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Businesses To Do Abroad And Make Big Money

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Eno Johnson
Eno Johnson is my name, I am an entrepreneur in the making. This blog was birthed because I needed a platform to pen my experience down in Agriculture and business.

Businesses to do abroad are very many. If you have been wondering of what to do when you leave the shores of Nigeria, this post will be a guide. Oftentimes you hear people say when they get to the country of their choice they will think of what to do; that’s nice you know. But do you also know that bills will not wait until you eventually hook yourself up with a job anymore.

Maybe somebody; a family member or so invited you to come over to oversea. As such you are not planning business because in your mind the person that gives you the invitation will take care of that. If only you knew that your presence mean additional bill. You will do your host a lot of good if you can start something almost immediately. And do you know that there are businesses to do abroad that will make you not look for any other job anymore.

Maybe you are already working over there but wants to go into business for additional income. Or you are tired of the job you are doing and want to switch to what you can be in control of; something that will give you joy and much money. The truth is that there are many businesses to do abroad and make much money. But the key to success will be your approach and creativity; you have to do your business different from the way others do their own then add patience to it. In this post we shall be looking at a number of businesses to do abroad and make a lot of money.



This one may not necessarily need a shop except you have the money or you think is the best for you. But you can do home service by going to people’s houses to make their hair. This way you will charge more than shop owners because home service attracts more charges.. Making hair in a place like London is very costly. To fix a simple hair style you will pay so much for it,. Others are; plaiting, padicure and manicure, retouching and setting of hair. In abroad light is not an issue that’s why you can hardly see a female adult without hand dryer.

Another thing is selling of weavons and attachments abroad. Cheap attachment like expression that is sold for #1,000 in Nigeria will sale for about o#7,000 in London. It will do you a lot of good when leaving Nigeria you carry them along then make arrangement on how you can be getting supplies. To reduce the cost of transportation order before you exhaust the ones you have. It will help you to choose the cheapest means to cargo them which is by ship.


Foodstuff all the way! You can never go wrong with foodstuff. Our brothers and sisters are seriously itching for home food. Most of them don’t eat anything except local food. Bringing all those food to sell at a cheaper price than others will keep you smiling as you will not only keep your customers but will always grow your customers base.

There are a number of foodstuffs you can sell such as melon, ground crayfish, pepper, ogbono, alubo, yam, garri, beans, groundnut, fufu, plantain, banga, afang is a long list you can name them. For you not to have problem with the country you are ordering them to your foodstuff must be healthy and very hygienic.

grinded crayfish business/abroad business

Other things are maggi, Roco, Knorr cube in-short all the Nafdac certified Seasoning cubes and spices. Bourvita, Peak milk, Dano, and any other beverages. Bittercola, udara, vegetables such as waterleaf, bitterleaf, ugu, scent leaf etc.


This one will require rent you can loan money to start this if you don’t have the cash because you will make good money out of it. You can combine it with consultancy. Here you will be taking care of the elderly, make them feel good and pocket your money over time you will employ more hands to work with you. Most of the young people who spend their times in drugs can be sent to you for counseling. So you much be good at counseling. You have to register with the council so they can be sending clients to you.


Beads that you will buy #1,000 in Nigeria is sold for like #10,000 in London. Imagine if you are able to sell 20 beads in a month. Beside that add things like ankara bags and cap making. There are many things you can use beads to make for money such as bags, necklace, bangles, earrings, waist beads. You may even get the contract of making costumes for cultural groups in the country of residence. You will get good patronage if you sell ankara.


There are some Africans and Nigerians who do have the time to cook local food but are crazy to eat them abroad. Select very popular traditional food for your restaurant and be a good cook. You will not ho far you cannot good well because no body will want to come back.

Don’t focus on Nigerians/Africans alone, also target white people who wants to explore.


People keep celebrating one thing or another every day even in abroad . And will need snacks and cakes for such event.

If you are good at your catering business you will have loads of customers that will require your services.


Freelancing is a good job that will give you steady income. You can write for companies and get good pay.; 10 hours writing can give you €500.  Many people have been successful freelancers over the years. Many Nigerians at home write for companies abroad so you have an advantage because you are closing to the source.

Blogging and providing information that people are searching for is a sure thing. There are many things to blog about such as schooling abroad, traveling/adventures, entertainment, music etc.

Online businesses such as dropshipping, marketing etc.


You can export things that are in high demand abroad  and in turn import those things that are in dare need back home. You can export economic crops such as cocoa, coffee, rubber, palm oil, cashew etc. Then bring in cars, batteries, phones, computers, gadgets etc.


The rate at which bittercola is exported to Western Countries (abroad)’ is alarming. Search google you will be amazed at the business opportunities that lie in bittercola. You don’t need to come down to Nigeria to purchase bittercola; contact a genuine supplier through internet and make a deal with the person.

Bittercola you buy #20,000 can be sold for #100,000 and above.


Join/register with big companies like Mary Kay as a beauty consultant and get trained as a make up artist. Locate a local college around you and start your creative work. You may be hired for theatres, fashion shows, birthday parties, wedding ceremony etc.


  • Dollar shops
  • Coffee shop
  • Mechanic
  • Phone/computer repairs
  • Visual art work
  • Virtual assistant
  • Dare care but watch out for law suits besides their bond rate is very high
  • Open a small shop for arts and craft the environment favours such handwork. Many of the white people will overwhelmingly patronise you. Ikot Ekpene in Akwa Ibom State is a place to buy the materials. That is why the call the place raffia city.

There are many businesses you can do abroad and become extremely rich, identify one today and engage in it.Businesses To Do Abroad And Make Big Money

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