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Cauliflower Farming In Nigeria: Complete Guide

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Eno Johnson
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Cauliflower farming in Nigeria is it possible? Yes it is very possible to grow cauliflower in Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya etc. Cauliflower is from the cabbage family, so if cabbage can be grown at your backyard then cauliflower can be grown too. Under green house vegetable farming is possible whether exotic or local. However, cauliflower is very difficult to grow than cabbage and any other crop from its family.

If you want to grow them their temperature should continually be cool so that the head can form properly. Cauliflowers are planted for their edible flowering head, which is rich in carbohydrate, protein, minerals and vitamins (B,C). It is very nutritious with good taste and attractive appearance for garnishing. A very rich vegetables for vegetarians that feed on plant protein.

Cauliflower farming, cabbage farming
Cauliflowee farm

What is in this post

  • Soil type
  • Planting time
  • Seed rate
  • Varieties
  • Pest and diseases
  • Irrigation
  • Harvest
  • Yield

Land Preparation

The site chosen for planting cauliflower should be an open place that can attract up to 6 hours sunlight.
Prepare the land by clearing trees and weeds, loosen the soil for root establishment.

Treat the land against any disease and enrich the soil if it is not fertile. The soil has to be very fertile because it will hold the soil moisture and prevent cauliflower heads from buttoning. PH should be between 6.5-7.0. You can test the soil to know the nutrients lacking or require, they grow well in organic rich soil.


You can plant cauliflower seeds directly into the field but transplanting of seedlings to the main field is better. Prepare nursery bed 15cm in height and 100cm wide. Sow the seeds in lines with spacing 10cm between rows and 2cm between seeds.

The seedling should be transplanted to the main field 4 weeks after germination. Spacing 18-24 inches between plants and 30 inches between rows You can reduce the planting distance to get more cauliflower curds. It is advisable to use starter fertilizer during transplanting. Mix farmyard manure with the soil. Apply fertilizer again a month after transplanting.


Use compost to cover the cauliflower plants against heat and water loss. Compost is one of the method used for conserving moisture. It should be taken care of like in lettuce farming.

Care in Cauliflower Farming

Proper care and management should be applied, cauliflower growth should not be disturbed or tampered with because any such attempt can make the plants develop heads prematurely or their edible part may be completely destroyed.

They need constant soil moisture, 2 inches of water weekly. For cauliflower to produce strong curd, the plant should be exposed (dug out) 56 weeks after transplanting.

Don’t expose the curds directly too much sunlight because they will turn yellow and lose some flavors thereby making them low quality.

Remove weeks immediately, the start coming up.

Pest and Diseases in Cauliflower farming

Aphids, club root, harlequin bugs, black rot. Cabbage root maggots and cabbageworm.


Orange: it has taste like the white cauliflower, but contains more vitamin A.

Snowball: it produces medium heads and a very good yield all through their growing season.

Cauliflower farming, lettuce, cabbage
Cauliflower head


Cauliflower starts formation first with a loosed head, it takes a long time for their heads to fully form, some varieties take at least 75-85 days after transplanting. Tie the outer leaves together over the head with twine or rubber band when the white head (curd), is around 2-3 inches in diameter.

It will help in protecting the head against the sun resulting in the production of a beautiful white colour cauliflower. This process is called blanching,, 7-12 days after blanching cauliflower plant will be ready for harvest.

Finally, when they heads are compact like in cabbage, white and firm you harvest them by the cutting of the head with a large knife. Make sure you don’t cut off all the leaves just leave some of the leaves around the head area for protection. The head usually grows to a diameter of 6-8 inches all things being equal. If there is any head that is too small and has already stated opening please cut it off because it well not change.

Harvest your cauliflower at the right time if not they will become too mature and produce heads coarse in appearance which will not be useful but thrown off.


Put cauliflower head in a plastic bag and store in refrigerator, it will last for 1 week. When you want to store for a long time you pickle the head or freeze them.

When the “head” of the cauliflower is left exposed to the sun, it may become discolored due to the development of chlorophyll in the curd. The taste is often sub-par, too. To get the best-looking and best-tasting cauliflower, blanching is recommended.


Supply to major hotels, super markets and shopping malls. Sell to traders in the market. Because of awareness, there is increase in cauliflower purchase.


Cauliflower farming is possible in Nigeria so try planting some at your backyard before going into commercial cauliflower farming.

Contact us for fresh exotic vegetables such as; cauliflower, celery, raddish, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce etc. Call: 080 359 65405

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    i work with federal ministry of industry trade and investment.


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