How To Prepare Tiger Nut Flour In Nigeria


Tiger nut flour is the flour gotten after processing dry tiger nuts. They are sometimes processed for different uses. Some entrepreneurs process tiger nut seeds to powder for business. Others process to store for after use.  Tiger nut is gluten free, good for Paleo, contains natural sugar, healthy fats and contain a high level of resistant starch as such are keto friendly.

In another post I wrote elaborately on tiger nuts benefits, their benefits are very many and awesome you will love it. Tiger nut can be taken as snacks and there are variety of the nuts that are good for that. It can be processed to milk, paste and flour. Tiger nut flour can be used for tiger nut milk, drink, fufu, cookies, baking etc.

Tiger nut flour in Nigeria

Ghana tiger nut flour can be seen in some major markets. We are encouraging entrepreneurs to take advantage of the opportunities that are in tiger nut production industry and produce tiger nut flour in Nigeria that will serve both the local and international markets.
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Tiger nut flour

How to process tiger nut flour

Materials needed 

  • Tiger nut 
  • Tray
  • Blender or industrial grinding machine
  • Container
  • Sieve


  1. Turn the tiger nuts into a tray and select stones, sticks and remove dirt. You must be very careful here because some tiger nuts bag contain stones that look exactly like tiger nut. Any mistake can spoil the value of the tiger nut flour.
  2. Wash them very well, change the water many times until it is clean then remove the nuts and dry them in the dryer or under sun.
  3. Grind them with a blender but for commercial purpose using blender is not advisable because it will not only consume much time but might spoilt the blender for you. 
  4. For commercial, use big grinding machine, the type used in grinding corn, millets etc. to grind the tiger nuts to powder.Spread the powder to cool before packaging.
  5. You can sieve the powder before packaging to remove lumps or particles.
  6. Package for sale or use

Note: you can roast the tiger nuts before grinding them. The colour will become dark brown flour.

Uses of Tiger Nut Powder

  • For tiger nut milk (kunun aya)
  • Pour the tiger nut powder inside a bowl and add water.
  • Stir the mixture together thoroughly. Use water as desired whether you want the milk to be thick or light.
  • Use sieve to separate the milk from the chaff.
  • You can add honey or any other sweetener such as dates to the milk.
  • Put the drink inside refrigerator to get cold, drink as desired.

Tiger nut chaff

Tiger nut chaff can be used for fufu or on smoothie. It is not advisable to throw them away as they are still beneficial to the body. The tiger nut chaff contains fiber which is good for consumption.
This will be very useful for the elderly and those with certain health conditions that is very challenging such as, people with low libido, infertility etc.
Add tiger nut powder to your babies food it can serve as alternative to dairy food.

Tiger nut flour

How to Make Tiger Nut Fufu

To make tiger nut fufu, make a paste from your tiger nut flour. Pour a small quantity of water into your pot allow to boil. Add a small quantity of oats, semo or any other flour good for swallow. When it is almost done add the tiger nut chaff paste and mix with the oats while still on fire. Allow for few minutes then bring down.

Tiger nut flour is keto friendly

Tiger nut flour is keto friendly because it contains antioxidant which is very good for diabetic patients.

Importance of the Nut

  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce blood sugar
  • boost immune system


Tiger nut flour already has a ready market but the flour is in ahort supply. Rather, sellers tend to export to UK, America and other countries of the world leaving a gap for the local markets.

Tiger nut powder
Image nairaland

Tiger nut flour is good for general health. You can add it to your food or serve as drink.

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  1. Please I’m in Warri, where can one get in large quantities?
    How does one preserve the flour from getting bad on time? What preservatives would you recommend?
    Kindly drop your number of you don’t mind.


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