How To Start A Standard Barbing Saloon Business In Nigeria

barbing saloon business

Barbing saloon business is good when done intelligently. Have you ever taken stock of the number of people who goes in to barb hair every day? I know of a guy who barbs his hair every 2 days, lets say 3 days in a week, this is exceptionally so for people who wants to maintain afro style of hair cut. These days women are competing with men, the number of women that are carrying low cut are on the increase every day.

The way you present your barbing saloon is what will attract good customers to you or the other way round. There is an adage that says; the way you dress is the way you would be addressed, the same is applicable to barbing saloon business .

Meaning if you present your place shabbily you will also receive customers in that other and how many people would want to patronize such a place. But if you deck the place up I tell you more people would be willing to patronize you. In this post I will be showing you how to go about this business in order to record huge success.


  • Learn how to barb or employ a correct stylist
  • Rent a shop
  • Stock your shop (Make your shop beautiful)



This is very important in the sense that if you set a barbing saloon in a less populated area you don’t have to expect much. You may get frustrated and eventually close down. In the same light, if you open your saloon in a highly populated area, you will grow and even expand in the business. This is because of a large turn over results in a viable and well profitable business.


These days of sophistication, the packaging is what distinguishes businesses. Tush up your shop the best way you can. Choose a nice and easy pronounceable name. Do something unique from what others are doing. Always put a smile on your face as much as you can. Be abreast with what is going on in the society in terms of politics, social media vibes and general happenings so that you can contribute or say something whenever your client has something to say in that line.

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Make sure you are up to date with what is trending in the barbing world. Train and keep training yourself so that you can deliver premium. When you make quality your watchword you will receive increase patronage because those you work for will come again and may also refer others to you


  • Clippers, buy original ones either new or tokunbo 2 (preferable wahl)
  • chairs 2
  • mirrors 2
  • waiting chairs (4) or a long bench
  • Hair products; hair cream, hair spray, dyes, relaxers, conditioners, sterilizer kits, alcohol, spirit, powder aftershave etc.
  • Tools; screw drivers, pliers, combs, brushes, etc
  • DVD and speakers, radio
  • Fan
  • Jerri cane
  • Cover cloth
  • Electrical
  • Furniture; work sit, table, cupboard
  • Generator


  • Dustbin,
  • brooms,
  • maps,
  • pictures or catalogue,
  • wall clock
    In some places, you will be asked to pay association fees


  • Cable, fridges,
  • TV, air conditioning,
  • dryers,
  • washing bowls,
  • rotating chairs etc.
    You can cut down expenses by sharing a shop with a female hairdresser.


  • It is profitable, I like saying this first because this is one or the main reason why people venture into any business. Nobody will want to go into a business that is not profiting.
    Barbing saloon business provides everyday money. Meaning you make money every passing day.
  • Barbing saloon business is yet to be crowded, it is only very few persons that are into the business. They established it and hand it over to paid workers to manage the place. Another reason is that it is often looked down upon and as such relegated to the background after being tagged as dirty. Well, most dirty jobs are the ones that actually mint out money.
  • It is a business that can be started with a little amount of money. With less than #200,000 someone can start barbing saloon business.
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The amount to charge depends on the location,, if you opened in a sophisticated environment then the amount to charge will be different from the one in a village. The least amount charged is #200 while some charged up to #1,500 in their respective locations. Assuming you charge #200 and you have about 25 persons patronizing in one day then you are sure to make #5,000 that day.
At the start, you may have low patronage but the number keeps increasing by the day.


Electricity – saloon business relies completely on power either through generator or PHCN. The later is not always consistent while fuel cuts down profits.
Expenses: there are things you must spend money on, on a monthly basis. These include; aftershave, oil, powder, disinfectants, neck tissue, electricity bill, fuel for the generator, maintenance and repairs where necessary. But you can cut down the expenses by buying things in bulk example cosmetics.


There are no businesses without competition, others have less while others have much to tackle. Such is the case with barbing saloon business. People are searching for what to do and a greater number end up settling for this business. That is why another person would open close to you and furnish it to the teeth with good stylist. Doing a neat job will help you break even.

Besides people hardly leave their customers especially when they understand their job. There are some barbers who know what to do with customer’s hair. Customers will only say a little and they pick it up from there. And may even give the customer more than expected, tell me why the customer wouldn’t go back again? Next time he comes with a friend, try to give out some bonus. Maybe barb one free after 10 times of a customers patronage.

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The business is more profitable if you are handling it by yourself. However, you can employ someone to manage the place for you if you have another job. But you have to place the person on commission. Share any amount realise into 3 portions. Let him take one part, while you take 2.

Employ a skilled barber he will put in more effort knowing his money is based on commission. This will reduce your time of supervision. The barber should take care of fueling of the generator, sharpening of the clipper and other things.
In case you want to place the person on salary, you can attach CCTV so you can be monitoring the place. Stylists are not many, anyone that isn’t comfortable with you will either go and open his own or get another place. So chose what will make your worker happy.


You can make it a unisex saloon, where men and women can come for whatever thing that what to do on their hair. Another thing you can add to barbing saloon business is dry cleaning, make it standard such that the same people can be patronizing you for the two businesses. If you want to learn how to set up laundry business, click here.

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