Vegetable Farming In Nigeria; What You Should Know

Vegetable farming in Nigeria is now a serious business because of the money it is minting to vegetable farmers. We are...

Broccoli Farming In Nigeria: Step By Step Guide

Broccoli is a vegetable that loves sun and cool season, for now it is the number one best vegetable in the world....

How To Start Castor Bean Farming In Nigeria And Make Millions

Castor bean farming is done in dry regions under irrigation or through rainfall. It is propagated through seeds in soils that are...
vanilla farming

How To Start Vanilla Farming In Nigeria For Bean And Extract.

Presently, there is so much interest in vanilla globally due to shortages and a rise in price. The availability of vanilla in...

Cauliflower Farming In Nigeria: Complete Guide

Cauliflower farming in Nigeria is it possible? Yes it is very possible to grow cauliflower in Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya etc. Cauliflower is...

Duck Farming Business In Nigeria For Beginners

Duck farming is also a part of poultry farming but differs in habits, shelter and population. Ducks are ranked closed to chicken by many countries of the world in regards to meat and egg production.  They are domesticated for meat, egg and as pet so they have varieties of uses. To rear duck successfully, you have to understand the correct methods to use in other to make it a profitable venture. Ducks are mostly aquatic type of birds but smaller than Swan and Geese. Duck meat and eggs are consumed all over they world.  In Nigeria their consumption is not as popular as chicken and turkey but is gaining popularity since it is equally nutritious and rich in nutrients as other well known consumable birds. I never liked ducks until I discovered they can provide good money when reared.  To me just like many other people see ducks as dirty animals because they can mesh in any water including dirty smelly stagnant water and eat from there as well.  But now that duck can be confined in one place and be reared just like poultry it calls for necessary attention from investors and agriculture sector for good investment and awareness. Why you should start Duck Farming

How To Grow Parsley In Nigeria (Parsley Farming)

Parsley is a valuable herb that is rich in iron and carotene. It is not only considered as herb that is grown...

Growing Guide On Dragon Fruit Farming In Nigeria

Are you interested in dragon fruit farming? This post summarizes how you can grow dragon fruit in your garden and on the...

Akwa Ibom State Imports 2,000 Cattle, Establishes Ranching

The Akwa Ibom state government has brought to the public her purchased of 2,000 cattle from Brazil; as part of the effort...
flower farming. cutting flowers, flower garden

How To Start Flower Farming In Nigeria. (Flower Gardening)

Flower farming is very lucrative and it is only few persons that know this. Do you know that many horticulturalist are millionaires not in the making but in reality. I knew this very early and came to Abuja with the mind of setting up one but was overtaken by events. Bloom cultivating business and decorative designs is a hot cake business in western countries.  In countries like; America, Asia and Europe. They know which flower to use or banquet to give in occasions. Africa is now seriously competing with them, apart from the fact that our local consumption is growing, flower exportation is also booming. The Nigeria sector need to look into  this area of horticulture because it has the potential of raising our foreign earnings through flower cutting exportation. We need to take a cue from Kenya. Kenya is the highest exporter of flower, their export cutting of flower keeps growing every year. They have employed more than 100,000 persons in floriculture alone and have more than 500,000 indirect employers.. Kenya is seriously competing with countries like Uganda, Israel, Zambia, Ecuador, Zimbabwe in flower cut export. The most exported flower is the rose flower, others are; Alstroemeria, Carnations, Gypsoppphila, Arabicum, Lilies etc. Export season is between October and May. Europe are the highest importers of flowers. The countries that imports flowers most are Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Italy, France , Switzerland. The people of Jos in Plateau State now exports flowers to other countries we need more states to take advantage of flower value in the International market and invest heavily in flower gardening business and increase their revenue base. WHAT IS FLOWER FARMING

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How To Produce Hair Conditioner In Nigeria For Sale

Hair conditioner is used in maintaining hair especially after using shampoo to wash the hair. It helps in soothing the scalp, strengthening the hair and the general health of the hair. Hair conditioners like every other hair treatment products such as; setting lotion, shampoo, neutralizer etc. Are available in every hair saloon you can find around you. This makes it a sellable product that can create jobs and provide money to; individuals entrepreneurs and investors. Apart from saloon that uses hair conditioners, individuals buy them too for home use because it is not every time one goes to saloon for hair treatment. In fact, some people don't go to saloon at all they do their hair at home.  In this post I will be showing you how to produce commercial hair conditioner for sale or for personal use (homemade hair conditioner). The ingredients and method used on this post is not far from what big companies use and package for sale. The difference will only be in packaging which I will like you to really pay full attention to; we are living in a time were packaging is the order of the day. Good packaging equals to good buying while poor packaging equals to worse purchasing power. The ingredients needed for the production of hair conditioner are readily available in any location that is why you should start hair conditioner production business. You can brand your own by producing leave hair conditioner for natural hair. All you need to do is to add any of these ingredients to your hair conditioner production; honey, shea butter, coconut oil etc. Any enhancing natural oil you can think of.    Hair conditioner production is very easy anybody can produce it, no special requirement is needed other than knowing the right measurements to use. The method I used in this post is straight forward and very easy to follow. You may ask, how much is needed to start hair conditioner production business. The price varies depending on the scale you want to start with either large or small. #30,000 can conveniently start the business in a small scale. This includes buying both the materials and chemicals for the production. Ebook on Different Chemical Production

Crayfish And Prawn Business In Nigeria. Complete Guide

I have written in details how to do crayfish business as a retailer, wholesaler, distributor and processing into powder (ground crayfish business)...

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Aftershave is a mixture of chemicals that is used mostly by men to prevent bumps or rashes after shaving bears or barbing....