How To Use Norland Products For Fibroid Treatment


Norland products is one of the best when it comes to fibroid treatment. The products are healthy and very effective. Most of the people that have used Norland products for fibroid treatment often get their result 2 months into their use. However, our bodies react to treatments differently. Each person differs from another so no one can specifically say this is when the result will be achieved. But the good news is that Norland products treat fibroid without surgery.

Some people will rather prefer to pay exhorbitantly for surgery which is risky; from #200,000 and above. Instead of trying out Norland products that is less than #100,000 for fibroid treatment kits and is without side effect.


The pad is to be used after menstruation. Take out the pad from its pack, place it in your pant and wear it, mostly at night for about 6-8 hours. One pad should be used daily. During normal menstruation use anion sanitary pad or napkin. It comes in 28 pieces.

Female Health care pad can be used by women suffering from urinary system disease example irregular menstruation, pain during sex, vaginal relaxation and dryness, leucorrhoea etc.

Women who suffer from night sweat, limb weakness, pain in the waist, dizziness, lack of sleep, dry wrinkles and immunity decline can also use health care pad.
Those who have risk of breast or cervical cancer (maybe someone in their family suffered from it), should use health care pad,

Fibroid treatment
Female Health Pad

How to use panty liner

It is similar to a sanitary pad but thinner and lighter, that is why it is not recommended for menstrual flow. However, it can be used on a light period or spotting. Panty liner can be used to absorb vaginal discharg and after intercourse discharge. It contains 30 pieces in a pack.

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A combination of these products will treat fibroid without undergoing surgery.

  • Mebo GI,
  • Cordycepts,
  • panty liner and
  • health pad.

The immune plus capsule should be taken twice a day (one tablet each).

The same is applicable to Mebo GI, one capsule should be taken in the morning and one again in the evening (twice daily).

As already said female Health pad should be used every night when not menstruating. Use one only at night and dispose after every use.

Panty Liner should be used every day but when not menstruating just like in Health Pad. Thrash after each use. Before using the Anion Panty Liner, you can remove the anion strip put it in water and drink. It is very good for the body.

Where to buy Norland health pad, Mebo GI, Panty Liner and Cordycepts

You can contact us for Norland Fibroid kits, we are in Abuja but will deliver to you anywhere you are. Call 08035965405

Benefits of Female Health Pad

  • For good sleep
  • Normal menstruation
  • Weight loss
  • Smooth skin and good completion
  • Warm hands and feet
  • Can drag out fibroid

Norland Wuqing Female Health Care Pad is the best panty liner to use when it comes to detoxification. It is combination of herbal essence, anion energy, age ion energy and far infrared energy technology. And is made from breathable film, absorbent paper, functional and 100% cotton.

You can contact us for Norland Fibroid kits, we are in Abuja but will deliver to you anywhere you are. Call 08035965405

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