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How to start Ground Ogbono Business in Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Ground Ogbono business is another great business opportunity for agribusiness merchants. Ogbono is widely eaten by Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Benin Republic, Ghana, and Cameroon and in almost all the West African Countries. Nigeria, Cameroon and Guinea are blessed with this plant, it is mostly found in the Southern part of Nigeria. It is a highly nutritious food which is mostly used in cooking soup. The fruit are consumed as a kind of fruit and the seeds used for ogbono cooking, its drawing nature makes swallowing of food easy.

Ogbono is a seasonal cash crop. Its season is from May to October while the off season is from November to April four months from the peak.


Most homes like cooking ogbono soup because of its strong aroma taste. The Ishan people of Edo State prepare ogbono soup with pounded yam during occasions believe me the two go down well together. Some people use it as a thickener thereby giving a rise to the demand because of its wild consumption.

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These days almost every food is now being packaged, people prefer packaged foodstuff to the non packaged ones. Then the other people don’t have the time to ground the seeds as their nature of work do not permit, still others want ease of life leaving them the with choice of ground crayfish.


It can be anything from #50,000 if you are doing ground ogbono business on a small scale. And anything from #200,000 for a large scale. It is more economical to buy in bags. For small scale you can start with a quarter bag while large scale can start with a full bag. It is more beneficial to buy down during its season so as to make much gain during scarcity.


You can source directly from the farmers or whole sellers that sell in bulk. There are two types bush mango; the ogbono and ogiri. Both looks alike making it difficult to differentiate them except you have being into the business a long time or have great experience.

Ogiri has no drawing power while ogbono has a strong drawing power. Ogbono can give you more than three times what ogiri can give. The price of ogbono is higher than that of ogiri but in this business it is better to stick to ogbono for a successful business.

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Ground Ogbono Business eni best


  • Ogbono is the main thing needed here.
  • Nylon for packaging
  • Sealing machine
  • Weighing/container for measurement
  • Source of power
  • Bowl


Dry the ogbono to the lowest minimum moisture content in the sun or drying machine. So that it can last longer without changing form. Shake/clean dust out from the ogbono seeds.

Ground them with a grinding machine. Please don’t pound them because you won’t like the outcome.

Also do not ground them down because the gum themselves very fast. Spread/air them immediately after grinding that where you will still have them in powdered form.

Process and packaged them under best hygienic conditions.


Ogbono business can give you a very juicy profit. If the non ground ones can give 100% return on investment, then ground ogbono business will be double or triple that. The lost percentage is less to zero as long as you are doing the business in a good managerial practice.


Use a very thick nylon or a good container that won’t allow air in to prevent damp. Give a unique branding name to your product example; ‘The Best Ogbono’ if you are into large scale please go for NAFDAC registration to avoid hitches. But for the small scale just write ogbono and probably your number nothing else to avoid disturbance by NAFDAC.

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Supply to supermarkets that sells foodstuff, shopping malls example Shoprite, Grand square etc. Sell to wholesalers and retailers in the market, take them to offices and sell. Also sell to restaurants and hotels.


Advertise your product, get more people to know about it for good patronage and increase profit.

Register with online stores such as Dealdey, Jumia etc. And put the product on display.


  1. Every business has its own challenge; ogbono business is not an exception. Identify those challenges and deal with them out rightly. Some of those challenges will include:
  2. Getting people to accept your product is another challenge. If you are sure of what you are doing and keep to it, people will fall in love with your product and most especially if you are dealing on ogbono that has a very good aroma with a strong drawing power.
  3. Consistency: just keep to the business as a slack will seriously affect the business adversely.
  4. How to meet up with the demand: believe me once you have successfully built confidence on the consumers you will face the difficulty of satisfying their demands. In case you will have to employ more hands.

Do you know you can plant ogbono and harvest them within 3 years and not 10 years again. With hybrid dwarf ogbono seedlings you can plant ogbono around you. Contact us for a purchase.

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