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This is a platform that provides detailed information on Agriculture and Business. Times are changing, innovation is happening every now and then. In other to follow the trend we need to keep a tap on the unfolding of events. This is were enibest.com.ng comes in. Before now farmers were considered to be the poorest, this was because Information/knowledge were scarce. Our fathers used crude implements and hands to carry out farming work.  The outcome was poor yield and a little to sustain the family. That means they were more or less operating subsistence farming. In earnest farmers are millionaires in the making, something like watermelon farming can make a millionaire. New techniques are now being used in farming, we now have hybrid crops that take shorter time to mature and bear fruits. For instance cash crops that could stay for more 5 years before maturing can now be planted and harvested  from 1 year and above. Example is the Wambugu apple.that can be harvested within a year.

I can’t talk about Agriculture without talking about business. The two walk hand in hand, every farmer is a business man/ woman. We shall be giving you quality Information, ideas and tips in Agriculture and Business. As we speak business has taken another dimension due to online presence, to succeed in business you have to make use of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Online forums etc. Our posts are well detailed it can as well serve as business guide/plan. Enibest will provide you with steps to take in other to succeed in Agriculture and business. You will be learning a whole lot from our teachings. This blog promises to be the best, you will sure get value for your time.
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