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Royal Q Review: Scam or Legit? Robot BINANCE Trading

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Royal Q Review: Scam or Legit? Robot BINANCE Trading

Royal Q Review! What is Royal Q? It is a software robot manufactured to read and trade the World’s...

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Eno Johnson
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Royal Q Review! What is Royal Q? It is a software robot manufactured to read and trade the World’s largest Exchange; BINANCE and HUOBI. Some persons are curious about Royal Q whether is legit or scam? That is why I am putting up this post to clear your doubt. I am not holding brief for the company but as a registered member I can boldly tell you they are Legit and not scammers.


You know when there is original and it is working scammers will look for a way to defraud people of their hard earn money. Please when registering ensure you use your sponsor’s link in other to use the original Royal Q App because scammers have created an App just like that of Royal Q to defraud people. You can use my link to sign up

This crypto trading platform is 100% legit, i can categorically tell you this because i am earning from it. Not only from the affiliate program but from trading as well. If anybody tells you otherwise that means he or she doesn’t understand the business. Some people are not trading their own is just the affiliate program when you register under them, they can’t guide you to trade successfully. They give you link to register and that’s all. Many people have come to me after this incident and i’m like where is your upline?  Use this link to sign up and Contact us on WhatsApp lets put you through +2348155196689

Below are valid points to let you know that your money is safe in Royal Q BINANCE App.

Your money is safe in your account because you don’t deposit money on the bot but in BINANCE account which is solely under your control.

Royal q robot review

BINANCE and Royal Q are not the same thing, they are different platforms entirely, BINANCE is the world’s largest and most trusted crypto exchange, same also with HUOBI. All you need to do is to connect the Royal Q bot to BINANCE API so that it can read trades and complete them. BINANCE allows royal q to connect to their API, it buys and sells profitable trade order automatically without any intervention by humans. Your money remains in your BINANCE account so there is no way you can lose it since you are the one that controls your account.

The profit you make is shared with the royal q company in the percentage of 80:20. You take 80% while Royal q takes 20%. The bot is able to make a trading profit of 0.1-10% a day and 3%-300% a month. Other times it makes between 2%-5% a day but there are some days you earn up to 23% a day if trade triggers. One thing in cryptocurrency trading the market always fluctuate. The profit depends on the chosen algorithm of particular trade assets.

People are cashing out every day, I don’t want to post any data here but if you want to see various earnings join our WhatsApp group. If you are interested; click on this WhatsApp link.+2348155196689  I will give you our royal q Nigeria group so you can join and ask questions if any.

We have zoom meeting every day by 8pm code 999 1072 0020, password 638891

How to register on Royal Q

To register Royal Q App, download the app on Play store or Apple store and input the required information. Royal q is also a networking business and you need a code from a sponsor to register. You can use this code 2MBF5

But you must have BINANCE or HUOBI where you will be doing the trading.  Also download either of them on play store/ apple store for registration.

Royal Q login

Any time you want to login to your royal, you use the password chosen during registration.

Conclusion on Royal Q BINANCE Review

Royal Q is Legit and people are cashing out, it is not the only robot crypto traders are using to trade but very affordable. That is the reason many traders are patronizing them.  Royal q robot has been programmed to purchase low or dips and sell high. It sells only when there is profit through quantitative trading in spot for gains. The money for trading is in your BINANCE or HUOBI account that connects to them through API. HOUBI and BINANCE prevents API exit as such bot can’t withdraw your money. Use this link to register https://www.royalqs.com/s/2MBF5

royal q review

Apart from making money trading you can also make money from Royal Q referral. They have a very robust compensation plan, for every one person you bring you get $30.

How to Activate the Royal q robot

Watch this video below, to see how to bind the Royal Q API on BINANCE

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Royal Q Compensation Plan: The company recently came into Nigeria, precisely 3 months plus now but the number of...
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