Crayfish Business In Nigeria As Wholesaler And Retailer


Crayfish business is very profitable if you know your way. It sales faster and in great quantity than fish. Everybody eats it except for few individuals who doesn’t for personal or religious reasons. It is consumed and sold in large quantities all over the world on a daily basis. Nigeria has crayfish in abundance, Akwa Ibom State has the biggest crayfish market not just in Nigeria only, perhaps in Africa and maybe the world at large. A visit to Oron crayfish market will explain what crayfish business means.

Many people shy away from crayfish business because to them; it is a “dirty business” their reason may be due to the smell. Thereby leaving the trade for market women whom they think are best for it. But things have changed, if you see the number of young men and women running this trade you will be force to have a rethink. I am talking out of experience we see ourselves in Oron market.Crayfish business

As profitable as crayfish business is, it is also possible to lose due to few reasons. That is why you have to understand the business before starting. You can approach some people who are esperienced in the business to put you through, although most of them will decline at least there should be a good Samaritan.
You don’t have to worry there are information online such as this that can guide you into the business.

In this post you will see a step by step guide on how to do crayfish business successfully. I have seen people sponsor their children through school, build houses and are living a comfortable live through crayfish trade.

You can do crayfish business as a side business and be selling to your colleagues in the office. Some of my friends, one of them a teacher sells to her colleagues and collect her money at the end of the month. Infact, a lady sponsored herself through the University from crayfish business. So anybody can do this businedd.

Watch the popular Oron market in this video


To start this business there are certain things to put into considerations such as; how to preserve crayfish, target market, where to buy, how to bag crayfish, how to sale and the pricing. Crayfish is amongst the best exportable products, do you know the number of our African brothers and sisters who are in foreign countries yearning for home crayfish. Of course the number keeps increasing everyday. That’s why crayfish will make a great sale both within and outside Nigeria. Do you know you can be doing this business without anybody knowing.

The manner which crayfish business is done has changed many thanks to internet. Packaging is what is giving style to the ways foodstuff businesses are done these days. You can be a crayfish retailer, wholesaler, farmer, etc.


If you don’t know how to preserve crayfish then don’t start the business to avoid loss. Or you buy only the quantities you can sale at once. Crayfish preservation is not difficult. I have written a post on this in details, you can refer to it for your perusal.

Place bags of crayfish on a pelleted wood in an airy room. The bag of crayfish should not be close to the wall to avoid damp. It will remain fresh for 1-2 months maybe at most 3 beside why will you want to buy crayfish down for that long, the prices of crayfish is not static; it can rise today and fall tomorrow. I remember one of the days a bag of crayfish was sold for #60,000 in a particular market day. The next Sunday it was sold for #25,000 for that same size. That is how volatile the price can be.


You can buy the crayfish from either a wholesaler or farmer. Then decide on how you will be doing your retailing. Some people packaged them in moi moi nylon bag which goes for #50 for each piece. This attracts much patronage because many consumers are looking for products with less price. Others package them in different transparent bags which sales at #2,000, #3,000, #4,000 etc. You can get a place to sale only the crayfish or sale them along side other foodstuff in a provision shop.


There are many ways to sale crayfish in wholesale, you can buy the crayfish from dealers or buy at farm gate, sell them whole that is the same way it was packaged. Or you tie #50 sizes supply them to shops, market women, restaurant etc. In this case 13 pieces is goes for #500.


You don’t necessarily have to be a fisherman before going into the business this way. The last time I went to Oron crayfish market boys were offloading bags of crayfish from a boat when we approached them, they said,  it was one Igbo guy that bought the boat for the business. So you can buy a boat and employ fishermen to harvest crayfish for you or source for them from the farmers.

To bag crayfish you have to buy the sizes of nylon you want to use, it has to be the transparent ones. People want to see what they are buying also bagging it this way makes it looks attractive. The smallest transparent nylon not (moi moi own) is sold for #100 per one. I used that size to package the ones I sold #5,000.


You can start crayfish exportation in a small scale either in powder (ground crayfish) form or whole. To find buyers use the same process used in finding kola nut buyers or any other products. You can read how to start small scale exportation business in other to understand it better.

For those of you who have someone overseas tell them that you will like to be supplying crayfish to them at a cheaper price. Once you do it faithfully they will introduce their friends to you that way the circle will keep expanding. Or you ask for the list of African stores/restaurant and supply to them in large quantity after making contacts. You can get a website to advertise your crayfish business and people from different places will be ordering for it.


Every business has secrets; crayfish business is not left out. There are few things you need to know about trading crayfish if not you will burn your fingers. Here are some of the things:

The more crayfish stays the more it reduces in size so if you don’t sell your crayfish quickly you will discover that it is not the same size as it was when you bought them.
If you buy crayfish that has moisture more than what can keep it in form; one of this two would happened; the crayfish will develop mould or white ants infestation. In either case you will lose.

Some crayfish sellers stuff crayfish with dirt inside the bag while using the good ones to cover them. If you buy this type it will be very difficult for you to sale because they maybe; dark in appearance, contains much dirt or dusty crayfish. And you will lose customers who assumes you are giving them less quality crayfish.
Knowing these secrets will keep you on top of the business.


  • Crayfish is highly demanded because it is used everyday for different kinds of food preparation
  • It is a business that can be started with small amount
  • The business is sustainable
  • You can do the business from home
  • It is very easy to build customers
  • One can easily manage crayfish business
  • Anybody can do this business it doesn’t need special training.


The business is very lucrative. Sometimes the profit will depend on how you want to sell it. You can put #5,000 on top of each bag if you are selling on a wholesale. The more bags you buy the more profit you make. Assuming you supply up to 100 bags a month which is possible but that could be overtime. 100×5,000=500,000. If you happened to buy the crayfish when the price crashes which happens once in a month mostly ending of the month your gain will increase.


Crayfish can be sourced for in riverine areas such as Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Delta, Rivers, Bayelsa and Ondo. But crayfish seems to be very cheap in Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. One thing I know is that Akwa Ibom State has high quality crayfish and in much quantity. This is the reason people throng Oron crayfish market for purchase every Wednesday and Sunday. Even people from riverine areas prefer Oron crayfish I see them ordering for it.

For Akwa Inom, Oron crayfish call: 07039321911

Preserve crayfish


  1. Comment:Words are adequately not enough to thank you for the good work you are doing to emancipate people from poverty.All the articles written on agriculture and business are feasibility studies.If they are followed religiously one is already in the group of millionaires.We appreciate you but God will appreciate you the more.

  2. First, you have a well structured and amazing blog with well detailed topics. The way you organize your topics and categorized them is amazing. Very easy to find what one is looking for. Please I wish to ask, What is the start up capital for this business and where can I get buyers of crayfish in wholesale after buying from Oron?. Also, is it the ending of every month that prices of crayfish go down especially during market days in Oron?.

    • Hello @Alu,

      Thanks for the compliment. The capital will depend on how you want to start small scale or large scale. However, you can start with #200,000 since its a wholesale. You have to meet people who are retailing crayfish in your area and tell them you wants to be supplying to them at a reduce price. But first you have to find out how much they are buying in bags in other to know the price to sell to them. Advertise on social media too.

      No it is not every month that crayfish price goes down in oron. But whenever it happens it is mostly during month end. Nobody can really predict how much crayfish will cost in the market because it is very unstable

    • Thanks for the post. I am currently in cross rivers, I am thinking of going into the business and sending it to the west for sale there in bags. Since the crayfish is supposed to be cheap here. Is it advisable?

  3. This is amazing sweetheart. I love how you detailed this crayfish business. I will do my very best to be part of this business even though I never ever thought of becoming a business woman because I find it so difficult to trade. But many people are telling me to go into business and one of them suggested this crayfish business.
    Thanks to you Eno for the clearity of this article. May God bless you.
    Thanks a lot

  4. This is amazing sweetheart. I love how you detailed this crayfish business. I will do my very best to be part of this business even though I never ever thought of becoming a business woman because I find it so difficult to trade. But many people are telling me to go into business and one of them suggested this crayfish business.
    Thanks to you Eno for the clearity of this article. May God bless you.
    Thanks a lot

    • Thank you @Tochukwu. Amen to your prayers. You never can tell how best you will succeed in business until you start. Try and love trading because it is part of living

    • Hello @Amina, you are welcome. Wholesale! That is good, my advice will be start small know the rope, attract many buyers and then upgrape to large scale.
      This person is not a contact from Oron but does the business you can discuss with her 070 39321 911

    • Pls. Good idea I wanna ask is there companys that one can supply crayfish in large quantity . pls if there are my phone number 07054912626.

    • Good day everyone. Thank you so much ma for this wonderful post. I want to venture into this business. Please I stay in Lagos and I want to buy in wholesale price. Please ma I need contacts I can ask of the price of a bag and how many paints are in a bag. Thank you ma

  5. Comment: Thank you so much, I appreciate your wisdom and knowledge, I am interested in to crayfish business since 2yrs back but no idea to start… now I am ready to go, can I start with 100k please. thanks u bunch once again.

  6. Nice one. Keep it up.
    I live and work in Nembe.
    Please can I start the business here because I hear there is Nembe crayfish.
    I have already contacted the fishermen here to get me some.
    So where will I sell them?
    I got a bag at 27k as at today 29 Nov 2019.

  7. Comment:
    Thank you so much for this info. I’m really having serious challenges with the preservation. I don’t understand what pelleted wood is. Secondly, how do I get or find them? The white ants are really fast at attacking my crayfish. Please help me.

    • Please make sure there is no too moisture before storing. If the bag of crayfish is heavy just know that there is water inside so dry it under the sun for like 1 hour if the sun is high or 3 hours if there is no much sun.
      Just use strong plank you can put the plank on top of stone in a place that is airy or any available wood

  8. Comment:I think the crayfish business is okay in south because we can’t compare the rate they want it there with like north and west, so how can I deal with all this difficulties if I wanted to start the business because am staying in south west.

    • Almost every home uses crayfish to cook, I am yet to see anyone who doesn’t use crayfish to cook. The business will still thrive well in South West.

      • Best blog ever .. Please am interested in this business but I dnt kno how to go about it.. Can I get your num please

  9. Hello Eno.
    Thanks for this well thought out article on crayfish. I want to go into this trade when is crayfish usually scarce? So that I can buy and preserve? I also want to go into stock fish business do you have an article on this

    • @Helen you are welcome. Crayfish is costly now but from January to price will come down. One cannot categorically say this is crayfish season because many things play out. That is why the price keeps on fluctuating (especially with climate change)

      • Good evening ma. Thanks for this write up. Please I need reliable sellers of crayfish from Akwa Ibom I can buy from. I also want to know the prices and how many paint buckets they contain. I need stock fish sellers too. I want to sell in bags to retailers. Thank you ma

    • Mrs Eno I appreciate you so much,thanks for this expository write up and also creating a platform for buyers to meet sellers.Only God can pay you..I am Emmanuel residing at eket and I am into crayfish business,oron and ibeno crayfish.i don’t know if there is any way you can help bridge d gap of fear between buyers and sellers as regards to trust.i can supply crayfish to any part of the country at receive and pay but the challenge is the other partner keeping to his or her part of bargain.
      I can also be given out price update everyweek

  10. Hi everyone, pls i reside in Akwa ibom and am into selling of crayfish in bags i.e wholesales at a very cheap price. Ya”ll can contact me with 08032955654.

  11. Hi everyone, a paint of crayfish is sold 2k in my area and I want to resell it at N50 size please how much profit can I make from it.
    Please I will appreciate an urgent answer as am a single mum.
    Thank you

    • @Andre I don’t want to mislead you, the price of crayfish always fluctuate at all times. The price in today’s market may likely not be the same, the next market day. For now crayfish is costly and will remain so until the rain starts.

  12. Hello,Eno thanks for breaking it down.but please I want to learn this well and start the business immediately.kindly assist

  13. Thank you so much ma for how detailed you were in your explanations. Pls I stay in Abuja and want to go into this business. Can I get the contact of a trusted person who can be way billing to me? For I might not be able to do so much travellings. Thanks

  14. Hello, I am grateful about this post. This is the first time I see someone advertising my work, I am a farmer from ilaje ondo state. If u need crayfish direct from the farmer

  15. Thank you so much Madam Eno, am trying to start this business and your article has been helpful, I stay in the East Ebonyi State precisely. Can you please link me with someone I can trust that will steadily supply me with crayfish?

  16. Thanks ma’am, u really did a great job here. Am considering venturing into the business but need someone to coach me, I reside in IMO. Pls where is ur location?

  17. Hi ma, am really motivated after going through your guidelines. Am in uyo, please to u have anyone u can recommend for me? Someone very truthful n reliable please.

  18. @ Abigail we can do business if you looking a reliable person.u can pay on receiving your package if u can keep to your side of bargain contact me via WhatsApp 08064974970 or 07069393960 emma

  19. Hello Eno, You’re blessed, I have always loved crayfish business but having less knowledge about it has stopped me from pushing forward, you have just made it easier than I ever imagined, thank you so much for this write ups. Can you please, help me with a seller’s and a couch contacts? A reliable one, I’m in Delta State, Agbor precisely.

  20. God bless you ma,am so interested in the business I stay in Lagos ikorodu, please where can I get to buy and start small? 08107921807

  21. Greetings everyone, thanks to Mrs Eno for this blog and interactive forum. I was looking far for what I had so close to me some months ago. I come from Bayelsa state and I’m ijaw by tribe. I have made some good connections in my village for our tasty and shaftless Ijaw/Nembe crayfish. If you have ever heard of or tasted Nembe crayfish, you’ll know what I’m saying. If you are interested in purchasing for your business call or chat me up 08167868247.

  22. Mrs Eno, ur article is very informative, keep it up for the good Lord will reward ur share knowledge. Am interested in this biz, but pls could u forward this article & other ones to my email for full study. Here is my:

  23. Thanks mrs.Eno for this article,God bless you. I’m interested in this crayfish business of Oron in AkwaIbom,how can it get to me if I’m unable to go there ,I stay in South West ( Ibadan ,Oyo – State precisely) .

  24. For your heart of gold the Lord will increase you on all sides and raise help for you. It’s been in my heart to go into this business and God just use you for me.
    As you have blessed so many of us with this great information, greater ideas shall be released to you from above. You and your household shall be called the blessed Of The Lord forever in Jesus mighty name

    • @Lawrence thank you so much. I so appreciate this prayer it makes my day, God bless you. And amen, anen, amen… to your prayers

  25. Good evening ma. Thanks for this write up. Please I need reliable sellers of crayfish from Akwa Ibom I can buy from. I also want to know the prices and how many paint buckets they contain. I need stock fish sellers too. I want to sell in bags to retailers. Thank you ma

  26. Thank you for the post. Very informative. Please how much is a big bag of Oron crayfish, my Location is Abuja as well. Please is there a way we can meet since you are in Abuja?

  27. Thank you so much ma for this. God bless you more. I reside in the North West, and have been contemplating this business, I will contact the sellers you’ve recommended for more details.

  28. Am interested in the crayfish business. I stay at sango otta , have been looking for where to buy at whole sale price. Can we chat? 08072338641

  29. Eno thank you very much on this clarification on crayfish business. God bless you. I just started the business two months ago but the the person supplying to me supplies it at higher price for me but will try the number u gave out here since she is trust worthy as you said. Thanks.

  30. Thank you very much for the article. I stay in Lagos ( Badagry), It’s a bit cheap here. Please can I get anyone to mentor me around Lagos here on how to go about it. I have little capital.

  31. Ma i will try this business, it is well explained, please ma can i have your number, please ma for easy going.

  32. I really appreciate this article. It is just like an online seminar on CRAY FISH. However, I would like you to educate us on the type of CRAY FISH in the market and how we can get them.

    May God bless you RICHLY in Jesus name.

  33. Hello @ Emma I read your comment and your desire to establish a mutual trust worthy biz relationship with a bulk/retailer.
    I too have been looking out for a similar arrangements. I am interested in partnering with you, to be your other leg covering Plateau and Bauchi States.
    If you can kindly reach me to further discuss. Here are my contacts: 08039736851,

    Warm regards.

    Henry A. Okonji
    Jos, Plateau State

  34. This is a wonderful job madam, may you find favour and blessings.

    Pls can you tell us more about the period crayfish is cheapest, is it just when it starts raining like april/may or when?

  35. Very nice article ma. Please, I want to know if there is a way that one can know or identify a bag of crayfish that is filled with more dirt than crayfish inside

    • yes, tell them to bring out some of the crayfish from the middle, the have choker that can be inserted to bring some of the crayfish out

  36. Thanks you for this vital information, your explanation is well details. I will like to venture into the business for exportation. Like how much should i set aside for the business please and i also need a good supplier.

    • it depends on the scale you want to start with but 100k is a good start. check the post I included a supplier’s number at the end of the article

  37. Is they any form of the register before someone can be allowed to buy crayfish from oron? Would they allowed strange to come to they market to buy crayfish, thank ma

  38. Thanks so much.I was in this business before, I got my crayfish from Bayelsa.But now I want to go into wholesale. Connect me with a dealer from Oron .Am grateful for this article.


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