalQ to be able to be making that type of daily earnings as listed in your reward details above.


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