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How To Start Boxers Business In Nigeria: Simple Guide

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Boxers business is very lucrative just like any other cloth business. This is one trade that has few sellers unlike other fashion materials which floods everywhere. If you should look around most streets you can only see many of them selling women skirts and tops, male shirt, children wears etc. And why not boxers?

Before now boxer was a clothing material worn inside another cloth, it was not to be flaunted except wearing them inside the house or in the bedroom. These days boxers are now fashionable wears. People wear them outside their homes some even wear them to walk around the community.

Some niggers wear double boxers, they will lift one up and allow the other to sag. Before now it was for men’s use only but now female use them. And are seriously competing with the males. Who knows they may even overtake their male counterparts in the nearest future. Smiles…, that is on a lighter note. But seriously children are not taking the backside on the use of boxers. They wear it almost the same way adults would do. My boys as small as they are refused to wear pant, saying it is for girls. This is the reason as a business person or an entrepreneur you should take this opportunity seriously and invest in boxers business.

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There are different ways you can do boxers business;


Go to the market, precisely, Ariaria market Aba, Abia State or you purchase from Lagos market. But you must know how to sew if you can’t sew or train yourself in sewing then take the materials to tailors and involve their services. It shouldn’t be just any tailor so you don’t regret your actions.

There are specific tailors who specializes on boxer designing who will produce boxers for you for a fee.If you are not interested in any of this then buy from the manufacturers of boxers at a discount rate for bulk buying. There are many of such companies in Aba, you can go there and get the necessary training then come back to your area and set up one.


When starting as a distributor or wholesaler you have to locate a manufacturer and place your order. There are many genuine ones online. Buy the boxers in batches and package them yourself the best way you want them to appear.

Another way is to go to the market and select good boxers of high-grade put them in packs and sell.


Buy transparent nylon that can contain the number of boxers you intend to put in a pack, it is usually 3 in a pack. Print attractive labels and con a fine name for use. Arrange the boxers into the nylon by carefully folding them in three’s or four’s per nylon. Mix up the boxers don’t fold in the same colour/design in the same pack. Spray the boxers with nice perfume and seal the nylon.


There are different types of boxers and this has to do with the materials use and the design examples are; jack straps, thongs and briefs. Here are big companies that have made a name in boxer’s manufacturing: Burton, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Lauren H& M, Victoria secrets, Ralph Lauren boxers etc.

Gone are those days we were importing boxers from foreign countries, their prices were very high. I remember buying a pack with 3 sets #3,500. Only for a lady to bring the same quality of made in Nigeria boxer for #1,500. I mean nothing was different, our locally produced boxers can compete with any other in the world. The materials used in making boxers are the same any way.

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Sell only cotton materials; check and stripe designs are fast-moving but some plain designs can also be attractive, it is more ideal to mix the three.



This kind of material is what can be referred to as inferior. It is fast to fold and easily gums the body. The material will not allow air into the body easily. If you wash it many times bed sheet material will become weak and easily turn. It is very cheap compared to cotton. Why it is called bed sheet material is because most of the bed sheet we use in laying our bed is made from it. Bed sheet material is thick and doesn’t last long before shrinking.


This is a very good material but costlier than bed sheet. It is the same material used in sewing shirts, trousers etc. Cotton material doesn’t wash (run colour) nor does it absorb heat. It is very easy to wash, dries faster and allows air into the body when worn.


Start by selling to friends, religion members, neighbours etc. Take the boxers to markets, offices, hostels, public places etc. Advertise your business on a social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Watsapp, fora etc. You can get a website for it and be delivery to people’s locations, that is those who orders for the boxers..


If you are buying from manufacturers some of them sell 25 pieces for #5,000. Assuming you are selling #500 for one,  you will have, 25×500=#12,500. Lets say you sold 200 pieces in a month; you will get #100,000.. Expenses will be #40,000 for buying of boxers and others #10,000. So the price of material plus expenses minus amount sold. This will be 100,000-50000. It therefore means you made #50,000 from 200 pieces in a month. You will make more when you package 3 in a pack for #2,000 or more.

As a boxer manufacturer you will make more gains because you are producing in larger quantities.


  • Not identifying your target market. This should be the first thing to do before starting boxers business. Are you going to be selling them in boutique, shops, market, offices, open  places etc.
  • Buying from non trusted persons if you buy boxers from those selling inferior materials you will suffer to sell them. Selling that kind of material will drive customers away from you.
  • Allowing customers to select their preferred colour boxers will leave you struggling to sell the remaining ones. All the material’s colour in use are not the same. Some outshines others but they are arranged to compliment each other. That is why they are packaged that way.


  • It depends on how you want to start. If you are going to be sewing them yourself you will have to
  • Rent a shop
  • Purchase sewing machines
  • Generator for ironing when there is no light
  • Materials
  • Iron for straightening the material

So in all, you may need #400,000 to start but if you are outsourcing the sewing you can start with #200,000.

For those into wholesale or retailing you can start with #5,000.


The demand for boxer is high. You can hardly see a young man who does not have at least 3.

The manufacturers of boxers in Nigeria are few that is why the can’t meet up with demand.

Any body can do this business be it worker, graduate, retirees, students etc. It is a very good trade for students to engage in especially those in the hostels.

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  1. Please which lagos market can I get good quality boxers at a good price?I want to start as a retailer for now. Thank you


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