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Network marketing business is one of the major sector that is employing many people who are jobless as well as empowering those who are already working. There are many Multi Level Marketing businesses in Nigeria, new ones are adding to it. To make it quickly in such companies you have to be amongst the early lead. Celgivity is approaching two years in Nigeria, Norland is just a year old. The new one in town now is PurXCel just got approved few months ago in the Nigeria health sector.

If you are interested in making good money or in becoming a millionaire take advantage of this starting period. Other Networking companies are already overcrowded before you can make money you have to put in more energy (effort), which is not easy. With PurXCel you can smile to the bank because there is enough room to occupy and grow.

PurXcel health and wealth

What makes any networking company established and growing is the efficacy of their products. So many of these food supplements share similarities in that they do almost the same thing. But at the same time each has its on peculiarly. For instance; Norland products can terminate fibroid without surgery outstandingly, celgivity is known for fertility. Now not just that PurXCel does all of this but it is outstandingly known for eye treatment.

Eye is very important, no one will want to joke with his/her eyes as such will look for a better way of treating the eyes other than through surgery or losing it at the long run. So many testimonies are already coming out from PurXCel and the eye. It doesn’t matter how long the problem has been PurXCel takes care of it within few days.

Before now celgivity was the only known product for glutathione, but PurXCel is an improvement on that. Health business is a multi-billion Naira sector just like transportation business Call: 08035965405 to join. Unlike other networking businesses you are paid your earnings Monday of every week.


Human body naturally produces glutathione for preventing diseases such as; cancer, heart disease, dementia, strokes and other chronic diseases. But factors like ageing, medication, poor dieting, accumulation of toxin causes the glutathione level to deplete. Glutathione products come in to supplement or make up for the loss glutathione in the body.

What is PurXcel

PurXcel is a medical breakthrough product that provides clinically effective Tri-Active Technology (bioavailable Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, and Aloe Acemannan) in a proprietary blend of 18 complementary ingredients. And it is designed to aid in cleansing the toxins from the body ,balance the hormones and build the body at a cellular level.

How does PurXcel work ?

•Helps in fertility and balance hormones 
• Detoxifies the liver and kidney
•It relieves pain and reduces cellulite 
•It improves the quality of sleep  and reduces the effect of stress
•It improves your mental focus and clarity
•It increases sexual libido and performance 
•It strengthens the immune system and reduces cellular inflammation.

Who Should take PurXcel?

Everyone is free to take PurXcel because it is a food supplement, that is very useful to the body. It is not until you are suffering from any known health conditions or chronic disease before you take PurXcel. As long as you are aging which is a natural thing and everyone does you can take PurXcel.

PurXcel can help to slow down your aging process and keep you healthy and looking younger.

How PurXCel works

The business is easy: here are a few listed points that differentiate PurXCel from other Health Networking Companies.

1.  Pure does not flush point if you didn’t do autoship like other networking and MLM companies do.

2.  Pure will pay you between 5,500 and 11,100 if you register someone who buys a pack, even if you don’t do autoship.  Other companies will not pay you any commission if you register someone who buys a pack and you have not done auto ship.

3.  PurXCel is 15,750 per one month supply

4.  PurXcel has human studies unlike other superfoods that has mouse and rat studies.

  1. 100 PV autoship in Pure qualifies you for full commissions for 8 weeks

6.  With five personally sponsored people, Pure bonus pays you 55,500 naira. If you don’t have 5 personally sponsored people, PURE bonus will still pay you 11,100 per person

7. A PURE bronze, at most can earn up to 1.48 Million naira per month PURE earns 18,500 lifestyle bonus as a bronze, 55,500 lifestyle bonus as a silver, Pure Gold earns 111,000 per month  as a gold while Platinum earns 185,000 per month 
A diamond in Pure earns 370,000 leadership bonus PER WEEK!!!   1.48 Million per month.

8. As a crown diamond in PURE you will earn 3.7 Million naira per week, in a leadership bonus.  14.8 million per month.

9. Pure generational matching bonus pays up to 10 generations, not levels.  There could be 20 or more levels in a single generation, thus paying you on over 100 levels or more.  

 10. Pure binary commissions will pay out a maximum of $650,000 per year or 240.5 million naira

11. In Pure, when your rank advances, you will be given. beautiful pin, a certificate, and cash in your pocket.   From 370,000 naira to 92.5 Million naira.    Making you feel more appreciated and special.

12. Pure ships to anywhere in Nigeria for free.

13. In 11 years, Pure has not changed the comp plan to take things away, only to add to it and make it better, ie the rank advancement bonuses.   

14. Pure has the highest A++ rating; rating for mlm companies, in businessforhome.org    

 15. In pure a single person can earn over one million dollars within a year like Jared earned 2.7 Million in a single year, and several others have earned more than One million in a year.   

PurXcel products

About PURE

People United Reaching Everyone (PURE) is a health and wellness products in many counties of the world. PURE is committed to delivering Whole Health with high-quality products for personal physical health, provide opportunity for financial health, relationships for personal health and social impact for philanthropic health.
PURE is a global company with offices in the U.S., Taiwan, Thailand, Korea, Ghana and Nigeria with headquarters in Frisco, Texas. For more information on the products or business opportunity, visitlivepure.com.


Purxcel health and wealth is one stop place to make money. Their products is best for your eyes as it treats it without itching, redness of eyes or swollen eyes. Make money while living healthy.

There are different starting packs

#40,000 (4 bottles)

#60,000 (7 bottles)



With #60,000 you can get different products. To join PurXcel and be making money call 08035965405

Pure is spreading very fast, 2 weeks ago 20 people had their names in the register as at today more than 1000 people have registered. Don’t slack, join in making clean money


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