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How To Start Bitter Kola Exportation Business

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Bitter kola exportation is very lucrative it can be done whether you are in Nigeria or abroad. The profit in it is high about 100% return on investment. The most important thing in this business is getting the raw material to buy and then getting foreign buyers to sell to. Botanical name of bitter kola is Garcenia, it is from the same family with kola nuts Clusiaceae. You don’t need hundreds of thousand to start the business, you can be supplying in small quantities.

In case you are overseas and wondering how you will be getting the nuts, there are local sellers who advertises are advertising their products on social media. You can get someone on ground who can be supplying the bitter kola to you steadily. Bitter kola has economic, socio-cultural and health value that is why the demand is growing on a daily basis. It has increase demand in America, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, China, Japan, India and other Asian countries.

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Starting bitter kola exportation is very simple just follow the steps outlined in this post to succeed. In this article you will learn how to dry bitter kola, quality control/certification, find buyers, packaging of bitter kola, profit etc.


Bitter kola is mainly grown in the villages so intending international and local traders of the nuts can go to the villages to buy them in small quantities then gather them for larger quantities. The major producers of bitter kola in Nigeria are Osun, Ogun, Kwara, Ekiti and other southern states. When sourcing for the nuts to start bitter kola exportation you can go to any of those states.


Drying should be done in a way that the colour and taste will not be affected. There are 3 ways to effectively dry bitter kola:


This is the process of allowing the nuts dry on their own. Of course bitter kola doesn’t take long to dry. That is why the ones you put in your bags, drop on top table or any other place becomes so hard and difficult to break or chew except you apply additional pressure. Bitter kola shrinks when dry, the more dryer it is the shrinker it becomes due to the loss of its water molecule. This is the best and preferable method because it will allow the nuts to maintain their creamy nature, taste and quality.


This is the process of exposing the bitter kola nuts under sun to dry. Sun drying is okay for local market but not international markets because it is not acceptable. If you are thinking export don’t use this method.

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This is the process of using a machine to dry the bitter kola nuts. There are machines for this both locally fabricated and imported ones. The machines are used in reducing the moisture of bitter kola nuts.


It is ideal for you to use healthy bitter kola nuts free of impurities such as stones, sticks, nylon etc. Because they will add more weight to what the actual weight should be. Don’t include ants infected or spoilt nuts because they will reduce the quality of the product. The moisture content should be reduced to the barest minimum in other to avoid mould, extraneous matters etc.

For the bitter kola you are exporting it has to meet NAFDAC, FPIS standards. It should contain crude protein N×6.25:8.06%, Nitrogen free extract 86.43%.


Bitter kola exportation packaging does not require standard packaging method. Rather the quantity of the bitter kola nut you are sending will suggest the kind of packaging to use. But you have to use quality packaging material. The standard weight for each parcel (carton) is 7kg you don’t have to exceed that. Use wrapping paper for 1kg and put them in an envelop or carton. Some courier companies like NIPOST have their packaging materials they sell to customers.

Use courier company that will charge you less for now NIPOST is still the cheapest. The deliver parcel that are less than 20kg to the address you use but parcels more than 20kg is dropped at the nearest NIPOST of the consignee. For a country like Netherland Parcel: #17,300 for the first 1Kg and #2,300 for each additional kg.

Delivery Time
EMS: 5 to 7 days
Parcel: 7 to 12 days

Packaging: They have their own package the use.

Place of Delivery.
EMS delivers to the physical address

Parcel: For item below 20kg they deliver to the physical address while item above 20kg they deliver to the close post office for the receiver to pick it up.


The price of bitter kola in the international market is between $15-$20 for a kilogram. Dollar is exchanged presently at #360 for a dollar. A kilo of bitter kola can be bought for #200 in the local market. If you subtract the expenses from it, the gain is huge in bitter kola exportation.

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Different states have their on material for selling the nuts. In Akwa Ibom State paint rubber is used while in Osun a basket is used for measurement. Assuming expenses like packaging materials, transportation is 1,200. Therefore, 5,400-1,200=4,200. Just imagine how much you will make if you export up to 20kg. This is how lucrative bitter kola exportation business is.
Your profit will increase according to the quantity you export.


Analyse the clents request carefully and understand what the customer is asking for whether FOB or CIF method of

  • payment.
  • Delivery time
  • Payment terms


You will only need an agent or registration of company if you are exporting more than 50kg. Bitter kola is sold in kilograms and not in bags. When considering where to buy bitter kola look at the southern part of Nigeria especially the south-west example Osun, Ogun, Ekiti, Oyo etc.


B2B method is used in sourcing for bitter kola buyer but you have to check the feedback of any company you are using to be sure they are not scammers. Some of those companies have free platform you can use and premium which requires money but way better than the free because they company will search for buyers for you. Some of the B2B sites include; tradekey dot-com, howtrade dot-com, tradeturkey dot-com, eworld trade dot-com etc.

You can search for direct buyers in alibaba by following the processes laid out in small scale exportation business.


  • Bitter kola exportation is a sustainable because of its varied uses
  • Demand is on increase every day
  • With #50,000 or less you can start bitter kola exportation.
  • Bitter kola can be sourced for locally
  • The business does not require qualification meaning any body can do it.


Bitter kola exportation is doable you don’t need to have papers from NEPC except you want to start big. You can start with bitter cola and expand to other products like ginger, cashew, kola nuts etc.

The people hawking bitter kola on the street are making good profit how much more when you go into bitter kola exportation.

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