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How To Start Akara Business In Nigeria (Bean Cake)

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Akara business may look common to some people but it is putting food on some people’s tables, fattening bank accounts, buying properties and sponsoring person’s in school. A man I know in Akwa Ibom State who is into akara business with the wife is now a car owner, he’s children are in one of the best private schools. Whereas some people with tie on their neck in an air condition office cannot boast of tire.

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If I say akara business is lucrative it is not an exaggeration. Let’s reason it out together, if you go to where akara is sold especially early in the money, you will see a long queue waiting to be served. Sometimes the akara may not reach every body. Assuming you sold akara that is worth #10,000 in a day your gain should be about #4,000 on more. It therefore means in a month you can be earning up to #200,000 or more. Now is akara business lucrative or not? You can keep the answer to yourself.

Akara business is something you can easily put together, it does not require special skill. However, you have to master the art of producing delicious akara that will increase the number of buyers. The procedure given in this post will help you achieve that.

Everything is undergoing innovation, akara business shouldn’t be an exception. Every business need packaging as such think of a better way to make akara business classic.

Akara business, bean cake business


I have severally said that we are living in a world of sophistication, ease of life and classical approach to things. That is why so many people who like akara would rather patronise the roadside vendors than spend their time to prepare it.

If you are living in an estate, Government Reserve Areas etc. Advertise the bean cake business in your premises by posting something like this; ‘we supply delicious akara to your doorstep’ or ‘order for yummy Akara here. Career women and busy mums and dad will be happy with this idea. Some may be ordering for their breakfast everyday.

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Use a very fine packaging material to supply the Akara to your customers. The packaging can attract other buyers but the bean cake taste should reflect the package. Because at the end that is what matters. You can only produce when you have orders and in other to be fast you can keep bean flour close by.

Also you can supply at a wholesale price to restaurants, food vendors and others who will need akara for sale. It is high time we start supplying Akara the same way snacks are supplied to sellers.



Akara business needs a very strategic position were customers can see you and come for patronage. It should be
A very busy road
School or Institutions environment
A junction that has many route,
Close to residential or commercial centre.

The place she be an open space where you can do the frying too. If you run your Akara business inside you may end up eating them with your family except you are supplying. A place that doesn’t have plenty competitors is ideal.


You have to factor this into your plans so that you will not produce more than you can sell. Akara will not be as delicious as it was the next day. Instead of it to remain rather let it not be enough. But make sure you put your customers into consideration. If they keep coming without having to buy,; they will look for another place.

Bean cake, akara business


Akara business is early morning or evening business. Your akara should be ready as early as 6am if you start preparing it later in the day the sales will not be like that of morning or evening.


It is not every beans that should be used in preparing Akara. Find out which is the best and buy that for use but the black eye beans is preferred. Another beans type to use is the brown beans. Like my sister will say if you use btown beans for Akara you don’t need to add any ingredient again because the Akara will be very nice on its own. But make sure you put all the necessary ingredients because you just have to produce Akara that will keep your customers coming back.


  • Beans
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Onions
  • Crayfish


  • Mortar and pestle
  • Basin
  • Grinder
  • Long spoon that has hoes
  • Sieve
  • Papers
  • Other packaging materials
  • Umbrella
  • Source of fire
  • Tray
  • Fork
  • Frying pan


  • Select the beans and remove stones, sticks, chaff etc.
  • Soak the beans in water allow the water to cover the beans. So that the beans can absorb the water and swell for the coat to peel off easily
  • Scrub the beans to remove the coat with your hands but since it is on commercial basis in other to be fast pour the beans in a mortar and use pestle to scrub off the coat.
  • Use plenty water to wash the peeled coat off, you can sundry the peel and sell to livestock farmers.
  • Use little water to grind the beans or carry it to commercial grinders to grind for you if you do not have the machine
  • Put a pot of oil on a low heat fire
  • Cut a portion of the ground beans into mortar (enough to fry at once) and turn in a circular motion with pestle until it becomes light
  • Add pepper, crayfish, onion and salt into it and turn.
  • Make the oil to be hot but not too hot
  • Use your hand to be cutting the beans purée into the oil according to the size your desire. But in other for your Akara balls to be in uniform you can use a small spherical spoon to be cutting the purée into the oil
  • Use long iron spoon to turn the Akara to the other side if one side is brown
  • Remove the Akara from the oil when both sides are brown.
  • Put them in a sieve for the oil to drain.


  • Don’t allow the beans inside the water for too long so the bean coat will not be difficult to peel
  • Once you grind the beans don’t waste time to use it because a little delay may cause the ground beans to spoil.
  • Use deep fryer and enough oil about 3 inches deep so that the Akara balls will become spherical
  • Do not use too much water to grind the beans so that the Akara will not spatter.
  • Add salt last to the mixture when you are ready to scoop the beans purée in the oil. If you add salt too early it will be increasing the moisture content. And will destroy the eising of the beans.


It is not an exaggeration, Akara business has high profits from 100% and above. Assuming you bought a mudu of beans for #500 you may likely produce about 150 small size Akara balls. A ball goes for #20 or #50 as the case maybe. 150×20=#3,000


Groundnut oil (one bottle)=#400
Pepper. #50
Onions. #50
Crayfish #50
Salt #50
Beans. #500
Total. #1,100
Some of the ingredients will remain for another day use. 3,000-#1,100=#1,900

This is just for retail buying not to talk of what you stand to gain when you buy beans in bag, groundnut oil in gallon for wholesale price and other things in bulk.


Just like in puff puff business, Akara business can be started with #1,000 or less if you already have the tools. It is better to start small and as you build up your customer base you increase the production. But for a sustainable Akara business you can start with #50,000 and above.

A bag of beans cost about #25,000 now that it is the season but may go up for about #35,000 in a few months. It will be more economical to buy beans in bag.


Does Akara business require marketing, you may ask? Well! Since it is a business it needs marketing especially for those who are not doing it outdoors. Ordinarily for those who are in open place the Akara aroma and the taste is your number one marketing tool.

You can start akara business by producing for friends, family, neighbours and love ones. Tell people about what you are doing, you will be surprised at the patronage that follows.



some people add cooked pap to their akara business. That means you will have to put table and chairs in place for customers to sit and eat. If you want to learn how to prepare cooked pap you can read it up on pap business post. Pap on its on will put plenty money in your pocket. Some people sell uncooked fresh ogi; customers buy to prepare at home by themselves.


This is of course very profitable apart from some customers who will buy them to consume with akara; other customers will buy the bread to take with something else.


You can include fried yam, potatoes and fried plantain for people to make their choice. Different people will come to patronise you and your business will only keep growing.


Some customers like eating either fish or meat after every meal because to them that is what will make them feel satisfied.


  • It is very easy to start
  • The start up capital for akara business is small
  • It requires little space
  • You can do it at the comfort of your home
  • It can be done as a part time business
  • Bean cake business doen’t require certificate so any body can do it.
  • It is sustainable because as every other food people will keep eating it


Akara business is one that should not be commonize because it can take you to the top. It is a business you can do while waiting for your dream business but you should also be mindful in case it is your ordained career. How else will your describe akara business if you are succeeding in it? In one of my post small business in Nigeria; I made mention of a woman who started akara business from buying few cups.of beans today a house. so start yours today it is better to do akara business than to beg.

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    • Thank you so much @emperor for visiting my blog and for your kind words, I appreciate. You are doing a great job too, I just visited your blog.

  1. My mum is already doing it
    but about that home delivery haven’t taught of that and don’t know how to go about it

    can you please tell me how

  2. Thanks so much. This is quite explanatory. But I need clarification on the packaging since most people including me don’t like the use of newspaper for it. Also, what are the decent tricks or methods to use for commercial akara business. If you do it the way you make for your family, you may not get profit. Thanks


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