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Small Business You Can Start With Little Amount In Nigeria

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Every business starts with an idea, there are small businesses you can do that require small money for a start-up but can yield good profits. All you have to do is to find something (skill) you are passionate about, learn more about it and put it to use.

Most of these small businesses are not stressful to do, in fact they are easier and quicker to put together. Look around your environment what is that thing that people are looking out for solutions? An adage says necessity is the mother of invention.

Try solving those needs and you will be better off for it. So many people want help are you ready to be a helper? If yes then you are on your to becoming financially fulfilled.

The small businesses that are outlined here can be started from #50,000 down. There are more than hundred small businesses you can do with little money, I will be updating this post from time to time for now I will  be dealing with only:

10 small businesses you can do with little amount of money.

  • Mini importation business
  • Clothes/shoes selling
  • Chin chin making
  • Soap making business
  • Foodstuff selling
  • Bean cake business
  • Selling of attachments/weavon
  • Food business
  • Selling of phones and accessories
  • Vegetable farming business


Mini importation is one of those small businesses that can be done at the comfort of your home. With #20,000 or less you can start this business. Look around for fast selling products that are sold with little amount and order for them. Some of the fast-moving products are; wrist watches, car scratch repairers, power bank, phone accessories, weavons, hair dye, wrist bands etc.

You don’t have to go to China to buy them, use your phone or laptop with internet connection, if you are not connected go to cyber cafe and buy time with #200 airtime you can place your order on aliexpress, alibaba. dhgate etc. Some of the sellers there will deliver to your door step at no charges.

If you are sceptical about the safety of your money, then use agencies that have offices in Nigeria; they will buy and send them to you with a little fee an example of such companies is Chrisvic. There are many things you can buy for #100 which you can sell for #400 or #1,000.

Seasonal items are hot cake products; you can purchase Christmas cap, hat, hand band, wrist watches and eye glasses for children etc. Also during easter and sallah. Mini importation is called small business but has high returns.


This type of small business involves buying of clothes/shoes from wholesalers at a discount price resell them as a retailer by adding a little money on top. You will make good money out of it. You can put an umbrella and table in front of your residence and sample the clothes and shoes.

You can carry them to offices, schools, markets etc. Advertise them to your neighbours, friends, family and religious members. Many of them will patronize you.

The clothes should be of good quality and trending. The clothes that sell faster are ladies wears and children’s clothes. If you like call it okrika business but it pays to start it.small business



This is also a home base business. You can start the business with #10,000 aside the cost of packaging. But first you have to locate a professional in this field and learn how to produce tasty chin chin. Then go to confectionery shop and buy all the necessary ingredients produce and start selling.

Your target places are; schools, supermarkets, markets, offices, roadside kiosk, churches, amusement and motor parks. You can approach people who have ceremonies such as child naming, birthdays, graduations, weddings etc. for an order to supply.

Advance from that to other snacks like; doughnut, buns, eggroll even meat pie. In a short while you will see yourself opening a shop and employing workers.


Soap making does not require huge capital as some people will think. Whichever one you choose either; liquid soap or bar soap, #20,000 is enough to start. Get yourself trained and start producing foaming soaps that will attract more buyers and also retain previous buyers.

To produce soap is not difficult neither is it stressful. You can contact me for liquid soap production or wait for my subsequent post because I will write about that. For bar soap production check my post on that.

Locate a chemical shop close to you they will give you correct measurement for any quantity of soap you want to produce. Sell your products to laundry shops, hotels, institutions, individuals, market etc.

Bar soap production



Food is very important to man, we need it to grow and stay alive. That is why no matter how poor a man is he/she will still eat. Food is among the basic necessity of life. With #20,000 you can start the business; you may decide to sell only in the morning that is when people eat most especially those who go out very early to work without food or no enough time for them to cook.

Locate a small space close to companies, schools, office areas, motor parks, markets etc. Put an umbrella and 2 benches, you can start with your utensils then buy new ones when the business grows. You may not necessarily be the one to sell; you can employ someone for that.

Go to the market and buy the ingredients but be sure to be a good cook before you start because that is the key to this business. Cook all the popular food such as edikang ikong, afang, ohia, efo, banga, rice, beans, yam, meat and fish.

Plenty varieties of food so that people can make their choices from them and sell at an amount everybody can afford. If you stick to this outline, I see you opening a big time restaurant in your locality soonest.


Someone told us a story about a woman who is living close to them. He said when the woman started akara business, she was measuring beans in cups but today she buys her beans and corn in bags. Not that alone she is building a house as well.

Hmmm! You may be wondering whether is only akara business. Yes akara business we are no more in the days of ‘let’s do it so we can eat from it as well’ it has gone way beyond this level. Come to think of it this is a business that can guarantee a 100% turn over on investment and above sometimes.

In my previous office we used to take turn to buy akara as early as 7am because of the large number of persons waiting to buy. As the akara woman is bringing them out so also are we buying them off. Sometimes it is not enough for everybody before 9am the woman is already in her house. She added koko (watering pap) and pap to the akara business.

If you don’t mind you can try this business out but you must locate a good environment where population is high such as schools, offices, markets, companies and roadside.

Here is what will make people stick to your akara; use only groundnut oil such as kings to fry don’t try something else because it is cheap all those cheap vegetable oil spoils the taste of food. You can add potatoes, dodo, and yam to it. With #10,000 you can start this business.



There is good market for people who are in this business because of the number of persons using phones for calls. New things come out every day and people want to keep to the trend howbeit there are some things that are of necessity. Some of the phone accessories to sell are earpiece, casing, screen guard, batteries, memory card etc.

Everybody wants to be connected especially the young, the elderly are not left behind, they want to keep in touch with their family members, this gives rise to the number of phone consumers and of course increase users will result in increase buying of the phone accessories since there must be one or two things to repair or attach to the phone.

With #30,000 you can start phone accessories business. You can buy directly from china through online shopping from aliexpress, dhgate etc or you buy from wholesalers who import them in bulk from china and other countries.


This kind of small business involves the selling of raw food that is uncooked food. You can set a table by the side of your house and start the business. It will fetch you daily income, meaning you will be seeing the profit you are making daily.

The money gained from each item is not much but the overturn is what generates the bulk of profit that is seen in it. Food is something that is eaten every day as such you are sure of making good sells. Funny enough the people who sell at home make bigger profits than the wholesalers.

The reason why you are sure of growing foodstuff business is because people who come back from work late, those who are too busy, others who forgot to buy one thing or the other in the market will be the ones that will be patronizing you. If you are diligent in this business you will open a super store in the process of time by then you will be buying things in bulk directly from foodstuff distributors.


This is an ideal business you can start with #40,000 for synthetic ones because human hair will require more money. Buy the attachment from wholesalers and display them at a corner in the market or at home.

This day of Instagram, Facebook etc ladies even guys want to show their latest hairdo. As if there is competition, every woman wants to outdo the other besides women don’t joke with hair that is why the business will grow.

Learn how to fix nail, plait hair and fix hair weavon and add to the business in other to have additional income. Just watch and see as ladies troop to your place for service that is if you are good at it.


It is not a joke if someone tells you that you can make up to #200,000 from this business. It is achievable so many people are doing it and are smiling to the bank you too can do it. Tell me how many workers can boast of such money at the end of the month. So it is worth doing and that right well.

You don’t need an expense of land to start with just half plot of land you can do it. Plant some of the commonly consumed vegetables such as; pumpkin leaf (ugu), waterleaf, spinach, scent leaf, curry etc. Profit starts in just two weeks.

You can start this business with #20,000 excluding land; you can use any available space if you don’t have land. Where my in-law is erecting a building somebody surrounded the whole of their fence with vegetables and nobody is disturbing her. So start yours today.

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