How To Start Printing Business In Nigeria: Detailed Guide

printing press business in nigeria

Printing business is a very profitable venture, it is a business you can make millions from within a short time depending on how you go about it. You can actually start without money, what do I mean? Wait until you finished reading. Printing is everyday thing,; it doesn’t have season yet there are certain periods the business sky rocks. One of such times is during election campaigns, ember months were activities such as marriages, harvest thanksgiving, end of year programmes increases.

There are absolutely a lot of things to print examples are; wedding cards, flyers, banner, complimentary cards, letter heading, labels, programmes such as obsequies, coronation etc.


These days because of sophistication and class people are updating their previous work to what is in vogue; I saw one powerful complimentary card, men! I bow. Nigeria is paying attention now to food packaging and labeling all these uses the services of a printer.

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Gone are those days printing business was only for a selected few, traditional machines were use for printing and 6-10 people could be employed to work in the press. But innovation has brought a lot of changes into the world of printing. The reason so many people have become printers on their own. Good enough a printer cost less.

You can own one with less than #15,000, it is small and need fewer hands. Digital machines have now replaced the traditional ones and they are cheaper, quicker and easier to operate. The quality of the work it produces is superb.


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You can’t be jack of all printing, doing every printing work. Rather specialize in a few services and stick to them. As a starter you can major on banner production, logo printing etc. And leave envelop printing, brochure etc. to traditional printing press.


Get a shop in a good location, it could be where many printing business are located. Like in Abuja, Area 10 and Area 1 are known places for printing work. Many customers go there knowing that they can have a good bargain for their work. And that they must find someone to do their work and will also get capable hands for the work.

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In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, from Uniuyo (plaza) round about to Udi Street is known location for printing business. Make findings in your location before establishing a printing shop. But the shop must be visible and accessible.


Establishing a printing press machine is huge it requires millions, recently I came across a guy who told me he has opened one for his wife. That he spent #750,000 to set it up. You can purchase fairly used machines for a start. I did say you can start without money, yeah! You can be a contractor to printing press owners.
Whenever you get a job you charge the person and then take the work to the printers who will in turn print them out for you. What you will do is to give the client your own price.

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Assuming #3,000 will do a particular job you can charge the person #5,000 so the #2,000 on top becomes your gain. This is what a friend of mine did to sponsor himself in the University today he is a Lecturer.


Collect money part payment from client, use the money to buy the materials that will be used for the printing. It should be enough to finish the work, the balance which is your profit can be collected after delivering the work.

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You will need a graphic designer to design the work for you, go to a standard computer center for that. Safe the work in a flash and take it to the printing press who will make final corrections before printing. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for you to learn graphic designs it will only increase profit.

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  • Heidelberg is preferable because it is rugged and a fairly used one can be gotten with 5 million. Do not buy a brand new of Heidelberg because they have become obsolete.
  • Kord: you can buy a refurbished one
  • D.I machine: this machine cost between 10 million to 15 million or more. It can print from A6 to large banners. It is the most advanced machine in vogue. You can buy either a brand new or fairly used ones. The machine is technical and needs an expert or experienced hand to man it.
    You should have at least one of the three machines.


  • Polar machine: it is used for cutting paper
  • 200 machine is used for cutting A4 paper and can print colour separation. A good one cost from #800,000 and above.
  • 3.5KVA generator
  • UPS
  • Wiring system
  • Air condition
  • Office (spacious)
  • Ink eco solvent
  • Flex materials
  • Computer
  • stationary such as plain paper etc.
  • Workers (graphic designer, machine operator etc.)


Advertise to offices, companies, schools, other Institutions, hotels, churches, super malls, cooperate bodies, individuals etc. Start your printing business by printing for your friends, family and neighbours. Advertise your work through paid ads, Facebook, Instagram etc.

As a contractor stay around printing offices maybe by the gate or compound; approach any body that comes to the building to know what the person comes for. This is how you can be getting jobs quick.


Know the latest price of printing materials so you can do proper quotation. And make sure you submit a quotation and estimated cost to a prospective customer.
Always deliver your work on time, add few extra free copies on top . Do a quality job and deliver to the address of the client.
Get acquainted with printing  business standard, move away from jobs that are tricky and demanding.

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A label of 100 copies depending on the size cost #4,000. At the end of the day, the person will finish the work with #2,000 or less and pocket #2,000. The gain increases if the copies to printed are many because ones the design has been done no other extra expenses made for any other thing except for the flex or paper. Your money will be fat as the work you get in a day increases assuming as a contractor you get about 3 jobs in a day you will make from #6,000 and above in a day.

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People that own the printing machine make more money because more than one printing contractors take work to them. They make their money in hundreds of thousands every day from printing different work.


  • It is easy and straightforward
  • Printing business can be started without money
  • It is very lucrative
  • The service has high demand and there must be work to do every day.


Printing business is a straightforward business you can do even without the know how. As a printing press owner, you are sure to make huge money every day from the business. So start one today.

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