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How To start Nylon Business In Nigeria:(Cutting Of White Nylon)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Nylon business is a very good business that promises high yield on investment. In Nigeria virtually everybody uses it to do one thing or the other. The business is getting very interesting now that companies that recycle nylon are on the increase.

Due to high exchange rate venturing into nylon business might be a bit high in regards to the start-up capital. However, you can become a distributor/wholesaler or retailer whether you have a shop or not. This is to say you can operate the business from home. I have produce an ebook that addresses this nylon business get it for your perusal for only 1k before you ask any questions.

Assuming you want to go into big time nylon production, here are a number of items you will need;Nylon business

Tumbo machine (small-scale) to Double Die (medium), you can procure the equipment from China, India, Taiwan, depending on the capacity you want, speed in production and the number of nylons to be produced per seconds/minutes.

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Extruder machine, it gives precision to the nylon that is to be cut. It chooses the type you want to produce into other forms, such as garbage, party, eateries, shopping bags or tubular films for currency (used in packing notes).


LLDPE- Linear Low Density Polyethylene, it comes in different variations such as LD165BW, LD150BW, and LL100IXV, HOPE Film, LOPE blow and many master batches for cycling.

For this kind of production the start-up capital is between 4-5 million.

To produce 20,000 pieces of nylon per day with a daily profit of #60,000 you will need #1.8million.

The equipments can be fabricated locally; the raw materials (pallets) are available in the market. They are agglomerator or ballers and compactors, raw material (plastic grains), printing machine and ink.

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This is not our point of concentration; our interest is in buying from distributors and also cutting of the common white nylons (sheets). It is easy to start this other type because the materials are locally available. Watch how to cut white nylon but please subscribe to my channel for more. Thank you.                     


Nylon business is very profitable whichever way you are doing it whether as a distributor, wholesaler or retailer. If you cut a roll of white nylon and sell your gain will more likely be half of the capital. For the black ones the gain is #3,000 for a bag assuming you are able to finish 2 bags in a day your profit should be 6k which is reasonably fair.

That is just for one and if you are dealing on a number of nylon that means you can be going home roughly with #15,000 every day.Nylon business


  1. Take a look at your environment how many businesses, industries or organizations, individuals etc uses nylon. Undoubtedly everyone does either to use it for wrapping items, for covering of things, for putting foodstuff, for carrying books, for parties etc.
  2. The demand for it is high because the rate of consumption is also high and is the everyday thing. You will still sell no matter where you are located but wisdom demands you position yourself where you can have higher sales.
  3. Nylon business is very profitable it can provide 50% and above return in investment. It is a business you cannot lose if you observe good business practice.
  4. Nylon can never go bad because they are not perishable items all you need do is to cover them from dust and they will stay in form till you sell them.


Nylon business can be started with any amount at your disposal but with #20,000 you can start small. If you want to be cutting the white nylon and also sell different varieties with different sizes then you will need #200,000 for a start.

The cutting machine can be bought with #15,000 for the locally made ones. This will include the table (with electrical connections/the cutter on it), and the coil. When you go to places like Aba in Abia State you will see the already made ones. I bought my own #10,000 in 2016 in Aba.


  • Small/big black,
  • small/big of different colours,
  • bagco bag,
  • fan bag,
  • GMG,
  • poly,
  • yellow/blue,
  • striped with black,
  • party bags,
  • Santana,
  • fufu,
  • crayfish,
  • groundnut,
  • pure water,
  • ice block,
  • laundry bags etc.

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The ones that has higher sales are;

  • Santana,
  • crayfish,
  • small/big black,
  • groundnut,
  • poly and bagco.


The ones you can cut by yourself are;

  • Santana,
  • laundry,
  • groundnut, moi moi,
  • bread,
  • ice-block and crayfish nylon.

The nylons to be cut are bought in rolls. The prices are measured in weight (kg). Back then I used to buy a kg of Santana #1,150, laundry #1,200, groundnut #1,300, fufu ;1,250. The prices might still remain the same or slightly different.

For a beginner in nylon business buy the smallest weight to try out the business and see how it works before buying the big rolls.


The problem of power is majorly the biggest challenge facing nylon business especially for those who are cutting. To succeed in the business and also to be consistent in it, there should be a stand by generator (I better pass my neighbour kind of generator). This in turn will raise the cost of production and thereby reduces the profit.


Nylon sells itself. Produce or make the ones the buy most in your location to be available in a larger quantity for a quick turn over then use other nylon for support so that those who need them can see to buy. You can even employ one or two persons to help you sell them around.

Print flyers and distribute them around so that people who want them in bulk can come to you and buy for retail. That is for those who are cutting. Employ more hands when the nylon business grows so as to meet with the demand of your customers.

Make sure you are consistent in cutting in other not to lose customers and also have the other ones available to customers for a viable business.


Nylon business is a very comfortable business to delve into. You see your capital and profits within days.


This e-book answer almost all the questions about nylon business such as, how do I start, which machine cut what….? including my personal experience. It goes for only #1,000 when you pay into the above bank account, send your details and get the e-book.

I put up this ebook in other not to be answering the same question over and over again. You can only ask your questions if after purchasing the ebook your concerns are not addressed. Until then Shallom.

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  1. My own question is: how can I learn the skills before setting up my own nylon factory. I lack the knowledge of how to operate the machineand produce the nylon. I am totally ignorant of this business but I have keen interest in setting it up.

  2. Hello Mrs Johnson!
    I got 2 your page (enibest.com.ng) through Google & i must say that ur write up on Nylon Production is amazing.
    I’m highly interested. Both in d ‘guide book or pdf’ & also the machine.
    * I’m regular on WhatsApp Ma!..
    (0816 945 9318)

  3. Good write up,but pls where can I learn the cutting of the nylon and how do I get where to buy in bulk if I want to start the business.

  4. Hello eni best thanks for this wonderful write up please I’m interested in e-book and nylon cutting business this is my WATS app number 08062703557

  5. Hello ma please where do I get machine I am interested and I am in warri can you give me the number to get it from ABA this is my WhatsApp number of 09011376649

  6. It’s interesting, the locally fabricated extruder that makes 20000pieces is it automatic inclusive of cutter and nylon recycler, for 1 8million and can I get it at aba

  7. Comment: Thanks for the write-up…
    I hav the skills already and my location is Lagos.
    How do I get the cutting machines both manual and automated…?
    Here is my WhatsApp number: 08036639949

  8. Interesting, please how can i get the machine and the price now is how much. Also I need to learn it .

  9. Thanks for the write up, i want the e book on nylon bags production, pls send the bank details for payment

  10. A very interesting write up. Thank your for not hiding this knowledge. Am interested in the cutting aspect for now then scale up with time and I hope that is possible. Am also interested in the e-book so you could send your acct details. Do you have a partner outside Lagos where one could get the practical knowledge? I live in Benin City, Edo State. WhatsApp number is 08185964291

  11. Good morning Mrs Johnson. Thanks for the response I thought the mail didn’t go through. I would need your account details to pay for the e-book please.

  12. I read your write-up on nylon. I am interested in the ebook and training. Send your account details and address in Lagos for training.

  13. Thank you so much for the write up.
    Please I’ll like to have the e-book. Where can I come for the training. I live in Lagos.

  14. I am happy to come across a wonderful business idea on nylon production. I have paid already for the e book and I will talk to you later as it progresses.

    • Hello Darling Eno, Honestly i must commend your write up is a top note.
      However. Have paid in 1k for the ebook ì will call you now for more chart

  15. Wonderful write up. Where exactly can I source for complete nylon cutting machine in Ado-Odo, Ogun State. Again, what is the price.

  16. Interested, Those people training ave gone to said they can teach the one with handle because they don’t have d machine

  17. Wonderful write up.
    I want to start but am a total novice.
    How much is required.
    Will there be follow up after payment

    • am very much interested but don’t know how to go about it, pls someone should help me out because I had it in mind long ago to do the nylon business

  18. Hi ma,I will like to venture into the business with my savings from npower stipend. How can i get the machine and rolls to start up production immediately though I have little experience in cutting operations but I will still need to be train on the machine my number is 08071320191

  19. Such an Inspiring, motivational write up…
    May Almighty keep showering you with knowledge and Grace…
    Permit me to chat you up for more details

  20. I am interested in this business, pls how can I get the book and get to know more. I want to go into cutting and selling.

  21. This is a Beautiful guide for me. I would like to go deep concerning this and to have the EBook too. Thanks for your effort.

  22. Very interested, I had always have interest in going into this business and ur write up encourages me the more. Please, I want to go deeper than this, how can I get the ebook?

  23. Great work our dearest Eno! My name is jubilant from Akwete close to Aba. Yes these machines and their raw materials can be imported but what about servicing and maintenance for sustainability, who does that?

  24. good Eno, thanks for the write up and awareness into the nylon business. i am interested to know where to get fairly used shopping bag machine

  25. I have the machine and a roll of uncut nylon already, but finding it difficult to kick off because I don’t know where to get the roll of uncut nylon when the one I have finishes.

  26. Pls, I love this. How can I get your contact because I need the ebook and a place to learn it before setting up my own.

  27. Hello Madam Enough that very insightful write-up on polythene business, though I know how to go about it but I have one question if I bought 25kg roll of uncut nylon handles black master batch and decide to cut it how many bags of cut & sealed Nylon can I get from it assuming it packaged by 50 and Nylon thickness is standard micron

  28. Thanks ma, I am interested in this business, I have even gone to make inquiry about learning it, but the person deal on only the cutting of white, but am interested to learn everything about the business, please how can you help me. Am in Rivers State.

  29. Thanks for sharing this great business idea,i live in calabar. Pls send your number that i can chat you up with,God bless you.

  30. Good evening.
    Thank you for the write up, please can you help me with the current price of the cutting machine.

    • Thank you Eno for this wonderful article. Please I would want to start up this business but I want to know where to go for training on this business so that I can be equipped enough on this business. I feel it’s a good business one can go into.
      Thank you

  31. Good day.

    I m interested in learning this nylon production and doing it as business.

    My location is Shapatti that is after Lakwoe, Ibeju Lekki.

    What will it cost me.to learn d small and big black and what is the time duration?


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