How To Start Roasted Chicken Business In Nigeria

Roasted Chicken Business

Roasted chicken business is very lucrative, fast-moving and will always keep your pocket fat. Nothing is satisfying than seeing yourself succeeding in what you are doing whether in business or otherwise. Whatever we do here is Nigeria for a living is done in every other part of the world.; this involves whatever you can think off. The difference is in style and packaging; some people look down on certain jobs, the consider them to be menial. But in it lies thousands of Naira; besides why will anybody be ashamed of what is gainful?

You may have been seeing people roasting chicken by the roadside, yeah that’s what I am going to write about in this post. You will get to know how to start, preparation, profits, start-up capital etc. We have three roasted chicken spots on our street, two are by AKTC (transport company) while the third joint is by the junction of it; own by different persons. Those guys are swimming in money. One has gone ahead to add indomie and fried rice to the business. Set up a canopy, arrange chairs and tables you need to see the number of people patronizing his business. He roast more than 50 chicken in a day and has employed 5 persons to work for him. Seeing how successful these guys are I went ahead to make findings and found out that there is money in roasted chicken business.

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My brother told me that there is a guy from my village he is now cruising his own car from the proceeds of roasted chicken business.


There are essential things to put into considerations before starting roasted chicken business.


Locate a very busy place or where population is high, it could be close to a higher institution, motor parks, market area,  junction leading to a community, a busy road or anywhere you think the business can move. It could be rented or you buy if you have the money. Location is very important in this business. If you make the mistake of locating it where you will be struggling to sale or have less sales you will not go far in the business.


This is the most important thing because without it you can’t start roasted chicken business. It is not like some jobs that you can start without money. The ingredients to be used has to be bought with money except you have people who can supply you without money. The good thing is that the start-up capital is not much so it can be sourced for.


Set up the place so that it will look appealing, this will compel people to buy whether the plan for it or not. The environment should be very neat, so that flies wont be perching around . Fire should be heating the chicken but very low apart from making the chicken warm will put flies away. The way to set up your roasted chicken spot will determine the calibre of people who will come for a purchase, make the place suitable for all.

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Make sure you make the arrangement with poultry farmers so they can be supplying you with chicken at all times. They will be happy to have a steady buyer and will want to retain you as their customer by giving you discount on bulk buying. Tell them the kind of chicken you want, it should be healthy and weighty. Hen is good for roasted chicken business just like other female animals; has hard flesh. This is an advantage to you because soft chicken may be breaking.


  • Bowls
  • Knife
  • Pot
  • Table
  • Charcoal fire
  • Iron wire to place the chicken
  • Paper for packaging


  • Chicken (10)
  • Garlic (4 cloves or 2 teaspoon of powder garlic)
  • Ginger (powder 2 teaspoons)
  • Onions 3 large ones
  • Pepper (grounded atarodo)
  • Black pepper 1 teaspoon
  • Thyme 1 teaspoon (optional)
  • Seasoning cube 5 double pack
  • Salt to taste
  • Vegetable oil


  • De-feather and clean the chicken very well. Remove the intestines and other organs inside the hen. Make sure there is no feather left in their body. Wash them very well with cold water.
  • Put the chicken in the pot and boil for few minutes with some of the ingredients
  • Bring them out from the pot and allow to drain
  • Mix the ingredients together and rub it very well on their body or soak them in it.
  • Leave it for about 3-5 hours before roasting. This is to allow the ingredients enough time to enter the body of the chicken.
  • Make the coal fire ready and roast them in a very moderate fire that will make them properly cooked.
  • Keep flipping them both sides until the chicken becomes brownish. Don’t make everything to be brownish but just a few as people are buying you keep on roasting. But get the remaining ones half way down. This is because you still have to heat the chicken again for customers and you wouldn’t want to get them burnt.


All the ones I have seen always roast the chicken with bole (ripe plantain). It is a good combination, people prefer eating them together. Other things to add is indomie, rice, roasted yam, potato chips, fruit juice processing, ice cream, drinks and anything that can compliment the business.


  • It is very profitable
  • The number of people doing it are not many meaning competitors are few.
  • It is a business that attracts many buyers, this is because it looks inviting all the time. Many people don’t have enough time to sit down and prepare roasted chicken. Whereas some don’t know how to prepare it. Also buying chicken from road side vendors will attract little money when compared to buying a whole chicken from the market plus the ingredients to be used not to talk of the time to get it ready. People will rather go for the already made ones. Moreover lovers like carrying their partners to this kind of place.
  • The business can be started with a little capital.
  • It does not require specialty anybody can do it.
  • The stress in roasted chicken business can be managed


Assuming you bought 50 chicken in a day #1000 each. And you sold each of them #2000. 50 multiply by 2000 will be equal to #100,000. Lets say your expenses was #80,000. That means your gain in a day will be #20,000 add that up for a month. That’s how good it is. Of course it can be more than that., lets do the mathematics. One chicken lap is sold for #300 in my area (it can be more in other places) but not the full lap.  The wing is #200. This means the lap and the wings has already paid for the buying. The remaining body parts will give you more than #1,000. Not to talk of when you add other complimentary businesses to it. You may be surprised to know those guys I talked about are already landlords.

Imagine how much you will make when you start poultry farming and raise 100 birds feed them very well for six weeks to gain weight. Are you already a poultry farmer you can open this outlet and put somebody there to manage it for you. A days profit is enough to pay the person.


Outside location. #50,000 is enough to start roasted chicken business. You will need all the materials stated above of which you probably have some. It is better to start small and grow it. But if you are starting with other complimentary businesses then #100,000 will do.


It is a business that announces itself but you can make people to keep coming by preparing a very delicious roasted chicken. They people who have tasted your chicken before will be your greatest advertisers. Like the guys in my street people come from town to buy from them.

You can place a banner or board to indicate your business and may also show it online for the world to see so that who ever is visiting that area will include your joint in their plans.


The main challenge is in the process of getting the chicken ready especially slaughtering and cleaning of the chickens. This can be contended. Some poultry farmers will offer to do that for you. But if you are raising the birds by yourself you can pay people to dress them for you.

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    • hello @Joyce, yes you can employ someone to manage the business for you but you should be involved from the beginning so that you will know what to expect.

    • Yes you can use frozen chicken but the gain may be very small. And the quality of the chickwn may not be the same as fresh ones.

  1. How I wish I was from Nigeria.I live in London and I have never been there. I read a lot of good things about the country and trust me, anyone , rich or poor, can make money in any aspect of business in Nigeria. In fact, it is the most Capitalist country on the planet Earth. Anything in Nigeria could be turned into profitable business .Can you imagine all these business ideas going for free on this platform are from Nigeria? Without naming names I should also say Nigeria has produced more Thinkers than…….I end here. Am being carried away.

    • Thanks so much @Kwabena, one of the nicest piece I have read since I started blogging, I’m sure going to bank this. Yes Nigeria has a lot of good things that the world is yet to know. Thank you for those noble words about Nigeria, it’s heartwarming


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