How To Start Modern Day Mechanic Business In Nigeria

mechanic business

Mechanic business is very lucrative and yet to be 8saturated this is because people see it as a dirty business. The business has for a long time remain male dominated. In the past you will never see any female doing mechanic work. But today female mechanics are on the increase and are said to be doing equally well like the male folks.

Funnily, mechanic business was left for school drop outs and those who couldn’t afford the luxury of going to school. That is why children who ordinarily would have been in school are in mechanic workshop.

But innovation has turned things around. Mechanic business is now done in a modernized way; by the use of technological gadgets to offer solutions to car problems.


Do you know that you can set up mechanic business without being a trained mechanic. All you need to do is to set up a mechanic shop and employ competent hands to work for you.

Employ mechanics that specializes in different car repairs

  • Mercedes Benz,
  • Toyota,
  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Volkswagen etc.

They have to be persons who are very knowledgeable in the make-up of a car. And can detect the fault of a car by the sound of the engine.

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Also if you are a graduate of mechanical engineering it will be wise to get additional practical training from roadside mechanics. Because they have wealth of knowledge when it comes to expertise in auto mechanical work.

For owners of spare part business it will be an added advantage to include mechanic business .

What prompted me to write this post was when my sister’s friend told me; that they want to set up a mechanic workshop along side their motor spare parts business. In this post I will be concentrating on car but you can use the tips to also start motorcycle repairs.

Most wealthy people prefer to take their cars to companies that produce the cars. For instance a rich man with Toyota will take his car to Toyota automobile office when it develop faults. And only those who cannot afford such luxury patronize the roadside mechanics. The number of people that patronize roadside automobile repairs are more than the ones that carry their cars to automobile companies.

The fact remains that most of the automobile manufactural worshops are only located in a few designated city centers.mechanic business


If you are starting mobile mechanic workshop concentrate on small repairs, diagnostics and necessary maintenance before upgrading after you must have saved some money. A mechanic must be; in vogue, learn the latest technology and programming languages that are new, stay competitive etc. Before you start you have to consider the following;


Get a shop in places that are nearer to; major roads, motor parks, busy roads, high ways, market areas etc. in some states the Government have designated places for mechanic workshops. In Abuja we have Apo mechanic workshop, In Akwa Ibom we have mechanic village, Abak Road, Uyo.


Get trained first and know all the required skills. You have to carve a niche for yourself. Having general knowledge of how to fix all automobiles is good. But you must specialize in one or two brand and be known for that. This is to encourage clients to be making good referrals.


Determine the mode of payment you will be using whether fixed or negotiable method. Whichever one you chose, building a strong trust will as well build up a network of clients for you.

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  • Spanner-all sizes
  • Car lift
  • Overall
  • Normal manual wrench
  • Nuts for tightening /loosening
  • Nematic tools
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Industrial jack
  • Axle stand
  • Sockets of various sizes
  • Soldering iron
  • Laying board
  • Pressure tester (cooling system, compression fuel pump etc.)
  • Multimeter
  • Wheel balancing machine
  • Floor jacks
  • Motor oil changer
  • Grease pump
  • All data softwares


  • Painters
  • Panel beaters for sparing booth
  • Polishing machine
  • Color codes
  • At work technician
  • Leak detector
  • Gauge
  • Goggles
  • Document to help you arrange your mechanic workshop
  • Receipt for every work done
  • Good land structure to convince customers
  • 2-3 sets of tool box
  • Torch light

Dig a long hole where you can stay and work under car.


  • Diagnostic/programming
  • Key programming
  • Mechanical repairs
  • Engine and transmission repairs
  • Electrical/ejection components repair
  • EEU cooling
  • General maintenance and lubrication
  • Tyrell, brakes and exhausts fixing


It doesn’t require qualification meaning anybody can start auto mechanic business.

Sustainability: our population is increasing every day making car purchasing to also increase. That means there will be steady work for auto mechanic workshops.

Mechanic business can be started with little amount.

You can never lack jobs because there must be one fault or another to fix in a car or at least maintenance to make.

There are other businesses to add to mechanic business such as; the ale of accessories and a car wash business

Mobile auto workshop

Automobile business is profitable. There is no work that is less than #1,000 whether loosing of nuts. Their prices are not regulated, you only have to negotiate the big price they give after repairing your car.


It depends on how you want to start. For small starters less than #100,000 will do aside rent or acquiring of auto workshop. But for a standard auto mobile shop setting that will deliver premuim you need up to #500,000.


Skill acquisition is the best thing anyone should think of because white collar jobs are not there for the grabs often. Many schools are now empowering people on skills so that their students will have what to do after leaving school. Example is the Covenant University.

Mechanic business has advance; entrepreneurial mechanics now buy airtime on radio and television to give out tips. They allow people to call into the show to ask questions. At the end of the programme, they will give out their workshop address.

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