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Purxcel Eye Testimonies: Pure Dietary Products

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Pure is an American Company that has products for different health conditions. They products are so powerful with mind blowing results; that they are now the leading multi vitamin supplement for now. If you check internet you will see purxcel everywhere the awareness if massive. Although there are many testimonies on Pure products my concentration on this post is on Purxcel eye testimonies.

I am going to be writing on few of the testimonies, because it is an every day thing. Some people will call me and say, I saw purxcel in the supernarket/Pharmacy and I bought one it has really improved my sight I want to buy more. I am not saying with one you are good to go. People have results differently some in 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 2 months etc but maximum is 3 months.

The products you need for eye treatments are; Cleanse, Purxcel and Daily build. We have #40,000 pack for 1 month. #60,000 pack for 2 months, #165 packs for 3 months etc, We always advice you start with #60,000 pack so you can get option of picking different and more products.

Purxcel Takes Care

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Blurring
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Astigmatism
  • Lazy eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Dyslexia
  • Poor night vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Old age sight
  • Myopia
  • Defects as a result of diabetes

Purxcel eye testimony. The products combination are cleanse, daily build and purxcel. Diabetic patients will add organic sulfur to the combination. You need to register to buy on wholesale price. Call: 08035965405.

Purxcel Eye Testimony 1

Infact, I had been suffering from myopia (short sightedness) since 1976 when I was 26 years old. Reaching the age of 65, it turned into cataract and glaucoma at the same time. Very rapidly it began to deem the eyes. I passed through two surgeries and one eye was restored by God’s special grace. I was still placed on heavy medication because of the glaucoma. Later this year, I came across the PURE advertisement on the internet. My son advised me to contact Dr. Royal Nkutt. I did and purchased the products. Since I started taking the products for almost two months now, I noticed the pressure on my eyes had reduced and I’m even able to read without my reading glasses. I give all glory to God for allowing PurXcel, etc to work for me. Also I thank Dr. Royal Nkutt for monitoring and encouraging me in the use of the products, and thanks also to the Company and its groups. You are all God sent.

Purxcel Eye Testimony 2


Chief Emmanuel Ugbuagu hails from Isuikwuato local government area of Abia state.
He has lived in Makurdi, the Benue state capital for many decades now.
Chief Ogbuagu is a member of the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria IPMAN, Makurdi Branch and his name is synonymous with the petroleum industry in Benue state.
During fuel crisis in the state, Chief Ogbuagu was always handy to grant interviews to newsmen of whatever magnitude.

It was during one of such times that I came across this man. I was then anchoring the popular Radio Benue current affairs weekly discussion programme “Issues of the Moment”.
I liked Chief Ogbuagu for his simplicity, brilliance, articulation of issues before him and above all, his willingness to feature on one’s interview programme any time. Just like my mentor the late Austine Ukonma of FRCN, I always felt good when I called my interviewees names during the interactive. I made sure I pronounced their names not only correctly but also with some form if dignity. It is not impoliteness to do so; but both the interviewer and the interviewee had sense of belonging. It is another way of establishing friendship with the guest and also getting him/her stabilised during an interview programme while the questions flow.

Purxcel Eye Testimony

It’s been eleven years since myself and Chief Ogbuagu had not seen or spoken with each other until last Saturday 16th May 2020. I watched a video clip where Chief Ogbuagu was explaining something which I didn’t care to listen to and hurriedly put a call to him.
While we spoke, he asked me about our first daughter and I told him that she was now eleven years old.
Chief Ogbuagu told me it was exactly eleven years that we had not seen or spoken to each other. We laughed over it and continued our conversation.
I was shocked to hear that Chief Ogbuagu was in incarceration for eight months due to glaucoma. He narrated his ordeal which is captured in the except below hoping that one might learn something useful.

Purxcel Product Rocks

Chief Ogbuagu: Last year, for eight months I couldn’t come out because i was almost blind. I went to three hospitals here in Makurdi where I was told differently that I had glaucoma. And glaucoma has no cure; they don’t know how it comes and goes and that I was only to maintain ten percent of sight which I had at that time and that ten percent was not enough for me to see very well. It was so cloudy.

Whenever it was sunny, I could not see anything, the moment it become dark, that was the end of it. Even in the house, I could only manoeuvre my way because it is my house, I know how it had been inside. Other wise, you could see me leaning on the wall and walking into the rooms. I hardly went out. I never drove again. I never associated with my IPMAN members, I never attended meetings with them again. I never went to church. If I stretched my eyes in front, I could hardly see to infinity. It was that bad. As I stood, I could not see the ground. For eight months, I was incarcerated. I was on lock down by glaucoma virus -(laughs) The worst was that I was not able to make use of my phone; like you called me now, I called your name because, I could see it very clearly.

Testimony Continues

At that time, I would ‘ve said hello, hello and it is you who would tell your identity. Some people got annoyed with me, saying ‘don’t you know me? I wasn’t seeing my phone again. I had to look for someone to help me access my phone book to call somebody for me and when somebody was not around, I didn’t make any call. Sometimes when anyone called, I ‘ll not even know how to receive. I knew when I swiped the face of the phone I ‘ll receive call but sometimes I couldn’t. I moved about with only Okada to places I could identify.

But I used to know someone at Tito that repairs phones. I called him to ask if he could help me with any application on my phone that could enable me make and receive calls, though my phone size was large, i couldn’t read anything on it even with capital letters. He said ok until I come for him to know the type of phone. That was what took me to Tito December last year. When I come out to stop Okada and he passes, to me, that one has gone. So whether he was slowing down to turn to come and pick me or not,

This is Where the Miracle Began

I wouldn’t know. I would want to wait for another one even sometimes the next one passing carrying passenger would still be stopped by me ‘cos I ‘would not see clearly. Most of the times I stopped many Okadas without knowing I did and they became angry without knowing my condition. I would say sorry. Before I sat down on the Okada, I ‘ld use my hands to locate the seat.

If the Okada man dropped me, it took me about three minutes to be able to look around my environment before I moved away from the point the Okada dropped me. It was that bad but I was able to see the man whom I checked at Tito.

He saw me and asked what was wrong with me and I told him, my brother, I left what I came for and started telling him my story of all the places I had gone to, in search of cure for the glaucoma I was told I had. Doctors advised me against operating my eyes; that at my age, if I did, it might lead to a total blindness and the fact that glaucoma does not respond to operation, if I made any attempt to go for any, I might get blind permanently. So I told him that I had lost out oh! He looked at me and said there is a supplement which if I take, ‘ld turn around my condition. This guy is just a GSM dealer and is telling me that my condition could be turned around which professional Doctors couldn’t tell me. The power of purxcel testimony.

He Got His Eyes Back

I became interested and even left the matter that brought me and asked him to introduce me to the supplement. I was ready to go to Kano or wherever to get cure for my glaucoma at any cost which I believe my family members could ‘ve raised the money to get that done. I eventually struck a deal with him and bought the supplement at 75,000 naira and started taking immediately for 3 months. By the end of the first month, I noticed a difference – that cloudiness, heaviness and pain of the eyes associated with glaucoma were reducing.

By the second month, I started seeing very brightly. I went back to those three Doctors again but never told them what I was doing. They thought the recommendations they gave me, were being followed diligently by me. They recommended I should be taking two eye drops which one costs 4,500 and the other 5,500 making up to 10,000 which I bought twice a month expending 20,000 monthly to apply eye drop which was not to cure glaucoma but to maintain the little sight I had.

As I took the supplement, the pressure on my two eyes which was 40 – 45 percent dropped to 18 and when the Doctors said that I should continue with the eye drop, I ‘ld laugh. They tested my eyes and noticed a lowering of the pressure and urged me to continue with the application. They didn’t know that the improvement wasn’t the eye drop but the supplement. After taking the supplement for 90 days, my condition drastically changed. I discovered that every day was improvement for me ‘cos I witnessed tremendous illumination. I could now see my room, gate, decipher or recognise my clothes which was never the case for 8 months.

I began to identify colours again and gradually, I regained my sight. I recommend the supplement to anyone with eye challenge diagnosed by Medical professionals to be glaucoma. Incidentally the supplement takes care of other ailments such as diabetes, it’s very efficacious. Now, my car which I had parked for the nine months, I drove to the mechanic village myself for general repairs and I go about with it. I ‘ve been to Gboko and Otukpo which are the farthest places where I had need to visit.

Even now, I could drive to P/Harcourt assuming there is no lock down and restriction of movement. My sight has fully been restored and the company that gave me the supplement without consulting me did a public show of me after obtaining reports about my eye by organising a seminar opposite WAEC office in Makurdi attended by participants across the country where myself and one Abunku a diabetic patient were asked to share our experience and both of us testified that our ailments had vanished. Today, I receive calls from people all over Nigeria and I recommend the product to them. Incidentally, I am the company’s index case of glaucoma which they used their supplement called ‘Live Pure’ in Benue and the whole of Middle Belt Region of Nigeria.

I told Chief Ogbuagu that my conversation with him is an eye opener for me to get the supplement for my father Bob Suwe of Onitsha who had been battling glaucoma for the past few years.

Other Purxcel Eye Testimonies

Purxcel eye testimony
Purxcel eye testimonies
purxcel testimony

Purxcel Eye Testimonies from our Group

I had very blurry Vision. Vetro Retinal problem. Have done Laser twice in my right eye 2yrs ago and the left side went blurry all of a sudden? I could not move around. No driving, no going to the market. I lost confidence of myself. It was as if I was covered with white veil. I use touch light to navigate during the day. Then, then a Pharmacist recommended purXcel to me…. Even though am a retiree, I used a bottle every week. Cleanse for 10days. I AM BETTER. I CAN MOVE OUT ON MY OWN. I don’t use the touch again. I look forward to driving again. Right now I use purXcel, Daily Build, Organic Sulphur and Mila. PURE indeed Cleanses, Rebuilds, and Balances. Thank you Jesus . Thank you PURE👌👌👌

Purxcel Price in Nigeria

1 month #51,500

2 months #77,000


Purxcel is an amazing dietary product with superlative result. I am always glad when clients call to tell me their purxcel testimony. You are the next to share your own. It doesn’t matter how long you have been using those glasses with purxcel you can drop them.

Pure is a health and wealth company, you can register and do the business. In fact if you purchase products worth #40,000 you are qualified for registration. Some people say I cannot talk then register as a stockist and be making money weekly. You need #640,000 only to become a stockist with Pure company.

Call to place order today at wholesale prices, free nationwide delivery available. Purxcel Abuja, Akwa Ibom, Zamfara, Niger, Plateau, Kano and every other state.

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      Phone number.
      We deliver products to anywhere in the globe


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