Ener-chi Diffuser In Nigeria (AIM Product)


Ener-chi diffuser is the newest ungraded anti-radiation device. It counteracts the serious and long term harmful effects of Electromagnetic firld (EMF) radiation.We are living in a world of technology and almost on a daily basis we exposed to radiations directly or indirectly.

The gadgets we use has damaged a lot of things in our bodies unknown to some of us. If you are using phone, computer etc. you are at risk of certain health hazards that come with their usage. The number one thing in our body that are so exposed to radiation is our eyes. If you are suffering from any eye condition such as; Glaucoma, Cataract, Myopia, Blurry sight, Lazy eyes etc. Contact us on 08035965405 for purxcel eye product that can handle it without trace. Other negative effects of gadgets on your health are; hearing problems, infertility, cancer, back pain,risk during pregnancy etc.

Benefits of Ener-chi Diffuser

  • lowers down the impact of harmful electromagnetic radiation
  • it can be used in all electronic device; cellphone, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops etc.
  • helps you to stay tech savvy without risking your health
  • enhance stamina, flexibility and strength.

What is Ener-chi

Ener-chi is derived from the word energy, it is a new technology form by a Russian radiotherapist, Dr. Yury Kronn for Alliance in Motion Global (AIM). This was done to help in preventing electromagnetic pollution of the body. Ener-chi diffuser is a thin disk you can stick to any of your device whether in the office, home and anywhere you go.


Ener-chi diffuser is your ultimate protection against EMF Radiation. if you are interested in any of the Ener-chi whether pendant or diffuser please call 08035965405. Ener-chi diffuser price is #5,000 only.

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