How To Start Germicide Production In Nigeria (Izal)

germicide production

Germicide is any kind of product that is produced to kill any bacteria or any kind of germs and diseases that can be found on any surface. Many products are now being produced in larger quantities with a different brand of germicides for home use. This is to tell you how important germicide production is to man.

Germicide is a product that shouldn’t be absent in homes because it will go a long way to keep our homes from diseases. Thereby saving us from the dangers of germs.

It can be used in cleaning floors, sinks, toilet, garbage cans, etc. This liquid will maintain a clean environment by preventing the spread of germs and diseases. How much is germicide sold in the market? With #1,000 you can deliver yourself and family members from sicknesses and avoidable spending that follows it.

Germicide is not for home use only but can be used in banks, public offices, hospitals, schools (hostels), bars, hotels etc. Besides producing and packaging them for sale it can also be produced for personal use.

This post is a simple step by step guide on germicide production in whatever capacity you desire.



  • A very big bowl for mixing
  • Plastic containers for packaging
  • Stickers
  • Stirring rod
  • Jerrican for water


  • Texapon 4 tins of milk cup
  • Pine oil 8 tins of milk cup
  • Lysol 8 tins of milk cup
  • Izal booster 8 tins of milk cup
  • Whitener 4 tins of milk cup
  • Water 10 litres
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You can use anything for your measurement but just keep it in mind that the amount of texapon and whitener used have to be half of other chemicals. For instance if texapon and whitener are 2 full plates then the remaining materials will have to be 8 full plates each. The quantity of texapon used is what determines the quantity of every other chemical to be used.


  1. Pour the texapon into a big bowl
  2. Add pine oil into the bowl and stir it together with the texapon
  3. Pour phenol to the content and stir vigorously
  4. Add lyzol to the content and stir very well
  5. Empty the booster into the bowl content and stir carefully
  6. Pour 6 litres of water and stir properly
  7. Dilute the carbolic acid with adequate quantity of water and add it to the content in the bowl
  8. Add the Izal concentrate and stir properly
  9. Now use a little quantity of water to dilute whitener before adding it to the mixture. Stir everything together very well.
  10. Empty the remaining water into the mixture and stir properly for some minutes
  11. Hurray! Your germicide is ready, package it for sale or for use.

Depending the colour of your germicide you can increase the quantity of the whitener if it is not white enough.
Texapon is an active agent (a sulfactant). To prevent your mixture from separating use enough or a considerable amount of it. Shortage or reduction of texapon will result in the separation of the mixture. Another thing that can cause separation maybe due to the fact that you did not stir the final content very well.

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The demand for it is growing due to the increase in population and awareness

It is very simple to produce. The whole process is straightforward

The raw materials for its production is readily available and can be sourced locally. Apart from availability, the materials are affordable and can be purchased in smaller quantities

Capital for germicide production is not huge with #2,000 you can produce more than 3 litres for use. For commercial, you can start on a smaller scale with #20,000 and a larger scale from #500,000 and above.

But will need NAFDAC approval before starting on a larger scale. Money for registration of chemical production business is very expensive. I just wish NAFDAC can bring it down.
It can be started from home


The business has good profits. You can make more than 50% returns in the capital. A little quantity of germicide is big money. 1 litre of germicide goes for #600 and above in the market.

Any chemical business is profitable. Germicide production is also very lucrative just like liquid soap production if you want to learn it, click here


Supply to shops, markets, Institutions, hospitals etc. You can start your germicide production by first producing and selling to friends, colleagues, neighbours etc.

Advertise on Facebook and in other online portals. You can employ people to sell for you in village markets and other places.

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