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health benefit of alfalfa

Health Benefits Of Alfalfa: Medicago Sativa

Health benefits of alfalfa: Alfalfa (Lucerne or Medicago sativa), is a scrub that is cultivated for feeding livestock and has been in use for over 100 years. It contains high level of minerals, vitamins and protein compared to other...

How To Cultivate Alfalfa Plant In Nigeria (Medicago sativa)

Medicago sativa also known as Lucerne but commonly called Alfalfa plant is a perennial flowering plant. It is from the pea family Fabaceae cultivated as important forage crop in many countries. The plant is a tonic plant that is rich...
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Requirement for starting a Driving School Business in Nigeria

A driving school is an institution were people are taught how to drive. Before you get license from Federal Road Safety Corp, you have to be certified by a driving school in other to affirm that you have attained the basic knowledge of driving.. We have only but few investors who consider this line of business that is why many people travel far to get training since there are no driving schools around them. Instead of watching your car/s parked in the yard, put it to use and make money. You may do it for the very reason of employing workers thereby reducing the number of unemployed citizens. You can be a driving home tutor in case you can't set up a driving institution:. This may pay...
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