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How To Preserve Crayfish/Best Way To Store

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Few days ago I wrote an article on Ground Crayfish Business the next day after the write-up a friend of mine coincidentally without any prior knowledge that I have a site that has a post on crayfish asked me how to preserve crayfish especially from white ants.

After telling her what to do I decided to put it out here for people who are interested in finding out the best way how to preserve crayfish.

If you have been asking the same question, you have come to a bus stop because I will be outlining the most effective ways on how to preserve crayfish.


The main problem facing farmers after means of transporting their produce from the farm is preservation. So many goods perish at the place of harvest because there is little or no knowledge on how to preserve them.

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Now tell me how many people know how to preserve yam till the next planting season without them decaying or dying.

Some people blatantly refuse to find out or learn how to preserve food, you never can tell when you will make use of such knowledge, you may say it is the headache of farmers, wait a minute! why is yam, plantain etc rotting in your kitchen?


The main problem of people dealing with crustacean foods is how to preserve them. Another group of seafood that has to be well-preserved are fishes. The same way you find maggots in fishes that are not well dried is the same way you will see maggots in crayfish.This calls for serious concern on crayfish preservation.

Watch the popular Oron market in Akwa Ibom State  https://youtu.be/kQSGWkFM-k0


  • It preserves the shelf life of crayfish. Just as in similar products such as fishes, crayfish can retain its taste for a longer time if well dried.
  • It stops white ants that invade crayfish that has stayed for too long a time from attacking.
  • It prevents damp: fungus are often seen on crayfish that has damp. When crayfish is dampened then the taste has also reduced.


There are some group of people who think crayfish cannot be preserved well that is not true because a good number of persons have been preserving crayfish which stays longer than you could imagine.

A friend of my sister gave her the t[ps which we have all been keeping to and it has been working for us. There are just but few ways of preserving crayfish. By drying and storing.


  1. Sun dry or oven dry the crayfish very well, until they give a cracking sound when touched/shaken or until they start breaking. If you are drying to package for sale you should not dry up to this point.
  2. You then grind them to your desired sizes,
  3. fill them in a plastic container and seal or cork the container very well such that air cannot enter and store them in a refrigerator.
  4. Ensure that you have a source of light to power your refrigerator until when you are ready to use them.
  5. If you are not sure of power please keep the crayfish in your cupboard it will still last a little longer.

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For the ungrounded ones wrap them very well in a thick nylon or better still put them in a big rubber (bucket, basin etc.) and cover very well in such a way that damp can’t get in. And put them in a refrigerator or cold room.Preserve crayfish


Little wonder why a market woman will buy up to 20 bags of crayfish and will finish selling them without anything happening to them. Don’t bother because they know their way on how to preserve crayfish.

Here is how to do it:

  • place the long bags of crayfish on something, y
  • ou can set up some woods in a cold place and put the crayfish bags on top, this way the crayfish can last for more than 2 months.
  • Note: never keep a bag of crayfish on bare ground because they will spoil or will be dampened.


What you should do is to sundry the crayfish very well then the white ants will on their own crawl out. They ones that remain will cluster on top or cover of the container and will later die. Turn out the crayfish and shake them very well with basket or sieve because they dead ants might have fallen in and mix with the chaff.

Separate the chaff from the main crayfish or clean the crayfish from every chaff. Those white ants are so tiny if care is not taken you may not see them early until after they have overtaken the crayfish.

That is when you probably notice some whitish things on the body of the crayfish container. They multiply so fast, if you delay drying the crayfish immediately you notice their presence you may have to dispose them because you cannot contend the outcome. Crayfish that is invaded by white flies has already reduced in taste.

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If you buy crayfish and the weight is extremely heavier than what it should be or how crayfish should weigh; please to be on the safe side especially for those who sell them whole without processing, Sun dry them for about 15 minutes before repackaging them.

The weight is due to the moisture content present in it. Some of the farmers pack them into bags immediately after smoking/drying them with fire. Instead of allowing them to cold. So the vapour accumulated on top falls down into the content thereby increasing the amount of water present in it.


At the course of my research, I got to interview a few market women who deals on crayfish. We were all coming back from crayfish market. I put the question across, how do you attack white ants on crayfish? I was boldly told that they use ants repellant, all this insecticides to kill them.

They simply pour some quantity into it and rid them off. I told them that was bad. My sister interviewed another woman and she said the same thing, she even said the shop opposite her deals on chemicals.

How pathetic! It would have been better you leave them inside like that because it doesn’t kill (an adage in my place says what is inside garden egg is garden egg) than kill people silently with chemicals.

The work of white ant inside crayfish is that they will reduce the crayfish to powder for you within a short time.


Red or brown ants depending on the type you have in you area is another crayfish destroyer, they eat crayfish a lot. The best way to attack them is to spray salt around the container or the place you put the crayfish.

Note, I didn’t say inside the crayfish but around the place you place them. If the ants where already inside they will all file out or if the had not yet entered then they can never come near because they tend to run at the scent of a salt.


If you are afraid that your fridge/refrigerator or kitchen will smell because of the crayfish you are storing then you don’t have to worry as baking soda will take care of that.

Go to a chemical shop around you and purchase baking soda. Pour it inside a cup and leave it open , place it inside the refrigerator or where you are storing/packaging the crayfish. This way you can never perceive the smell of crayfish.

If you need  Oron, Akwa Ibom Crayfish call: 07039321911

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How to preserve crayfish, crayfish preservation
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  1. Please I would really love to start this business,but I can’t be coming to oron to buy them, is there anyway you could supply to me, and how do I buy a sealing machine?? Thank you.

    • Check electronic shop in the market you will see sealing machine to buy. I can’t do that, contact 0703 932 1911

  2. God bless you. Those white ants have dealt with me in my kitchen. What you you have an already Infested bag of crayfish? How do you repell those white ants? They are so many and everywhere around my kitchen.

    I prefer large quantities of crayfish for consumption and I just discovered the one I just purchased is heavily invested.

    • If they have already invaded, it is diffulty to drive them except you dry the crayfish very well under the sun

    • Half bag #30,000 or #60,000 outside transport and packaging materials. Don’t ask me for price because it fluctuates I’m only using the present cost

  3. Can I start crayfish business in my house and hope the ant will not affect kids or what if I want to store in the shop won’t it be attacked by rat

  4. So are you saying that most cray fish sold in Nigeria are harmful to the body? Then do you think prolonged eating of crayfish will cause health problems rather than eating occasionally or will it be both periods of time.


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